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Updated on September 17, 2011


The U.S. Foreign Service willingly donated itself as an instrument of warfare against communism, and this offered no mean attraction to the late polish pontiff Pope John Paul II. But that this generosity was discovered to, after several years, have been colored by a culture of relativism is a factor which did much to arouse the suspicion of conservative Islam which at that time was economically, and politically affiliated to the former communist block. This affinity held special security significance, for Islam as it battled the “infidels” and the dictatorship of Western civilization, thus sharpening Islam’s appetite for violence. As the communist pillars collapsed under the weight of their own contradictions, and in this way shattered the old satanic haven which these pillars signified, global Satanism re-negotiated its security in the hands of fundamentalist Islam and Freemason. Today, either ways, or hiding behind religion, Satanism has thrown off the cloak of communism which it originally wore with the pride of an ostrich, and has made its way back to the center-stage of world diplomacy. Before Islam and the mutilated self-expression which Boko Haram is trying had to ascribe to it, the Vatican is the only real enemy to communism. Consciously or consciously, the church is still battling communism in a world scale.

John Paul II had honest intentions for convening the multi-faith summit in 1986, one of which being an open and practical concern for the unity of faiths as one of the most potent weapons against the communist resurgence and global atheism. As if he anticipated this subversive character of the communist scourge, the events at the world scene have not escaped this insightful experimentation in the Ecumenical field. However, the inauguration of the World Union, its subsequent institutionalization in the form of One-Heaven-Organization, its mystical codification in the Satanic-Code and its practical manifestation in the form of political parties, national governments, world institutions, e.t.c. – all these are the new face of a more dangerous amorphous communism that has been substantively built into a major component and has assumed the dominant factor of World Diplomacy.

In his interview book “Salt of the Earth” (with Peter Seewald) which he authored as a cardinal, Benedict XVI identified the tension between Islam and the West, and went ahead to assert that the re-awakening of the Islamic consciousness can, to a reasonable extent be appreciated as a reprieve in the face of deep moral contradictions of the West and of its internal helplessness. But addressing a group of moderate Muslims in Cologne, Germany , during his visit on August 20, 2005 and at the face of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the U.S few years earlier, Benedict XVI stated thus:

“Those who instigate and plan these attacks evidently wish to poison our relations, making use of all means, including religion, to oppose every attempt to build a peaceful, fair and serene life together”.

Such concerns as these, not only the formula for power acquisition, political and economic enrichment, must go to color our approach to the Islamic community in Nigeria, and aid us in the formulation of both foreign and internal policies that will not be a slave to the dictatorship of relativism. In other words, the neglect of the real democratic challenges and the education which the Christian South owes the Muslim North in favor of a narrow parochialism, insipid plutocracy and executive rascality constitute a major flaw in our approach to Islamic fundamentalism and violence in Nigeria. And if the reports by the Wikileaks are anything to go by, then the wild flames of Islamic fundamentalism and global terrorism are being reformed in the womb of time and converted into arsenals of justice against “infidels” who have hijacked the machinery of government. The balkanization of the Nigerian state is not and cannot be acceptable to the World Union which employs Islamic violence to maintain its hold on the Niger Delta oil wells. And some sworn members of this dragon are from the South-South and South-East respectively, and have been used to infiltrate government and national institutions. Their loyalty is final and decisive. An attempt to divide Nigeria is therefore an experiment in somalization/ burundisation of the most bizarre type. Indeed, those who have never known the pain of war do not know the value of peace. Here lies the horror and the fatalism associated with Satanism and atheism in the 21st century world of nuclear warheads.

On a more practical note, if Islam values rationality and peace - and it is a huge indictment and an embarrassment if the opposite is t correct – then our Islamic brethren must appreciate the inescapable fact that a country of free people cannot fold its hands and watch the humiliation of her own citizens but must guarantee equal rights for all, Christians and Muslims alike. That some blocks are still standing in the Niger Delta is because the Niger Delta struggle holds both foreign and constitutional values for Nigeria, and this called for caution. But what significance, one may ask, does the Boko Haram sect hold for Nigeria save a helpless confession of the need for formal education – a confession that is a gross indictment on the Nigerian educational sector and the monumental corruption that has rocked the officials of the Nigerian state both high and low, ecclesiastical and secular. One of the ways out of the Boko Haran terrorist bazaar is for the Federal Ministry of Education and Internal Affairs, in conjunction with all the governors of the Northern State and the Nigerian Police, to affect a massive arrest of Muslim Youths who have an inclination to fundamentalism and aversion to Western education and send them to the classroom, even if they have to study in chains. Pastor Tunde Bakare in a recent State of the Nation Address decried the fact that fools are ruling Nigeria. It is all the more risky to allow Nigeria be ruled by incurable lunatics. On this note, I hereby declare my total and unreserved support for Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the President and Commander–in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while bidding time for God’s fullest intervention through the Perpetual Virgin, the our Lady of Fatima.

A more matured and rewarding approach to Islamic fundamentalism must therefore begin by an unpretentious re-discovery of the new face of communism as the real source and the greatest sponsor of violence and extremism, not only in Islam as demonstrated by Boko Haram, Ai-Qaeda, Al-Jezeera and their crude methods, but also in the more dangerous amorphous subversions and inversions which go to define in a very substantial manner the dominant character of the communist ideology, and which have successfully worked out an effective method of invasion and corruption of national governments and institutions, including ecclesiastical institutions like the Knighthood. An authentic Christian effort against global terrorism, violence and extremism that is not the equivalent of an intolerable attack against God and humanity, as exemplified by Boko Haram, Ai-Quaeda,etc, must not a nd cannot fail to relate sincerely to this new reality in global experience. The courageous battle which the Blessed John Paul II launched against communism must be brought to its resolute conclusion. It started with the pulling down of the poisonous structures oppression and the dismantling of the apparatus of flamboyant experimentations in Satanism. This was its regional significance. The next phase is not about the material looting and plundering of the enemy’s fortune, even if this seems to be the attraction to the allies or that the cost of war must be put into consideration. Neither is it about a cowardly flight into self-protectionism and jaundiced survivalism. It is instead about a bold attempt to rescue the original faith – the Catholic Faith and its other great manifestations or ineligible occurrences in other religions from the invading arsenals of global Satanism. This itself constitutes the greatest challenge to the New Evangelization and to Ecumenism, and as well points to the way for to freedom, growth, development, security and peace nationally, regionally and globally. This is what Prof Hans Kuhn has devoted his time and energy doing as the founder and president of Global Ethic Foundation in Switzerland. This is equally the significance of the SACRED DEED over and above that of the SATANIC CODE. The Church must not shy away from this responsibility for faith. To do so is to help Satanists put the war against communism in the reverse gear.

This day of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, Our Lady of Sorrows, the Blessed Virgin Mary has unequivocally and forcefully affirmed, confirmed and re-asserted the urgency of a Buhari Presidency, over and against the dictatorship of relativism and evil as sponsored by the PDP. The National Assembly as presently constituted must not be allowed to carry out the dangerous experiments in State police, State creation and fascism in the pretext of fighting terrorism and erecting the structures of peace and development. The National Assembly as dominated by PDP has no will of its own, and therefore lacks the requisite capacity for action in respect of peace and security. However, Mr Good luck Ebele Jonathan is a man and a sincerely committed leader who is, for obvious reasons, greatly handicapped, and thus unapologetically ineffective. National growth, stability, peace and security surely are urgent needs for the Nigerian. But PDP is the worst enemy and the greatest obstacle to these needs, and therefore cannot pretend to be a benefactor and an agent of peace and security in the Nation. At the instance of the October 1, 2010 independent bombing of the Eagle Square in Abuja, Our Lady of Fatima caused a message of sympathy and concern to be sent to Mr Goodluck Jonathan. It read:

“When as a Lamb you co-habit with Maggots and head a government formed by Wolves in a Kingdom owned entirely by the Lions, you are either the Master himself or a food for the Masters”

Today again, Our Lady’s worry over the safety of this peaceful unassuming son from Otuoke has grown wings and legs. On this day of the Exaltation of the Cross, Our Lady gave some insight into the secret of survival for the President. It is up to him to open up a dialogue box in this regard.

Freedom is unhindered access to that which the human person is in the very depths of his being-an Imago Dei. And the greatest obstacle to human actualization today is the corruption of the officials of the Nigerian trust high and low, secular and religious, public and private. This, together with Satanism constitutes the Sin of the Nigerian people and the guilt that has rendered every effort at combating terrorism, poverty and insecurity a mirage

If the real story of a believer is to be told in its most radical significance for freedom, it cannot fail to accommodate the fact that, even if presumptuously, that such a one is Accursed in the world. The biography of the suffering servant of God (Is 53) confirms that the story and identity of the believer when issued or told by the world is very strange. Of itself, the Cross does not present any options for life. It is the highest form of a curse, punishment and humiliation. It is the most shameful experience for a human being. And what a monumental shame! But then if it has been established, confirmed and certified to be the only real and most authentic road - and no other – to FREEDOM, then men with a Vision and on a Mission of freedom cannot shy away from it. Indeed, when you have a Revelation which builds up a Vision so as to send you out on a Mission, the only attitude that saves you from chronic defeat is only that of resoluteness. That is, in typical Igbo dialect, “Ikata Obi”. In the gospel the hagiographers wrote ‘Jesus resolutely took the way to Jerusalem’. And this was after he had rebuked the sincerely sympathetic but satanically induced Peter. Jesus is a Real Man. And only Real Men and Women carry the Cross in the real sense of this word. Of course, this is why only Real Men and Women love Jesus.

Authentic freedom is historical-a sharing in the Cross of Jesus Christ, i.e., active participation in the life and mission of the Church. It is present – tasks man to existential decision and action. It is futuristic – colors the man’s expectation for results and rewards but consciously permits that these be allowed to be swallowed up in fertile hope. Even though ruled by the spirit of non-violence, one must I think, raise necessary objections, court unavoidable controversies and at the same time evolve functional methods with which to disable arrogant intrusions and heartless invasions of private reserves. Without the cross, however, the real Christian identity is not confirmed, not the least affirmed and may not have been. With the conscious embrace of the cross, the believer dances in sarcastic ecstasy to the final whistle blown by the Sole Maker and Supreme Care of the storeroom of Providence to kick-start the last fight between good and evil, between the real and the imagined, between the spiritual and the mundane. It may require that one be tied to the tree and then banished between heaven and earth.

The difference between a believer and an unbeliever is what is asserted by the weeping horse of Balaam as it came face to face with the angel with a flaming sword – the terrifying portrait of Divine Justice – standing on the road such that there was no how Balaam could pass. Neither Barak’s political muscles and divinations nor Balaam’s ignorance and righteous indignation could undo or stop the implementation of the decree of Divine Justice- Do not Curse the Israelites rather bless them. The fastest horse cannot run away from the invading arsenals of Eternal Divine Justice, neither can it run against the current otherwise it is reduced to a mere weeping animal. The justice of God is terrible to behold. The whole story dramatizes the urgency and the precision attached to the implementation of the Justice of the Divine Ucadia. This is the reason why the scriptures laid so much emphasis on Divine Mercy- now is the time mercy, now is the hour of grace…Man stripped of grace is reprobate, bestial and a nonentity. The modern man, whether in the Church or in the Mosque, has rejected grace. This is the seedbed of terrorism. The foundational principles of Divine Justice are led in John's Gospel 16: 8-12. Against this background Paul advised that we suffer only for what is just. Fellow Nigerians, what are we suffering from?

The totality of Sin and Guilt, with all its crushing weight, force and poison must have to be excavated, illuminated, exposed and crushed if Nigeria has to be free. And the difficulty of the task is no excuse for avoiding it. What an ugly task, yet what an ennobling result! And it has to be noted that, consciously or unconsciously, the Cross is an inescapable junction which every believer, whether Christian or not, must come to in the journey through life, except if one subscribes to an escapist attitude. The Cross, like one movie title suggests, is the Hard Way – the only Way.

While Christ fought the totality of humanity’s Sin and Guilt, his resolve and the strategic weapons of faith which he founded and left behind for us as well as the eternal and unchangeable victory he won compels the believer to see the Cross, no longer as a Curse, but as a symbol of courage, power, victory and hope to the extent that the aversion for the Cross is now replaced by a functional loving embrace. Thus the greatest symbol of curse, shame and punishment established by native law and custom, confirmed and approved with historical finality and treacherously placed on the shoulders of one who has God as a father is dismantled, ingeniously remolded and expertly polished into the most powerful symbol of freedom and a source of living water. Formerly, the song was “Cursed is he who hangs on a tree”. But now, this song is put on the reverse: Fair is the tree! Fairer is he who hangs upon it”.And his only formula, both in secret and in the open, is total and unconditional obedience to his heavenly father to the point of accepting death – death on a cross. In and through suffering –, i.e., via crucis, he came to appreciate in the most perfect way, the meaning of obedience. Of course, law has no better definition than this :active obedience to God.

In addition to a nine days novena in anticipation of the Solemnity of Assumption, succesfully concluded on August 15, 2011, Our lady tasked me to another fourtheen days novena on behalf of the Holy Father, Nigeria and the U.S.A. In the course of this novena She, among other powerful secrets for the Holy Father and Mr Barack Obama respectively, expressed great concern and anxiety over the safety of Mr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Irrespective of every arrangement put in place against this development, the World Union is unyielding about its decision. The Gadafi question has underlined the urgency of this decision. Simply put, Mr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is in trouble.The World Union is bent in either killing him flat, or frustrating him out of the Presidency in the most disgraceful manner. From another corner, a tight case that will send his wife from the Palace to Prison has been concluded and grounds are being prepared for its implementation.Mr Jonathan’s many “complex and unresolvable” problems have been designed to meet with his wife’s “corrupt” practices at a cross junction. If this was true about the former first lady, then it is all the more true and deeper forMrs Patience Jonathan.At the end of the intercession, Our Lady gave me the secret of surval and victory for Jonathan for a year only.It is up to him to heed the invitation to greatness or to wait upon the Masters.

Furthermore, in her concluding remarks during a session with her on September 13, 2011, Our Lady warned vehemently against a Delilah and a Judas Iscariot (with reference to the Vatican) and then went ahead to assert that the towering mystical structures of Judaism, in a criminal collaboration with the great Roman Empire, could not undo, remedy or alter the high concentration of punishment, curses and decay which unbelief and the abuse of love placed upon them for the rest of thier life.

With the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and the Memorial of the Our Lady of Sorrows over, I have come to the end of the period of mourning for my late brother, Mr Charles Chinyere Enyeribenyem Obinwanne Evurulobi. And while waiting to receive my posting from my Bishop, Most Rev. Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia cssp, the Catholic Bishop of Aba, I publicly announce, on behalf of the Evurulobi Family of Amuke Village, Isiahaba Autonomous Community, Isiala-Ngwa South L.G.A., Abia State, the birth of a Non-Govermental Organisation in honour of my late brother – MarysRose Organisation. The aim and scope of this organisation will be made public after. Meanwhile, I openly appeal to all who are concerned for global peace and security after the mind of the Our Lady of Fatima to be prepared to join hands with us in the struggle for freedom. A social site has been opened in the Facebook for the Organization. Join us as a friend, a partner, an agent, a collaborator, a supporter, a sponsor, a fan and force for Human Rights , Evangelism, Advocacy, Justice,Peace, Development and Reconciliation.

Write us or find out about MarysRose Organisation with this address: Or call: +2348032310960.Facebook address:revfrkennethevurulobi.


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