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Building from the bottom off. Doing it on my own and proud of it.

Updated on October 2, 2014

Doing it my way, works for me :)

No it's not Karma, working it on my own is much more satisfying.

In this day and age, we can build things ourselves.

We can build our own business and lives.

We do have choices and life and yes, we shouldn't condemn others for their decisions.

I am just a woman that decided I wasn't going to sleep to the top of my success.

In this day and age, of course it is much easier to lay on your back, instead of actually doing the work.

Yes maybe we should tip our hats off to those that do sleep around and get their way and have things handed to them.

But, in my own way, and yes I may not have much, but I indeed am very satisfied with my decisions in life and how I lead my life.

Anything I work towards in my life with goals and dreams is because I worked hard for it.

Yes, so o.k, I been doing a radio show via Internet for the past two years and now I am looking to start a show in Los Angeles California now

Yes of course it would be nice to have sponsors, but to start at the bottom of something you have to work your way to getting sponsors.

I don't have assistants and I'm not sleeping my way to get sponsors or in doing any model work or film work, I don't have to sleep my way to get anything.

In America it is the land of opportunity but now a days, people think it is right to have things handed to them.

Once again, of course maybe it is the smartest way to sleep around to get things you want and you can't really condemn people that do, because it works for them right?

So I learned what works for me, granted I like to stay disease free and going to keep it that way.

In this day and age, there is not telling what anyone else could have if you want some sort of quick fix. Yes it is like playing Russian Roulette, cause it could take that one time and that one bullet and bam, you got a disease.

I like knowing my medical history and not having to worry about those things and knowing that being associated with American Red Cross being registered in the blood bank, they keep sending me those darn post cards to give blood.

But back to my point, and yeah I got a little off base, but knowing I can build something up myself from square one, from ground zero, the bottom and build it up is such a satisfying and it makes me feel quite fulfilled with such gratification.

When in life, you can take the very easy road of sleeping around to get free things and live that way, but in my own life I feel very safe and sound in my mind, body, and spirit knowing I can walk with my head held high knowing I did things in a way that may not be so modern as actually earning reputation of not sleeping around to get what I want in life.

I feel that my soul is cleansed not using men to make my way up the ladder in the entertainment business.

I mean think about. If you have a reputation for sleeping around and there is a time your in a situation on set or something, and you really can't stand a guy very much but he knows that you sleep around and the only way your going to get a part is to sleep with him, your really screwed, no pun intended. So more than likely your going to sleep with someone that you can't stand in order to get a part or something in the entertainment business.

Yes of course for me personally, I never had to sleep around with anyone ever to do anything in my life.

I am glad in my life, with lovemaking and such I could say myself. This one thing that I am very happy to keep private and off social media.

It is good that certain things I still can really keep to myself, where I might have gone on a few dates, that I have kept out of the eye of social media.

It is better to keep people guessing because then no one can come between anyone you like, if you say your not in a relationship of any kind, so no one bothers you.

I do alot on social media and certain things it is always good to keep your mouth shut about.

Ha ha, a little off base, but I think you get my point.

Having a reputation in my work of not sleeping with people builds more solid foundations for me and better networking.

lost Yes of course it will take me a little bit longer to launch my radio show in Los Angeles because I'm not sleeping my way to the top to make it happen.

I'm actually looking for a better job, for more money to help launch my show.

So that way, I will be doing the show and can look for sponsors while I launch the show.

I do like the feeling of saying I actually worked for things in life because that way I won't owe anybody anything but myself.

I just have the passion to keep going forward in life.

Nothing is impossible in this life because if you do work for it, it will happen.

Granted again, if you sleep around of course you might get things handed to you, but I rather have the reputation of the woman that kept her legs closed while rising to the top.

Then the day will come when I'm in bed with the man of my life and lay my head down on his chest, listen to his heart and say to him, "You are the only I share myself with".

Then we will fall asleep soundly asleep knowing that in our kingdom it is just the two of us.


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