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Can You Fly? My Top 3 Flying Dreams

Updated on March 9, 2014
This came along with the Llwellyn's New World's catalog that I got in the mail 2 years ago.
This came along with the Llwellyn's New World's catalog that I got in the mail 2 years ago. | Source

As our body rest at night, that's when some magic happens. The magic of dreaming. For me, dreaming is like expecting and unwrapping a gift, of course I just don't know what's inside. And dreaming? As I go to sleep I know its either I could be having a dream, or not at all, but most of the time I do, not just knowing what could it be. It could be a sad dream, monsters chasing me, or it could be the type of dream I love the most: flying dreams.

Have you experienced flying dreams? I had a lot of dreams where I was flying when I was in my teen years and as a young adult. I still have some once in a while at present. With all the flying dreams I had, here's the ones that can go to my top three list, those that I can remember well until now since I had the dream, the ones that even when I had it years go, and hadn't written it down on a dream journal, still is so vivid it seems like I just had it last night. And I'm not used on having a dream journal either.

And as a start....

We live in a nipa hut, in the Philippines. My dad seems like a butcher in this dream and his working on pigs, near our bamboo-made stairs. Not far from him were butchered pigs hanging with their feet, bodies, and..... heads. Then I noticed something. There's this one, still alive piggy and giving me signals that its not dead, kind of like wanting me to help him. I was staring at it and it was a piglet, but in my thoughts, it was a fairy.

Then I am with some classmates, playing with them. One named Lovely and she's playing jumping rope. We were hanging out close to a tree, I noticed grasses growing on the roadside and it is quite around. I want to show them how I fly. And I showed them how I lift my arms on my side, stand on my toes and take off. I did and I sat up on the tree trunk. She, and some looked up at me but they weren't surprised on what I can do. I told them they can do it too, they can try it, just like the way I did. And I showed them, flying again a couple of times.

Then as we chit chat, me sitting up there on the tree, people are running around, horrified. Surprised, we watch as those people run away, clueless why and what are they running away from. Then I heard a woman's voice from behind, she was asking me for some direction on how to go some place. She's going there to hide and somehow she had let me know she has a small boy, thou she hasn't told me so. I paused for a minute, think of my dad as I know I shouldn't be telling this or the way of going on the place she is asking as it is a secret place. I started with, " I'm not sure how but the way to............. is........" I told her because I feel like she deserves to be there, she's related to fairies or something. And people are running away and hiding because the fairy folks are said to lunge to save that piggy that I saw hanging in our home.

Then on some part, there's a big, metallic circle coming closer and closer from the sky and people are watching it, including me. Seeing it coming closer and how big it is sets fear into me and to other people around. Some ran away. I'm so scared, my heart's pounding as I run away, I don't wanna get caught as the metallic, big thing tends to come closer into the ground. As I look ahead on where I'm heading, I can see loved ones inside an open door for me. And for me to be safe is to get in there. It's safe inside. And when I got inside, it is the round, made of metal object that I was scared of. But being inside it, I feel safe.

The flying dream that goes on the second spot on my list

I am on the woodlands with my high school friends. Trees around us, but some trees aren't that lively as I look into their brown trunks and trees. Dried, brown leaves covering the ground and makes a cracking sound as I step into them. Few of my classmates walking around, some are chit chatting and giggling.

I noticed a dead tree lying on my right side as I walk by. I'm chit chatting to a few classmate and tend to call the attention of others as I speak. I wanna show them how I fly, but more of like I want to show and teach them how to make things float using a stick. I would point a piece of stick I'm holding into a leaf on the ground, concentrating into it and the leaf floats, slowly lifting off the ground. And my classmates we're watching though they aren't surprised or shocked seeing a floating leaf. I showed them again how to do it, pointing from one leaf to another leaf. Few of them tried but it didn't worked for them so I keep repeating the steps.

But then..... this time I can hardly make it. I keep on concentrating, gazing at the leaf, my stick pointed at it with the thought in my head ,"float!" My head hurts and I'm feeling drained. I want to make it work but the leaf would hardly lift off the ground. Then I said to one of them to do it like this, " by the power of air...." with my stick pointing on the leaf.

Then I woke up. My brain hurts and I feel drained.

Have you had flying dreams?

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The one that goes on the first spot

Why on the top 1? Because I remember this flying dream from the very start until the end and I had this dream about 3 years ago. And when I woke up, I'm happy. I had this smile in my face and feels light, as if I really was physically up there.

I am in a beach attending a party with my schoolmates. It's like a reunion in my dream. My classmates are there and so is my nice and kind Science teacher in 1st year. They even have this round dance, like we hold hands together and go in circle, but I didn't joined in as I am feeling, say, embarrassed or uncomfortable with the possibility that I would be holding hands with a former friend and suitor I hadn't talked that much since graduation. I can see few people on the cottage holding bottles, drinking.

Then night came in. And I'm about to go to sleep, in a mat on the ground with my classmates. A classmate named Marinel told me something, about us sleeping on the ground. They were all set, she's lying down and was still awake but the others were already asleep. I walked passed by them as I have decided to better be prepared and have cloves of garlic ready and salt in case the aswangs (Philippine ghouls) showed up. The moon is full, and I can see few dark clouds above as I looked up.

Then it happened, the aswangs showed up, in the form of dogs (but looks like wolves.) I used the crushed garlic I had just prepared and the salt too and those that catches it dies and disappeared, calling onto my sleeping classmates and waking them up while throwing salt on the ghouls. Most had vanished but a lot were on their way, and I'm running out of salts.

Then as I look up, there's the leader looking down at the ground, riding on a broomstick with few others, Marinel. (How did she happened to be the leader? She was just lying there, sleeping on the mat.) I got her mad as I had killed most of the ghouls.

I'm running out of salt, I have to escape. And so I did, riding on my broomstick I soared high in the night sky. Hiding under the bushes close to a body of water, like a river or something. I look up, Marinel on the mid air, mad as she commands her underlings to go, find me and keep on looking for me.

On my hiding spot, I can see a white car about to drive off and I thought, "that's brother. I'd better go." And so I made sure it's clear around and I soared into the night sky again, constantly looking behind to see and make sure no one's following me. I can feel the air, the full moon is beautiful, with white clouds passing by.

I'm afraid someone had spotted me. I can see a rooftop nearby and so I quickly went in there to hide on that triangular window. As I reach it, there is a rat in there. I told the rat I need to hide and I beg it to not be scared of me or point me to the enemies. The rat can speak to me, it can understand what I was saying. But I have to go as my brother's car is on its way. I can see the car driving on a long road. So I decided to continue and the rat is coming with me. I took off, holding two rats on both hands. One white and one brown. ( Doesn't even know where that brown rat came from.) But it's getting hard and heavy for me. It's not that they are heavy, but it was myself, I can't go on and I'm slowing down. Then the white rat fell off the ground. I went down to find it and I did. I gently pick it up in my hands and it wasn't hurt at all. And that look in its face, it looks as if it was a person, waiting for me to pick him up. I told so it can understand me and talk to me, but more of like in my head. (But when I picked it up it was the brown rat.)

I tried to take off as I pick it up. It was hard. I can hardly make it and my feet can almost touch the ground.


The feeling of flying in a dream.....

How does it feel having a flying dream?

It is mostly the feeling of happiness, a pleasant feeling of being light, like your feet had just touched the ground and you still feel the lightness from soaring.

Every time I wake up from having a flying dream, I lie down still, refreshing the dream in my head so I won't forget what happened in my journey. And with eyes closed while recalling the dream, the feeling of being up there and flying, the freedom, the air, and looking down from above draws a smile on my face before I decide to get up from bed.

There was this one dream, of all flying dreams I had which I would say was the "one" that really gave me that lightness feeling and I was just smiling several times that day, a happy feeling indeed. A few times I was amused how wonderful I felt that morning I woke up, I even stared at my feet as somehow it feels unusual with my feet on the ground.

I'm flying! I am flying!
I'm flying! I am flying! | Source

It wasn't really related with my main topic of me flying in my dreams but you know what? Two years ago my younger brother got his car, a white Nissan. And just last year my school had an alumni, I just hadn't attended it, I'm broke. I just love it when there's some few pieces in my dream just like this that really happens.


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    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks VibrantViews! For reading and commenting ^-^'

    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Anna141! ^-^'

      @ Kittythedreamer: I agree. It is invigorating. I love flying dreams :) And yes, it feels that way, and most of it I lift off the same way, toes on the ground and arms by my side. Thanks for dropping by and reading!

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      6 years ago from Summerland

      Voted that I fly in my dreams! Loved this hub...flying in dreams is so invigorating...and don't you feel like you've always known how to do it too? Blessings!


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