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Receiving the Holy Eucharist Often

Updated on October 18, 2009

Building Joy and Increasing Faith By Frequent Receiving Of Holy Communion

Frequent receiving of holy communion and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist @the Catholic Church is being encouraged a great deal by EWTN televison station and the Catholic Church these days. I always have received holy communion @the Holy Mass all of my life.

What is being taught is that strength and joy and an increase of faith happens with continual

receiving of holy communion. When the priest offers the Holy Mass and all of the beautiful prayers of the Catholic Church, one does find joy! Faith is increased and certain things during the sermon are being taught by the priests. This is the year of the priest and they can be really great men and teachers of the faith. One grows in love with the catholic church and who the holy angels and Jesus are during the celebration of the Holy Mass. When the priest holds up the bread of life and the bread of angels and says "This is Jesus!" I really find joy!

Often receivng holy communion can be considered for some kind of intention that you have in your heart and you make your prayers to that effect. Likewise certain prayer requests are often named during the celebration. The richness of the prayers is very evident and faith is the key. Frequent reception of the Holy

Eucharist is considered to be a certain kind of way to grow holy and righteous!


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