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Breatharianism - Nutrition Without Food

Updated on June 18, 2015


I totally get breatharianism. I can do it for any bodily function in many ways using metaphysics. Visualization of sustanance is all you have to do and it doesn't matter what bodily function you are trying to get to homeostasis. To my knowledge this is not something that can be done once and for all. You have to feed metaphysically regularly in place of physically. Go and do likewise and be creative, but if not creative, make sure you use methods that you adhere to with the discipline of regularity. I suggest 3-5 times a day just like a healthy diet, depending on your physical condition. Also, it is feasible that a level of meditation can be achieved whereby a state of homeostasis is continuous through to the next practice of meditative discipline

For breatharians, sustenance from traditionally thought light and air is all an internal process of however you visualize, and not the actual physical properties. Learn the correct meditation skills from the yoga sutras to determine your best meditation skills for breatharian style of homeostasis. The yoga sutras are given to help you determine your own natural spiritual personality style. See which ones are easiest for you and in what combination...use them alone or in combinations depending on your intuition. Also the gifts of the spirit or the voyances – clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. – should be used to guide ones channeling of your chakra energy. Ultimately you should use all of your 7 senses of spiritual gifts to channel your chakra energy through imagination. Imagination is the intuitive key to the spiritual alchemy of manifestation of any desired personal substance or subsistence.

Example: I visualize psychedelic and varied patterned light energy radiating through my body and within my energy centers even into an inner dimension and reverberating throughout my energy system of chakras. It doesn't have to be light as it can be any substance that you have the faith to believe is life sustaining like water and air. There’s something to the ancient belief in earth wind fire and water. Perhaps it can be used as a breatharian metaphysical rosary. The patterns of energy movement are personal to your abilities and some people do this from the head some from the heart, and some through movement, and some through simply knowing. Each has its’ own energy vibration....understand better now?

We were meant to enjoy certain foods and it would be a shame not to accept this gift. It might also be necessary if you don't want to loose the ability to eat by becoming some type of anorexic or bulimic. It seems that people were meant to be breatharian 80/10/10 milk and egg feeders - 80/% fruit, 10% seeds and nuts, 10% leafy green vegetables and herbs

The combination of bretharianism and 80/10/10 diet would dramatically reduce the need to any excess of either and promote better ecology economy and also do much to solve a worldwide food crisis and reduce the threat of overpopulation

About how long it takes to feed in a breatharian feeding session...your application of breatharianism through meditation and yoga only needs to occur over a time period that your apparatus can handle. So if you use visualization, then you do it only for as long as you intuitively feel and can mentally sustain the procedure. This may be 3 seconds, or 3-5 minutes. More time is not necessary. You must have the intuitive faith to know when your spirit has been fed. Also I recommend the book Soul Love by Sanaya Roman to learn the basics of feeding others.

Even breatharians need to be aware of spiritual blockages from lifestyle attitude and environmental interaction even substances be they legal or not as these things can disrupt your energy flow but internal states are most restricting so strive for natural peace and harmony. I suggest reading Kim Michaels’ “Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

Also chemical lobotomies have spiritual effects of blocking your energy field. This is how they block spiritual interaction which on a certain time frame is understandable and necessary but need not be permanent as we learn to navigate being spiritual intuitives hence I don’t recommend anything less than full spiritual lifestyle and education. Fulfillment has to come to us first then we will teach the spiritual impaired how they fit into perfection. It can’t come till they do right by us and say blessed is he instead of nailing us to the tree of legalism and slavery thereby to the medical system boom bah - woe lawyers for taking away the key to heaven and you enter not in yourselves drunk on the blood of the saints. The key is intuition and metaphysics is the tool of intuition. 3 types of metaphysics are religion, philosophy, and magic.

Ancient yogic texts talking about final stages of yoga when the yogi had obtained the (siddhas) paranormal abilities to live without or less food, don´t freeze on extreme cold, and abilities to extend own age or live forever

Don’t forget to share your feedings with others including animals plants the universe spirits both light and dark to appease them so they don’t seek mischief to get fed. Feed light darkness cold hot rainbow sound touch emotion movement thought be creative like the good breatharian chef. Use the chakras to do this...see Sanaya Roman, soul love

But there are other bodily processes that should also be maintained better and more consciously and breatharianism is just one of many applications to which this example applies.


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