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Covid-19 Is No Joke!

Updated on March 2, 2021
The Stages Of ME profile image

Kathy was a rehabilitation therapist. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, she felt a spiritual call to share life's journey in HUBS.

This is no joke!
This is no joke! | Source

COVID-19 Is No Joke!

This COVID-19 crisis is no joke! Those seeking our compliance are not harping on cramping your style. Nothing could be further from the truth! We hear frustrations build as this isolation lingers. But these new guidelines are in place to save lives. Our world is under attack, and everyone must do his or her part.

I find it curious how perplexed the world reacts to the steps of recovery from this storm. If we examine ourselves, we know what to do. But people want to take the detour! But this time, the road is closed! There are no detours. Only with cooperation is it temporary! Why not start thinking outside the box and use this time for a change? We need to adopt a walk to the talk.

I understand how we stifle as the news bombards by the hour. The actual images of the front-line struggle with COVID-19 are overwhelming! They take our breath away. Could the denial be from fear of losing our breath? I can relate to these stories on a very tangible level, as I have been on a ventilator several times. Still, this crisis is surreal and different.

A pandemic has world leaders hogging the stage as they banter over restrictions. Crowds then scurry in confusion to decipher which way to go, as ants within a colony, searching for a detour that suits their livelihood. There is none! Social distance is the best counterattack to slow the rampant nature of our assailant. We can do this and still function and enjoy a safe re-entry.

There is no time for political grandeur. People are fighting illness, even giving birth to a child or experiencing hospital admissions, without a loved one by their side. The image of their loneliness is heartbreaking. Hence, we must come together to help reduce the onslaught of new and severe cases.

That first intubation is scary! A caring face leaves an imprint on your memory as you meet the eyes of a stranger charged with your fate. Each time when a crisis hits, they vow to do everything in their power to help. Those very strangers become lifesavers, heroes, and family. God moves their hands and plants their feet. He whispers away their doubt and lifts them when they have nothing left. They surge with an energy fueled by the whispers of the Holy Spirit. My plea in this writing is for them! We need to stay in compliance for ourselves and those handling the challenging parts of this unpredictable virus! The long-term effects are still unwinding as people experience varied recoveries or death.

Hope lives among these gloomy days. They are witnessed by the sun poking through the clouds. A bird whistles in the distance, and wind chimes serenade from the quieted porches. Neighbors stand on their tiptoes to smile from six feet apart.

Pandemics will pass, but as we sit in waiting, are we listening? Does God want us to connect with Him and share that connection in prolific ways? We communicate with others that God is the vine, and we are the branches. If you don’t know Him, I know this may sound crazy. But, in this season, there’s a profound call to the desert for everyone, together. Is He trying to get our attention?

While in the desert, try to produce fresh fruit for your branches. This season has called the world too fast. This fasting we did not choose. Yet, it allows a time to fill with purpose. Focus on bringing peace to the panic!

Here comes comfort, passing Lady Liberty.
Here comes comfort, passing Lady Liberty.


I hate to be firm, and I apologize for bringing up a negative during this challenging time. Let’s be bold; we have an exceptional God, and to know His purpose is to understand the requires our obedience to love. After choosing to follow Him, you let go of the past, ask forgiveness, and live an alternative life in service to love others as He loves us. Then you rise to do what is right against the human pull to feed yourself. For example, here’s an observation when a ship comes into port to care for the ill and dying. Take your pictures from the window. You are not standing in hordes at the dock!

There was a breath of hope when the Navel ship, COMFORT, sailed past Lady Liberty’s iconic presence. Diminishing this majestic scene was the second image of those who threw social distancing to the wind for a glimpse. Crowding is a bitter slap to these brave warriors. They are ready to add their sweat to the fight. We must not give in to selfish whims.

Why, because front-line workers need you to do your part! Their families want them to come home. They don’t want to see you in a desperate state away from your family in an ICU. When you get bored, don’t climb the walls. Instead, get on your knees and pray. This problem is genuine while it cramps you in your house, they crowd hospital hallways. Think of those keeping our world going, saving lives, delivering your needs to the shelves, cooking in restaurants, and trying their best. Let’s help those wanting this to end as much as you. We have no right to add to their trauma when they are doing their best. The number of COVID-19 cases goes up because of foolishness.

One vivacious is when placed alongside an absolute surrender to faith while in a war zone, people turn back to God. After one lengthy battle in the ICU, my care team shared that my faith had moved them to seek God. I found this humbling. Proof that in our most vulnerable states, God can shine through our weakened vessel. As I write this, I can’t help but consider that God was preparing me for such a time as this. I can shed direct light on what is unfamiliar to most. For me, this front line is familiar, as therapist and patient. So, I plead, we must listen to the instructions! Be slow to speak, quick to listen, and love in action. A pandemic is not a sprint, and if we make it one, people will stumble and get hurt.

Wisdom is important!
Wisdom is important!

Listen to Wisdom from Good Sources

Do we need a spot in the rocking boat before we reach for the life vest? As a wise ole Bear once said to Piglet, Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Now, even though I love that ole Pooh Bear, I conclude that we must give action to wisdom with faith. God gave us actual bodies of knowledge in His word. We are not stuffed animals, and how we respond as one body together matters! If we act as if we are untouchable, the boat will rock, and people will struggle.

Don’t add to the rain pouring in on a confusing world. Use your talents and intelligence to come through this. Just as Christopher Robin was there for Pooh Bear, and Pooh there for Piglet, God is by our side.

While I am just a fellow passenger, I donned my life vest long ago, after a few rocking boats of my own. When my boat was rocking in the intensive care unit, I could have lost hope. I may have even wanted to, but God reminded me He never leaves and is constant.

I wish knowing God is in control was enough for you to trust. You might say as a non-believer, that’s stupid, but I say God stills the waters. He is doing so by directing and bringing us together as a nation and a world. We see Him blasting through the storm clouds in fantastic ways.

Together we pray for strength, endurance, and wisdom for our world leaders. Regardless of banter or opinion, we have no time for division! Instead, we should come together for the greater good. Stand in the gap if you will and pay it forward to the next step in this new normal.

Voices are lifting across the lands as people hang from their balconies in praise. Car lights are blinking, and horns are honking in united support. Churches gather on-line across the community as people seek a Shepherd to their flock. Lost sheep are finding their way back to God. Even the entertainment industry did its part to connect with compassion. The buildings are closed, but the church lives!

Tools to get COVID-19 under control are at our disposal. I suggest we pray first, trusting God is in control, and then keep using our heads! I never want to scare anyone, but I pray that we realize the severe feat we are undertaking together. A new virus is an actual crisis, people, and we must heed the warning! Covid is not picky; it spans most age groups. You may no longer visit and sit by the side of a loved one in the hospital. The rules are hard; I agree. But for the safety of everyone concerned. It leaves the handholding to the care team. The best explanations come from pulmonologists and care teams used in these types of cases. Yet, the number of cases is unparalleled, with the volume of patients seen at one time.

Do Your Part
Do Your Part

Distancing To Flatten The Curve

Don’t lose your sanity by giving into fear, but again use your head and take precautions. It’s lonely on the playground of life or death, and if one falls, will they be able to catch them with accessible resources? Will ignorance tie the hands of providers? I think not! The world is ready to supply needs. It makes me sad that others are falling off the swings to unfamiliar territory. I relate my experience to the genuine concern of not being able to breathe. Weakened is not hopeless; very ill patients can recover. The fight is challenging but winnable!

The world needs to comply so others can meet the unbelievable call on the front line. There are things we can do. Stay positive and keep a smile in your arsenal. We accept together that this will get better by praying in unison. Trust in something far more significant than yourself, and He will use you during this time in ways never imagined.

The pandemic is a viral attack. It’s not your fault if you didn’t recognize it, but now we need to practice social distance, and being smart is a priority. If you have symptoms’, err on the side of caution and behave. An interstitial lung makes it difficult to get oxygen to the body and becomes the culprit for a tough fight. Lungs fatigue and cannot expand. You can talk, and then you just can’t. Rest up, support your immunity, and get fresh air. Laugh together, pray, and stand in faith. What we are experiencing is no joke; it's tough! Many are not up to it. This fight you don’t want. So kids pay attention to prevention! The world will recover, be ready. God remains our brilliant Physician. He wants us to know we will be okay. Some will succumb to battle. But God is working on the upper story. If this angers you, saying why does a good God let hurtful things happen? I say the enormous picture is always much broader than our isolated view.

During personal battles, we meet with fear, crying on the inside, even screaming. You think no one can hear! After waking from the nightmare, we always ended up saying, but God! Letting Him take over brings that exhale as we remind ourselves that God is in control. The world seeks togetherness and love in crisis. When vulnerable, we’re open to alternative possibilities. We can change for the better. This isolation order diminishes pollution, giving the air a much-needed break. Seas are clearing, waste is less, love is more, and people are leaning in taking inventory of what is essential.

There is a loss, but when in history has war not brought casualties. The world is fighting. We are on the same side. Let's do our best to love one another. In life, we are imperfect people following a perfect example of LOVE.

Now, for those battling this virus. Remember, you are not alone. None of us are; God is with us! Prayer warriors are standing in the gap! God loves you more! We are braver than stronger than we seem and smarter than we think! When this life ends, we can meet in droves at the final dock, but for now, stay home! I believe God is giving us a reboot to turn back to Him! I have experienced a reboot a few times, and each time I grew stronger in faith. We can do this, but COVID -19 is no joke!

Let's Help Them Help You!
Let's Help Them Help You!


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    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      14 months ago from Pa

      Chardie Cat -

      You are very encouraging, thanks so much! My heart does break for those hurting in this pandemic.


    • Chardie Cat profile image

      Chardie Cat 

      15 months ago from Northern Mindanao, Philippines

      Amazing piece. I am overwhelmed with the insights. Kindness and compassion should also be extended, especially to those who have nothing in this time of crisis. Thanks, Kathy.

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      15 months ago from Pa

      OLUSEGUN -

      Absolutely true, we are learning a lesson in patience and being still. This season is curios and yet has its lessons for sure.

      Thank You, take care

    • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile image


      15 months ago from NIGERIA

      This is a wonderful piece. "Typical impatience causes us to find our way out of a jam", we need to learn patience this time around to navigate through this tortuous bend. Surely we shall, and that soonest.

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      16 months ago from Pa

      Jack -

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment. Yes, we must stand in prayer for those countries with fewer resources in this pandemic and for our world.

      I too think of the places with very little. I pray we are a grateful nation and do what we can to help control the infliction of others.

      This is a wonderful time to connect and regroup with those that are close and far in new ways. Not a time for fear as that is a depleting enemy of the human spirit. But we must make smart choices in doing our part to help!

      This pandemic will have a rippling effect for some time. However, we will learn what is important and how to create a collective plan that works.

      We need to pay attention and follow guidelines for wellness and we will come through this storm together.

      May God Bless as we remain firmly in His grip.

    • Jack Jenn profile image

      Jack Jenn 

      16 months ago from Nelson Bay NSW Australia.

      Hi Kathy,

      Amen to all you've said.

      I find it amazing that all the front-line workers in this crisis are tireless in their zeal to help and care for ALL of us and I'll stress again, it's for all of us. They really are the unsung heroes.

      So many of us are fortunate in that we live in countries with expert medical proficiency - yes sadly, many were caught off-guard and are suffering the effects of it now and who knows just how long it will go on for? But sadly too, there are many countries not as fortunate as we are and we should all pray that He will be merciful and spare them the worst.

      Living in Australia, we've had the benefit of hindsight in seeing the misfortune of the worst hit countries and we've implemented the saving steps of either voluntary or forced isolation but we've made mistakes too - the Ruby Princess cruise ship debacle for one.

      I personally think this crisis will persist for some time in the world before it is under control - some will recover quicker, others will take much longer and that is more in His control than ours. It wouldn't surprise me to see it go 18 months or more.

      Sadly there are still so many who ignore the warnings from those trying to help us and every day I see on the news countless people are still continuing to NOT forego their appetite for exercising in crowded places - particularly in parks and beach front walkways with blatant disregard for social distancing.

      And that is pure ego - look at ME.

      Exercise is fine but does it NEED to be done in the most crowded outdoor areas? NO IT DOES NOT.

      All forms of exercise can be done in your own backyard - it can even be done in a room. And if you have to go outside the room or the yard, what's wrong with running up and down your street a few times? But no-one really notices them here do they? So it's ego.

      I wondered why police were seemingly being a bit heavy handed in moving people on from sitting on park benches - until my wife who works in health told me the reason. As an example, you sit on a park bench in all innocence but unbeknown to you the person who was sitting on it 10 minutes ago was a carrier (perhaps unknown to them) and coughed on the table or the seat and then you come along and touch it not realising just how long the virus stays live. The next thing you know is you've got it and you don't know where or how you got it.

      I know the chances of that may be small but do you want to be the unlucky one who catches it from what they term 'unknown scouces'.

      Human nature is a funny thing and so many are afflicted with that maladay - it won't happen to me.

      Obey the rules people - observe social distancing and if you have to self isolate - it's not forever and it's not the end of the world - yet, but that's another story that so many are ignorant of as well.



    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      16 months ago from Pa


      Thank you for stopping in and checking out this hub. This one is close to my heart and all of us.

      Take care, God Bless!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      16 months ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing your insights to help us choose to do the right thing. We cannot hear these instructions too often. Inspired by the fact that others are positively affected by your faith.

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      16 months ago from Pa


      Yes, tough times call for unity.

      Thank you and God Bless.

    • centfie profile image


      16 months ago from Kenya

      What an inspiring article! Right now indeed is not a time for divisions but unity...not a time of inaction but of action. And we need faith too.

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      16 months ago from Pa


      Yes, it is a reminder and a plea. Thank you for understanding. Sadly, some think this COVID-19 is a hoax. I have family and friends working on this front-line. This was for them.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      16 months ago from Houston, Texas

      This is a reminder from you to do all we can and heed the social distancing directives from those who know best how to combat this pandemic. Our medical people are risking their own lives to try and save people. We should do our part by staying home! It, along with prayer, are the best things to do in these circumstances. God bless you!

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      16 months ago from Pa

      Manatita -

      Beautiful call to pray together. Thank you, I will share your comment.

      Peace to you, God Bless.

    • manatita44 profile image


      16 months ago from london

      Interestingly I'm reading this post my 14:00 hrs, UK time prayer and meditations. I'm part of an international network. You or anyone can join us at 14:00 hrs in your countries equivalent time.

      You can also tune in at my own regular time a.m between 06:00 and 07: 00 a.m, or with a UK group at 21:00 tonight. Yes, that call to prayer is awesome. Glory be!

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      16 months ago from Pa

      Manatita -

      Greetings, my new friend, you have taught me a new word, "Daeuna nasli", (Let us pray!) A lovely thought, a world coming together in prayer to One who gives us light.

      May you also feel His constant protection and peace.

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      16 months ago from Pa

      Umesh Chandra Bhatt -

      Thank you, we stand in faith and pray together for this world. Take care and God Bless.

    • manatita44 profile image


      16 months ago from london

      Well, you couldn't have said it better! I read it all and encourage others to do the same.

      We are so human and vulnerable! Daeuna nasli (Let us pray!) Let us pray to the One who gives us Light ... protection. Peace!

    • bhattuc profile image

      Umesh Chandra Bhatt 

      16 months ago from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India

      Nice article. I also firmly believe that with isolation and social diatancing only we can hope to flatten it, taper it and finally terminate it. Our patience is on test. Meanwhile let us pray the Almighty.


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