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Book of Genesis for Beginners: Chapters 6-11

Updated on July 23, 2019

Noah's Ark in the Storm

Noah's Ark in the Storm
Noah's Ark in the Storm | Source

Genesis Chapter 6

Corruption on Earth

Gen 6:1-8

Men and women on the earth multiplied quickly and with evil intent. Fallen angels (demons) had their way with some of the women on earth and conceived children called Nephilim. The Nephilim were big in stature and were widely feared. God saw the corruption on the earth increasing and had to put an end to it.

Noah and the Flood

Gen 6:9-22

God saw that Noah was the only man on earth who was faithful to Him. God told Noah that He was going to destroy all mankind because they were evil and caused nothing but violence. God told Noah to build an ark because God was going to bring a great flood of water that would fill the whole earth to destroy everything on earth.

God told Noah that when the flood came he was to put his wife and his sons and their wives on the ark with him. God also wanted Noah to put onto the ark two of each kind, male and female, of animals along with creeping things. God also wanted Noah to store up food for the duration of their stay on the ark. Noah did all that God told him to do.

Genesis Chapter 7

The Flood Comes

Gen 7:1-24

God told Noah that the time had come to bring all the designated animals and creeping things onto the ark. So Noah gathered all the animals and creeping things that God told him to gather and he put them onto the ark. Noah brought his family into the ark and waited for the flood to come.

God brought forth the flood and the waters came from above and from below to fill all the earth. The flood continued to fill the earth for forty days killing all that was alive. The waters stayed on earth for 150 days.

Noah Lets the Animals Out

Noah lets the animals out after the flood is over
Noah lets the animals out after the flood is over | Source

Genesis Chapter 8

The Flood Ends

Gen 8:1-19

God stopped the flow of water from coming out of the earth and from above. God made a wind that blew all over the earth to cause the water to recede. After the water receded some, the ark was able to rest on the top of Mount Ararat.

After resting on Mount Ararat for forty days, Noah sent out a raven from the ark to see if there was any other land – the raven never came back. Then, Noah sent a dove to search for land, but the dove did not find any land and came back. Noah waited a week and then let out the dove again. The dove came back with an olive branch.

Noah knew that there was land now and let the dove go out again; the dove never came back. God told Noah to open up the ark and let everyone and everything out of it. God told all the living creatures to go spread out on the earth, be fruitful, and multiply.

God’s Covenant with Noah

Gen 8:20-22

Noah made an altar, and burnt some clean animals for an offering to God. God told Noah that He will never curse the ground again due to man’s evil ways. God also told Noah that He will never again strike down every living creature like He did and He will let the four seasons remain the same.

Genesis Chapter 9

God Blesses Noah

Gen 9:1-7

God blessed Noah and his sons by telling them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. God said that they would have dominion over everything on earth. God warned them not to eat flesh with blood in it. God also warned them against killing each other; if a man kills/murders another man, that man will be killed too.

God’s Covenant with Noah and His Sons

Gen 9:8-17

God told Noah and his sons that they will have dominion over all the earth. God also told them that He will never flood the whole earth again. As a sign of the covenant with them, God set forth a rainbow from the clouds as a remembrance of the covenant.

Noah gets Drunk

Gen 9:18-27

Noah planted a vineyard and made wine from the grapes. Noah got drunk, got naked, and then passed out. Ham found his father passed out naked and told his two other brothers what he saw. Shem and Japheth took a blanket and backed into Noah’s tent in order not to see their father’s nakedness and covered Noah.

Noah woke up later and found out that Ham did not keep what he saw to himself and did not cover his father. Noah cursed Ham for not being discrete by cursing Ham’s son (Canaan). Noah said that Canaan was to be a servant to Ham’s brothers.

Noah Dies

Gen 9:28-29

Noah lived 350 years after the flood. When Noah died, he was 950 years old.

Genesis Chapter 10

Nations Descended from Noah

Gen 10:1-32

The descendants of Noah spread throughout the world and built many nations. Here are the names of the direct descendants of Noah, who built nations:

Direct Descendants of Noah





(> = one descendant down the blood line)

Nations under Shem




























(> = one descendant down the blood line)

Nations under Ham


































(> = one descendant down the blood line)

Notable Names

Nimrod was the first mighty man on earth. Nimrod was a great hunter. In the land of Shinar, Nimrod built the kingdoms of Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh. In the land of Assyria, Nimrod built Nineveh, Rehoboth-Ir, Calah, and Resen.

Nations under Japheth
















(> = one descendant down the blood line)

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel | Source

Genesis Chapter 11

The Tower of Babel

Gen 11:1-9

All the people spoke one language. The people migrated eastward to the land of Shinar, and settled there. The people built a city in Shinar made out of brick and mortar. The people also began building a tower that would reach the Heavens.

God saw what was taking place in the land of Shinar (present day Iraq) and had to put an end to the building of the tower. God knew that if the people continued to stay together, they would be able to build greater things than the tower. So, God confused their language by giving each person his own language. God also dispersed all the people in the city in all directions away from the city. The city was called Babel, because God confused the people’s language.

From Shem to Abram

Gen 11:10-32


>Arpachshad & other sons and daughters

>>Shelah & other sons and daughters

>>>Eber & other sons and daughters

>>>>Peleg & other sons and daughters

>>>>>Reu & other sons and daughters

>>>>>>Serug & other sons and daughters

>>>>>>>Nahor & other sons and daughters

>>>>>>>>Terah & other sons and daughters




(> = one descendant down the blood line)

Tower of Babel

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