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By Prayer

Updated on July 30, 2012

Through Prayer For God Almighty!

For a while, I was asking God for His Mercy and making prayers for God's Mercy over my sin.

Then earlier this evening before I slept for a little while after having top sirloin and popcorn, my girlfriend called and told me to listen to a recording online by Charles Stanley, a great teacher

on God's sustaining grace. And through God's grace, that is sufficient for me, I can experience real graces for things I didn't deserve and yet I may need. And now my prayers this evening have been for all kinds of graces for myself and for my loved ones! Dear reader,

make prayers for grace! God will provide what we didn't deserve like so often my father does likewise the goodness of my mother who has given me and God indeed will give us! "God's grace is sufficient for me!" That is all, I think more reason to trust God! For God's goodness is infinite! How I love Jesus and I adore Him so.

Right now, I have all kinds of hope for our futures and hope of God's graces. Sister Jamie @our church, she had told me I had those real graces and by faith, I believed that. Faith and obedience is truly pleasing to God. I only believe goodness will prevail. Evil leaves and goodness overcomes! All will be well. And I will keep on making prayers to the Lord God Almighty. Baruch Ashem!


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