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But Surely God Understands

Updated on August 2, 2011

Written 07/01/09


 This might not be a popular writing , but, it was weighing on my heart heavy enough that I knew I needed to do it. The topic impacted me enough personally that, out of love I thought and felt that I needed to share it. I hope that you find it to be a blessing, I hope and Pray, that at the very least, it can be used as a barometer to "check" ourselves genuinely. The Bible as you all know was written over quite an extensive timeline, the last written chapters were completed a couple thousand years ago. The Bible is Gods Holy Word of law and direction, commands and obedience. Words to "live" by, so to speak, and even though many of us still see those Words as relevant today, do we also see the fullness of their relevancy today? Do we still draw the line where it needs to be, not for the world, but within our own lives. This writing applies to the individual and each individuals calling and answering to God.

 So many things could be addressed here, I'll just skim a few for premise, I really believe that will "set the bar" for the point of the writing. Please understand, this is not being writen from any sort of "I'm better than you" or "I'm Holier than thou" place, as I stated, this weighed on me just as much self applicable as relevant to the world. See if any of the following sounds familiar to you.

"I know that most of the movies that come out are vile and unGodly, I know they take the Lords name in vain repeatedly, but I like going to the movies, it's relaxing and it's easy entertainment, at home too, renting videos, I'm a "movie" buff and whats there is whats there, I try to find "wholesome". but all that seems to be out there is "filth", so I'm sure - God understands."

"I know most music coming out today is laced with inappropriate lyrics, but I just listen for the beat and try not to focus on the words, it's the bulk of whats out there, so I'm sure - God understands."

"Yea I drink a little, well a little to much sometimes, drinking isn't wrong (true) and I don't get perse "drunk" just "relaxed" maybe a little loopy, it helps me to not be viewed so "oddly" in the eyes of my friends that I'm trying to witness to. It makes me "one of them". I'm sure God knows that this is the way the world is these days so, I'm sure that - God understands."

"I know I don't recognize the sabbath, times have really changed, it just isn't possible not in todays world, I mean I know that God never altered that command and that "technically" it still stands, but come on, there isn't enough time in the week as it is, how can I take a whole day to rest and honor God?


So all of that considered I'm sure that - God understands."

"I know the way I dress is very revealing, thats the style today, I mean God wouldn't want me to dress in a way that would make me an outcast right? I think I need to blend in to better be accepted by society so that I can bear witness to them by being "hip" and, being stylish shows that I"m "in touch" and relevant so I'm sure that - God understands."

"I know that theres a lot of dust on top of my Bible at the house, but you see, the Preacher at our Church, he's really good, so much so that when he preaches on Sunday, you leave there al full-up for the week. And the Suday School Class that my kids are in, their great, they teach them all they need to know too. Besides, on the home front we've got such a busy life with all the stuff we do and all the sports and groups the kids are in, and all those sports teams teach them good stuff like teamwork and winning. So I know that - God understands"

"I've just got to much goin on in my life right now, my platter is full, trying to get my degree and working all the extra hours I can get to save up for a ___?___ , so right now I just can't set aside the time for Church or Bible study, but hey, I talk to a friend of mine from Church almost every week at school and they keep me up to date on whats going on at the Church. So I'm sure -God understands."

"Yea I know I cuss and swear a little, but not nearly as much as the people I'm around, wow, their like sailors, I'm just trying to fit in a little, that way they'll hear me out on my religious thoughts. And I'm usually pretty careful not to take the Lords name in vain, besides, times are different now, it's a different era so I'm sure - God understands."

"Yea I know I scammed a bit on my taxes, yes I know I wasn't quite honest on my resume - but what little I did was nothing compared to what most other people are doing so I had to "tweak" things to be able to compete, I mean what kind of Christian representative can I be if I can't get in there to begin with. Beside in todays totally dishonest world little lies are almost like the truth. Times are different so I'm sure that - God understands."

"I know that God has specific commands for our sexual activity and sexuality, but if He really wanted that controlled He wouldn't have made these urges so strong. So when I succumb to ___?___ I'm sure that - God understands."

 Generic speaking, the worlds become such a fallen place that it's really easy to be "falling a little short" and still be doing great by comparison. As I've grown spiritually throughout my life I see things differently, logically I could make a lot of exceptions (excuses) because "I'm already involved", but I truly believe that once God convicts our hearts on something, we need to act. Even if it takes a bit of time to apply, we need to begin Praying about it and making changes.

 How does all of this compare scripturally? Well, in looking through the Bible, I found a couple of "progressive cities" kinda doin things their way. Yup, God "understood", He well understood. Those cities & people were Sodom & Gomorah. God does "understand", however understand merely means "gets it" it does not mean "finds acceptable or OK." Understands does not mean, "is in agreement with." Gods laws and rules have had 1 adendum in thousands of years, it was called the New Testament, if there was another update I think most of us missed it. However we've gotten pretty good at making up our own, because you know, God, "understands". I don't know, maybe if we confessed it all as sin and asked forgiveness, well, that I know He'd understand. Oh, and after that maybe we could Prayerfully be asking Him to guide us through making some changes to draw back into a greater alignment with Him, His Word, and His Law. The world is a very different place, but God hasn't changed, neither has His Word. Understands, DOESN'T mean approves.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon

"Be Holy Because I Am Holy" ~ God


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