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Food for the Believer: Exposing False Beliefs, False Prophets, False Teachings

Updated on February 25, 2015
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God's Gifts Aren't For Sale, God's Favor Isn't Either!

Giving Money to Man or Woman Doesn't Heal

When one is broken, upset and angered about a circumstance or trial he or she is faced with, some ministers will encourage the individual to give money to restore health. There is a misconception that one's money will buy them healing. As we know when we spend time in God's word, those that attempted to buy or reason with the disciples about their spiritual giftings, received nothing more than a rebuke. Jesus didn't ask anyone for any money so that they could receive healing nor did he encourage people to give to get healing.

Sometimes when we are broken spiritually, we lose site of good ole fashioned common sense. There is no price tag with God. Everyday I am learning that praying for material wealth is nothing more than distraction from the many messages and blessings that God wants to give those who live righteously. You can become so focused on your own selfish needs that you start forgetting about those things that really matter like repentance, salvation and living regret free. God knows our material needs, but does he know our spiritual needs?

Paying someone $40, $400 or $4,000 is not going to make God move any faster in healing us from emotional and physical traumas. We must be faithful to his word and not faithful to man or woman's bank accounts!

Feel free to join laywoman, Nicholl McGuire, in studying God's word here.

Prosperity Gospel is not about Christ

Woman Thou Art Goosed!

This is a wake up call for you who have been in bondage to certain televangelists. You spend money for conferences, products, and more to get a word from the Lord that you could get yourself! WAKE UP! Just like fans support their favorite rich stars, many believers are fans of men and women who are not drawing them near to the Lord, but near to their pockets! Don't be goosed! Enjoy the show-- a creation of churchfolk on Blogtalkradio.

Satan In The Pulpit

Tis the Season for the False Prophet

You are in a good mood. You have completed your holiday "to do" list. But you forgot just one thing, you didn't set money aside for the offering plate at the local church or bother to think about the Salvation Army worker standing outside the grocery store steadily ringing a bell for donations. Oh there is also the letters that come in the mail requesting donations from local charities and a local civic group who is collecting food and toys wants your charitable contribution! UGH! Do you have enough money even enough time to get around to everyone with their hand out? With all these distractions, when does anyone make time to pray and study the word of God in the King James Bible (KJV.) Most don't and that is why they are taken by just about any one including the false prophets in his or her own family!

Well every Xmas (not CHRISTmas) someone is preaching about Jesus accompanying with a message here and there about giving and receiving, more so on giving. Depending on who the speaker is, if he or she has something to gain this Christmas, you will be encouraged to give, because well it's Christmas, right? As I type I think of Jeremiah Chapter 10, read it sometime.

Those messages of an increase of health and wealth when you give will be subtle and quite boldly preached depending on where you go. Whether it is the late night tv minister or your neighbor who attends church. It's best to wait after the holidays to attend church. If you ever attended a New Years service, you know what I am talking about! All the shouting and praising to the Lord with requests to give, give, give me this and that!

False ministers (not of God mind you) are busily preparing speeches to remind their congregations to give in all sorts of creative ways. From the testimonies to the miracles, signs and wonders they will be proclaiming God to work in the church, "Right now! Do it right now Jesus!" People will be falling backward and forward. The false ministers will be expecting increase while preaching increase. They will be encouraging people "to be healed in the name of Jesus" and some will be healed, at least temporarily, but the so-called healing will be short-lived. Unfortunately, their naïve minds will for the moment be tricked into believing they are all better until the following morning when they are agonizing in pain wondering what happened the night before. Can I tell you, the enemy will be at work.

There will be false prophecies given all over the place! From money prophecies to babies being born. Do you really need a prophecy for these things? People will declare all sorts of state of emergencies--exciting news won't it be? There will be false prophets taken God's word and re-wording it to tickle the congregation's ears, "Thus saith the Lord..."

People underestimate the power of Lucifer, also known as Satan. Unbelievers in God also assume that the devil is non-existent too. But is he? His smooth speech, handsome appearance and nice clothing will deceive many. He will make promises that he can't keep. He will lead people astray from what little curiosity they have about God. He will tell them that God is in the midst when he isn't. He will shout and praise dance. He will even cry and kiss a baby or two. The things the devil does is nothing new under the sun, because we see it time and time in man, because he uses man when he allows himself to be open to him just like God uses man when he allows himself to be open to him. Those individuals who don't pick either side are like leaves they get tossed to and fro as the wind blows.

The devil comes in many disguises and he isn't just in the church. He is prophesying via rap songs telling people to serve him, his symbols show up in music videos, and his instructions come out of the sane as well as the mentally insane standing along the street. There's only one problem, the devil isn't real to those who don't believe in the one true God and this is why the games that the false prophets play never cease they keep right on playing the same games decade after decade. The foolish keep padding the false prophets pocket!

Resist the devil and he will flee! -- James 4:7

When the Prophet Errors....It's Better Just to Admit You Made a Mistake and Apologize

Another False Prophet....

Flashback: False Prophet circa 1980s--Who does he remind you of today?

About Those Ministers Who Preach Love Only

I was watching a secular show on BET the other day, called the Monique Show. This particular night ministers of God and a performer called, Tye Tribett would be on the show. Now, I was familiar with the singer considering that he was supposed to come to a church I had attended on the east coast, but never made it a couple years back. I learned back then that he was having some difficulties and that we, as a church, should pray for him. Interesting on the show, Tye revealed that he had sucidial thoughts in the past and needed a Fresh beginning hence the title of his new album, so I put two and two together and realized that is why he didn't make it to our church and other engagements back then. Okay, so I am watching this goofy show. I say it's goofy because seriously you can tell when people try too hard to be genuine amongst the fake persona. Although Monique has this "keep it real" platform on the show, when it comes to spirituality, she should never play with God or his people especially when you don't serve Him 100%. She seems to pull him out when she gets ready, not only that, she is too open to too many things. Case in point, her open marriage. The one true God in the Bible is not open to any and all things as we can clearly see from his reactions to the sinful Israelites and many others in the Bible. He punished adulterous nations.

Anyway, the host starts the show with a speech about love and acceptance (including those that are hell bound) and how we should all love them. Here we go again with the brainwashing, the shoving acceptance of sin down our throats again! There is nothing wrong with the loving part of her speech, until I started picking up that this "love" talk was really about leaving folks alone who are sinning, a mind your own business, if you will, attitude, "Just love on me..." Listen, if I am sinking in some crap, I don't want someone telling me, "It's okay, I love you." You better throw me a lifesaver and a speech about why I shouldn't get back in the crap again! Later in the show, Monique has her goofy side-kick mocking a minister preaching about love. This is classic of false teachers taking a little bit of truth out of the Bible and then mixing it with a whole lot of personal opinion.

You see, I don't have a problem with the message of love until I see the foolishness surrounding it. Some of us, no matter what anyone says to get us to correct a bad behavior (from gluttony to lying,) just can't stop without divine intervention from the one true God. Therefore, He is going to allow life to whip our behinds until we get it right! Those who aren't so hard-headed will not experience the kind of pains that others do, at least not in the same way. Let me say it this way, love will not only hug you, but it will take you off this planet regardless of what you think or believe. Think back to when you were a child, it didn't matter that you didn't think you should get in trouble for something, your parent, relative or teacher was going to ensure that you wouldn't cause any more problems again if it meant punishing you. So opinion is irrelevant when it comes to love. It doesn't matter that some don't believe in a life-changing spanking from a loving God, you are going to get it, relatives, friends, and/or your own children anyway.

So I continued to listen to Monique, the false teacher, and her sidekick the false preacher and then that's when she starts talking about who is going to be on the show. Tye, the singer, his performance was energetic, but a couple of his dancers were doing some stuff that I did back in the club--I almost got some flashbacks looking at them. The song, Victory, well it says it all and I know for a fact that this song had God's favor all over it, because it uplifted me during times in my life that I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Besides, just like people, you have to see the fruit that music bears to determine whether it is holy or not.

The Bishop who comes out wearing a pink shirt looking like a few pimps and players I have seen back in the day, is talking about love and how he couldn't serve this God in the Bible who is vengeful and jealous and who doesn't expect us to be that way. It was obvious from what he was saying on the show, that he had unresolved childhood issues about a couple of favorite relatives who were now deceased who his parents told him went to hell. So he wants to talk about the loving God and purposely leaves out anything else that he doesn't agree with. Last I checked, the Bible doesn't say, "Like this part of God and cancel everything else out." So almost immediately, I was turned off by him.

Next on the stage was another minister of God, a white guy, who had been clean seven years from drugs, but from the looks of things I struggled with whether or not he had been sipping a drink or two before he came out. Anyway, he shares his testimony about how he came from a strict Christian upbringing but fell away from God then came back again after years of being on drugs. However, what bothered me about him was that he was a little too happy talking about the wonderful feeling he got from being on drugs. I almost forgot he was off of them. Despite, his interview, he seemed to be the most genuine one up on the stage!

So why do I bother to even talk about this show that some of my readers could care less about? Because this is a good example of how false doctrine and mixed up teachers slip through the cracks of churches and end up on secular television talk shows attempting to change the personality of God so that he is palatable to the masses. When it's all said and done you get a watered down God that is nothing more than a genie in the bottle if you will. A God who isn't going to get out there and handle your enemies. A God who only acts when called upon. He is weak.

I don't know about you, but I like the old testament God. I also like him as he walked on this earth as a man in the New testament too. But this new age God, you can keep him! He is letting any and everything run the church. He isn't scolding anyone. He is blurring the image of right and wrong. As far as I'm concerned, his name is Lucifer posing himself as God. He has literally come in the form of a false light deceiving people. He has them changing the scripture. He has men acting like women and women acting like men. He even has control over what some say and do when it comes to speaking the truth to the masses simply by holding millions of dollars over their heads. He uses talents to spread his false gospel from weird movies to stand up comedy. He shape shifts into Baphomet, seductive women, athletes, snakes, handsome men wearing white, black or any other color that appeals to viewers, a bright-eyed child and so many other animals and people while we all stand in awe.

This message of love is usually mixed up with a message of sex. Anyone of us who has been used sexually knows that love and sex are two different things depending on who you lay with. So if this is the case, the message of "God is love" goes out the window and instead you have people making love. The truth is the love message has nothing to do with God coming from the mouth of the false minister. He/She will pick the scriptures that best suit his or her cause. If he does wrong, he wants you to love him but he doesn't want you to rebuke him. If she steals, she wants you to love on her, but don't send her to jail. If your child turns your house upside down, love him, but don't physically discipline him/her. If you listen to a "loving" minister long enough, you will crack up! Because these love messages don't come to your aid when you are depressed, alone, sick, bitter, angry, etc. it is the action that one does that means more than the words that are coming out of his or her mouth. Love is patient, kind, doesn't keep record of wrongs etc, I. Corinthians 13, but love is also at work in the Old Testament too. Love summed up in a nutshell is action! Look how many times God's mercy showed up and still man wouldn't listen. That's when love got tough, didn't it?

So say, "goodbye" to the weak God that false teachers preach about and say, "hello" to that God in the Bible--the whole God not just the personality you like taking great care not to skip scriptures.

Benny Hinn

Bishop Eddie Long: False Prophet, Fallen Saint?

Oprah Doing What She Does Best...Steering the Masses Away from Jesus, God and Placing the Focus on "Self" Consciousness

It's okay President Obama, Come on out, we know your not a Christian...maybe at one time or another but now?

Fake Jews? What!?

I couldn't believe my ears! One day I was listening to a radio show broadcast where the announcer talked about some people in elite groups posing as fake Jews when they are really Edomites. A group of Rabbis who shared this information with the spiritual leader. Apparently there is a long history that goes back to biblical times involving two brothers, Esau and Jacob. The elder brother Esau had sold his birthright to the younger for food.

To this day there is fighting amongst various denominations about land and also about the biblical text related to the story. In addition, there is much dispute about some who pose as Jews in order to be considered "God's chosen" and to partake in any God-ordained benefits.

This information was surprising to me, since we have heard in the media and in textbooks about Jewish people being murdered by Hitler by the thousands, and how some even passed for being someone else other than Jewish. Yet, there are those who are passing for Jewish and really are not! WOW!

Learn more about Jewish imposters on sites like YouTube and various blogs.

What's With the Theatrics? Just Ask for What You Want Minister

 In recent news we have seen many individuals and organizations step up to the plate to help Haiti since the devastating quake that rocked the country on January 12, 2010.  I don't know about you, but I have noticed that these people aren't entertaining the public when they ask for money.  They aren't dancing around a stage, yelling at the audience, falling out on the floor, or manipulating people by using scripture to get what they want.  But ministers?  Why must they feel that they have to swindle us into giving more.  Years ago I heard somewhere a minister say that if they didn't conduct service in the way that they did, people wouldn't give as much.  Even if this is true, I'm sure that the God of the Bible could provide you with the insight to get people to give, right? 

I have watched President Obama and other presidents "stand united" to send a message to people around the world that they will be calling all people to join the relief effort and as Bush put it, "Send cash..."  Blankets and water just won't do in these times, huh.  The organizations on the ground will take care of all that, of course while they get their cut.  As I type I feel a disruption in my spirit.  You see, I have seen the small percentages that are truly given to the problem while the big percentages were given to the staff.  Anyone who has studied marketing or have worked for a company trying to promote themselves, knows the power of fundraisers.  Experts encourage business owners to create a fundraising campaign to market what you are selling while giving "partial proceeds" to your cause.  Everyone stands to gain something in all of this!  Everyone.

$5,000 Ink Pen!!! Juanita Bynum

Trinity Broadcasting Network TBN

May God Get My Money Back: Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes Ministries

When I titled this entry, I meant everything I said! I have just surfed the net to find videos -- not doctored up either -- of past sermons by my favorite pastors over the years talk boldly about the money they have spent buying things that are unimportant, twist scripture to keep their loyal followers, and do acts that knock people off their feet to keep viewers entertained. It wasn't like I hadn't seen these people before, because I have watched them over the years (as far back as 1997). But tonight, I looked at these men and women who claim they are of God with a different set of eyes and I was appalled! Did I miss something back then? Was I so overwhelmed with grief about one circumstance or another that I allowed myself to fall victim?

Like rappers, televangelists have sold their souls to the devil! The fame and fortune has clouded their minds, made their lips loose, and created some self-righteous foolish men and women who claim they are of God. I am wounded as I look in my own household and see signs of struggle everywhere. These teachers promised blessings, many of which were supposed to be financial, but what happened? Your god didn't deliver! So I want my money back!

In recent months, I have re-connected with the one true God, not the false god. I have met with God like a man meets with an attorney to win a lawsuit. God is doing probono work for me this year and we are going after everyone online and offline who have took my money, affliate links, and other things that were meant for me!

I know there are those of you out there who are thinking as you are reading this about your own losses in previous years. You trusted companies to handle your cash flow, to deliver on promises, and to no avail! You want your money back too! Well join me in prayer and let's get our money back in Jesus name this year while writing letters, making phone calls, even sending text messages if we have to about what is owed to us!

"May God convict those who have stolen from us. May he move on the hearts of men and women to pay us back. May we have money to pay tithes and offerings and still take care of family and bills. Let no weapon form against us as we wait on our money, travel to get our money, or have to call someone to bring us our money. Give us the wisdom and peace we need to talk to every individual and group who owes us money. May they give us our money without us having to go to court. May they review their records and realize we have been overlooked, tricked, or ripped off and may they pay us promptly, in Jesus name, AMEN!"

Now get on the phone and start talking to credit card companies who charged you overlimit and late fees, banks that went balistic in charging you overdraft fees, companies who still haven't sent your residual income checks, and any one else who you know owes you money! (UPDATE: Since I wrote this no more overdraft fees! No more unecessary late fees, no more...! And instead of getting my money back, God made a way for me to increase my existing income -- PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!)

Pat Robertson

Benny Hinn's Ministries and Practices Have Been Called into Question by Numerous Sources Over the Years

Teacher Exposes Witchcraft used in Churches to Compel People to Give Money

Homework Assignment

Take the time to research Christian teachers, associations, denominations, fraternal groups, and others before you buy their products. Does their work align with biblical scriptures? Also, find out what others' experiences have been with them behind the scenes. Ask questions like, "Why am I interested in this prophet? Did the words he or she speak to me really come to pass?

Deceptive Ministers: Paganism and Christianity Have Been Working Together for a Long Time

Too Busy with Church Activities to See the Truth

Spending so much time at the local club, civic group, and church, one doesn't have much time for family or friends, when members of the brotherhood, sisterhood, neighborhood and whatever other hood demand one's time.

Far too many people attend their beloved group's events and participate in activities without bothering to open up their eyes as to how the system uses and abuses them. They don't bother to go to that God who they love (but don't fear) to ask him to reveal truth, to see the error of their ways. They just go along with whatever program in the hopes to one day attain more riches than yesterday.

I became disheartened with many churches because I realized that the "programs" were mere distractions from what God really wanted me to see. The access I have to God is just like any minister, prophet, evangelist, etc. As I started spending more time with Him, I discovered that the so-called god in the church was really one of many demonic beings acting like he was god. I realized that no man or woman who truly believes in God and has a sincere relationship with him would do sinful things without feeling convicted and making an effort toward changing one's evil ways. If one knows he or she is being manipulated, lying, compromising truth, and hurting others, he or she is going to make every effort to make wrongs right. But nowadays with so many false prophets, false truths, false appearances, false news, and even false food products, people are taking lies and convincing their selves and others that what their five senses are truly experiencing is truth.

If I am so busy with church activities, listening to others tell me how to live my life, when do I take the time to discover truth for myself? When do members ask compelling questions of their beloved ministers, government, health system, business, workplace, even family? This is why to be involved in anything too much, whether good, bad or otherwise, is not wise. Unnecessary distractions blind one to the false prophet at the door, the deceptive partner in the bed, the manipulative salesperson, and the sneaky children in the other room. You don't know truth until it hits you in the face and hurts you so bad that you wake up. This hub page, as well as others, does just that when you know you are guilty of allowing people, places and things to govern your life so much in fact that you have little, if no, time to honestly spend with your Creator. If you haven't spent a quiet moment in prayer today, do it. Ask the Lord to direct you toward truth in many areas of your life and when you begin to get revelation, don't fight it, embrace it.

Mind Control Tactics Used in Churches

Scientology: The CIA & MK ULTRA

Is the Entertainment Industry Evil?

Do you believe the celebrities know they are being used to do evil things?

See results

Exposing the So-Called Black Conscious Thinker

They say they believe in a god, some of the so-called black conscious thinkers of our modern day society. Some refer to a god as a great architect of the universe, a creator, and a being or force at least to a Christian's face while wearing sunglasses. But when their dark shades come off (think of some of those celebrities,) who are they really serving?

The new black man is not interested in serving the one true God, he is more interested in being a god. As those of us who read our Bibles know, the so-called conscious black man is walking on dangerous ground. But tell him that, and he will bombard you with many reasons as to why he "just can't get down with God." He thinks of the Bible as nothing more than a book of fairy tales. He reasons that he doesn't serve a god who kills while telling him he shouldn't. He finds fault with this Supreme Being who took a beloved one away before his time and he has a million other reasons as to why he won't attend church.

The unbeliever (also known as a reprobate mind) is usually affiliated with some group that also thinks like him, a cult of Transhumanists. To sum up this cult's belief system, they believe they can become gods and have eternal life through technology. They reject the God of the King James Bible and they embrace the concepts in the Luciferian doctrine. Now, the new black man who considers himself free of oppression while wearing a brand named suit thinking he is a god, sipping on a latte at the local Starbucks, is not going to call himself a transhumanist (at least not openly and who knows, he just might not know what that is.) Further, he isn't attending any particular weekly group meeting unless of course he can get something from a group to swell his financial portfolio, then he might consider it. Rather, he reads any and everything that elevates him, discredits Christian doctrine, and enjoys the littlest things in life like doing whatever and whenever to whoever he wishes. For commitment of any kind, is well, a bit of a bore.

The new black man can't be pointed out by appearance alone. At one time, you use to be able to spot him as soon as you saw him and your suspicions were further proven when he opened his mouth articulating his every word like our President Obama. But these days, the black transhumanist (who might I add doesn't believe there is any good or evil) is wearing baggy pants, t-shirts and boots and he might--just for effect--pull out a three-piece suit--you know to appear "god-like."

The new, godless black man usually can't keep his personal life straight (ie. family, intimacy etc.,) but he can manage to keep a job and a little money to splurge every now and then on his ungodly pleasures. Even with the appearance of a little freedom, he is still a slave--his godless, transhumanism doctrine is gradually enslaving him from the inside out. What happens when he loses his job, health, and worse his soul for yet another one of his simple pleasures? Will he go to the elite and ask them for a hand-out? Will he talk his sex slave into nurturing him back to health? Or maybe, just maybe he will go to his momma and ask her to pray. Then when all is said and done and he's back on his feet again while the sun is looking a little brighter and that one eye on the back of his dollar bill looks like it's smiling back at him, he will go back to his evil ways spewing his transhumanism doctrine of "I am too can be don't need God."

To read more about issues related to the African American experience, see my blog:

10 Signs of a False Prophet

Message for those Wayward in the Faith

Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z & Other Rappers Sold Souls to Devil

Before I begin talking about rappers, may I clarify why I would even bother talking about them. It is apparent that there are many Christians that attend church on Sunday and listen to various rappers and pop singers through the week. Some assume that because they are alright with God they are immune to the spirits that come out of their radio speakers, well I am hear to tell you that these people are deceiving themselves. There are certain things we continue to struggle with year after year because we keep feeding those struggles. The negativity and curse words that these people sell does affect each and everyone of us. For example, how many times have you listened to a song and then later on that day you are in a bad mood and you say to yourself, "Why do I feel this way? I mean everything seems to be okay." Consider this who did you listen to that day. Just as we can blame people who we talk to on the phone for our weird disposition after speaking to them, the same thing can happen to us when we listen to a song about being cheated on, being disrespected by the cops, being angered by the man, and so forth. It's time for some of us to step back and question ourselves, "Who do we serve?" Now on to the article about Kanye West and other soul-selling rappers.

When Kanye West admitted to selling his soul to the devil back in December 2009, I couldn’t help but think of what other musicians have already admitted to selling their souls to the devil. I also questioned whether a person could indeed sell their soul to Satan. If you can’t handle bad words, I suggest you don’t read this article because the material is true to form. People who sell their souls to the devil don’t say, “Geez, darn and all shucks!”

After conducting research on various Internet video sites, news and gossip sites, forums, and song lyric sites, I was disturbed at the sheer volume of information that is out there on this subject of devil worshipping musicians and yet there is very little protesting. In fact many are giving the musicians the attention and support they seek by defending them. Commenters on some sites like YouTube, actually turn on those that talk about their favorite artist like they personally know these strangers. These entertainers, who fans have never met personally, tell us much about them from the breakups to the pacts they make with the devil. Their beloved entertainers couldn’t care less about them particularly on the day they stop buying their CD.

I found nowhere in the Bible a man or woman literally selling his or her soul to the devil. However, a person can be tempted by the devil, receive things from him, hear him speak, and be attacked by him among other things. It became clear as I studied more about this subject why God said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” If God didn’t believe we would be tempted to serve another master, besides him, he would have never bothered with that commandment. I found in Luke Chapter 4 where the devil tempts “Jesus being filled with the Holy Spirit.” The scripture reads, “…where for forty days he (Jesus) was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry. The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread,” according to the New International Version (NIV). Notice Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and still the devil tempted him, so it doesn’t matter how spiritual one thinks he or she is one isn’t immune from enemy schemes.

In the book of Job the devil appears before God. In chapter one, Job is described as being “blameless and upright.” The Bible states, “One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them. The Lord said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the Lord, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.” Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job?” Satan knew that God had blessed Job, but falsely assumed that if God stretched his hand out and striked everything Job had, “…he (Job) will surely curse you to your face,” the devil said. The Lord responded, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your hands, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.” (NIV) In both situations, the devil couldn’t approach man unless God permitted it which led me to my next question, “Why would God allow us to be tested by the enemy?” In my own personal experiences with temptation, I reflected on the times I failed and prevailed. As I thought about “why,” I answered my own question. I realized that if it hadn’t been for those tempting circumstances in my life I would not have achieved the spiritual knowledge and blessings I have received over the years; therefore mentally and physically I could not come up higher. In addition, I would have not been able to learn from any lesson given to me or share any wisdom with another if it hadn’t been for those tempting moments. Some life lessons whether good or bad just have to happen to us whether we like them or not to teach us. Some of us learn the easy way, while others learn the hard way. Jesus said to the devil, “Get behind me” in Luke Chapter 4 after the enemy had tested him. You can do this when you know that God has your back. Yet, others can’t tell the devil to go away when they don’t have a relationship with the one who created him. Without knowledge they are ignorant and with no one or nothing spiritually supporting the entertainer, he or she has no choice but to ask the devil, “Where do I sign?”

When Kanye admitted to selling his soul to the devil, according to media reports back in December 2009, he said in the following freestyle verse:

I love the game so

That I can’t take this s*t sometimes

And if they take everything away from me,

It wouldn’t f*ckin matter

Artists be too concerned about their well being sometimes.

Artists be too scared to stand up for something.

They scared to lose their f*ckin house,

Or their scared to lose their record deal.

I sold my soul to the devil

I know it’s a crappy deal

At least it came with a few toys like a happy meal.

I’m spaced out y’all, I be on that moon talk.

I wonder if God asked Mike how to moonwalk

During the past 10-15 plus years, some of you hip hop, rap music lovers have heard artists mention selling their souls to the devil and it just so happens that their songs or albums were successful. There are many examples as follows.

Pastor Troy says in his rap song entitled, “We Ready 2000"

“…I sold my soul to the devil for a small price
I walk through muthaf*cking hell screaming thug life
And I was asking everybody where the devil hang
I got them nigg*s with me they be talking gang bang…”

DMX says in his rap song entitled, “Let Me Fly”

“…I sold my soul to the devil, and the price was cheap
A yo it's cold on this level cause it's twice as deep
But you don't hear me, ignorance is blisning and so on
Sometimes it's better to be taught dumb
Shall I go on?”

Eminem says in his rap song entitled, “Say Goodbye Hollywood”

“…I sold my soul to the devil, i'll never get it back
I just wanna leave this game with level head intact
Imagine goin' from bein' a no one to seein',
everything blow up and all you did was just grow
up emceeing…”

Master P says in his rap song, "Is There a Heaven 4 a Gangsta?"

“Tupac said there's a heaven foe a G
But I wonder if there's a restin place for killers and gangsta nigg*z like me
Me f*cked never lost my life and sold my soul to the devil
I hope I die in my sleep but the noise it's gonna be a one-eighty-seven
Ain't no turnin back I'm strapped with two chrome gats
I see death around the corner (d*mn, run) my time to go I'm ready to black…”

"The Life" by Shyne

“I was the first Black nigg* with mafia ties
leased my soul to the Devil with the option to buy.”

“Hell Sent” by Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony

“Sold my soul to the devil
But I changed my mind now I want it back
But he won't cooperate so now it's time to jack
Called RIP and Straitjacket”

“Good Life” by Tupac

“…Picture a nigg* on the verge of livin insane
I sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang
Now tell me if I'm wrong
but sayin "F*ck the world" got you deeper in my songs…”

If you recall Tupac in later songs prior to his death began to see things differently and attempted to expose what he called the Killuminati.

One of the most popular rap artists today, Lil Wayne, in one of his rap songs mentions his own connection to the devil in his song, “Scarface.”

“Tough as bam bam from bedrock
I'm tied to the game like wedlock
Say hello red dot say goodbye life and say hello Satan
A devil in the flesh a rebel at its best
No complaining we live in hell and I'm blessed scarface.”

Rap artists, singers and others have mentioned channeling with dead artists to help create beats and songs.

According to various videos on YouTube, Jay-Z states that he gets “possessed by the spirits.” What kind of spirits? Dead ones? Dark ones? He recorded Lucifer, so if anyone is familiar with that song, they should know it isn’t godly. In Jay-Z’s song, Illuminati, he talks about his soul being possessed by evils in the forms of diamonds and Lexuses. His lyrics seem harmless, that is until we watch and read about his Freemason affiliation all across the Internet. Further research on various websites reveals there has been an agenda for over 60 plus years to create a one world government. This interest in one’s selling his or her soul to the devil opens up one door after the other of things you may not have even thought of and may lose a little sleep over.

If you should research this subject, you will find yourself right back where you started from except this time a small voice will ask you this question, “Would you be willing to sell your own soul for fortune and fame?”

© 2010 Nicholl McGuire


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