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Bunnyman Bridge

Updated on January 25, 2017

In the beginning

Our tale begins; as all good ones do, at a local insane asylum when some long term "residents" are able to escape while there is a change in guards from day shift to night. The police are able to pick up all the escapees except one due to it being a dark moonless night and everyone being too tired to continue the search. They all agree he couldn't survive the night and call the search off.

Little do they know that one escapee lives and finds a bunny suit left outside someone's home, an axe and from that point forward he claims the local bridge and the surrounding area as his own. He scares any of the locals who come across him, either by accident or purpose, a few he might even kill for the fun of it.

He kills, eats certain parts, skins and hangs any and all animals he comes across. All the animals he kills, he hangs in the trees around his land as a sort of warning to all those who would wonder to close to what is his.

The tale continues for quite a long time until the police decide they need to try and collect the Bunny man and return him to where he belongs.

Two different versions of the story say that the Bunny man died after being hit by an oncoming train or escaping and moving onto another county where he set up his grisly shop again.

As with any urban legend there is always a tale that started it all. In this case there are two tales that might have started it all.

The origins

The first possible story starts on October 19, 1970, when construction supervisor Paul Phillips approached a man standing on the porch of an unfinished, dilapidated home. Phillips said the man was wearing a white bunny suit and was about 20 years old by his estimation. The man began chopping at a post on the porch with a long-handled axe, saying over and over "All you people trespass around here. If you don't get out of here, I'm going to bust you on the head."

The second incident reported was on October 23, 1970 by U.S. Air Force Cadet Bob Bennett and his fiancée. Around midnight, they parked their car in a field. As they sat in the front seat they noticed something moving outside the near the rear window. A few moments later the front passenger window was smashed and there was a white-clad figure standing outside staring into the car. Bennett slammed the car into gear, turned around while the man who broke the window screamed at them about trespassing, screaming "You're on private property get out of here or I'll bust your head." Chillingly the couple discovered the axe that was used to bust the window on the floor of the car as they drove away.

When the police asked for a description of the man, Bob insisted he was wearing a white bunny suit. Both reporters remembered seeing his face, but upon questioning couldn't recall enough details for police to be able to bring someone in for questioning.

So while the story of the man who escaped from the asylum can't be proved, yet, there are some interesting proven stories to make one think this actually may be a true Urban Legend.

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