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Is it Gods or Dreams?

Updated on December 31, 2014

God-Unknown Entity

Human race , even after achieving huge development in science and technology why do we feel lost in this giant ball of rocks and mud.

The search for God-the unknown Entity is the most wondering and unreasonable thing that humans have enormous thirst for, which makes them believe whatever they chose to.


Creating our own Gods

In search of God , people distributed all over the world did one thing in common which is all of them looked up and saw a giant light and believed that the light is looking after them which it did technically by providing them safety and food.They made the giant life supporting Sun their God.

Later , the kings made themselves Gods, in the sense there are no actual Gods to question them. People on the other hand have no worries in accepting this as long as they have all their needs met.

Well by any means we sought the answer to our questions and felt happy.

Dreaming to believe

It is not an easy thing to believe in something that you have not seen or understood.But humans thirst to know what becomes of themselves in afterlife and fear of darkness has been the main factor in our belief.

It is natural that anyone who is vulnerable to fear of darkness and searching enlightenment will be thinking of God most of the time, isn't this the reason that how we dream about things.

Lots of belief systems are based on theories that someone has talked to God maybe in their dream or got enlightened when they were alone which is the perfect environmental condition for God to appear. But could it be true or just a dream exaggerated for name and wealth ?!

We cannot neglect the fact that people are cheated in the name of God throughout the history

But the real question is still unanswered as long as we go out there and find the Creator and question ourselves.

Well till then we can dream and create our own God and be in peace.

GOD exists

do you believe our belief-systems are created on simple dreams

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    • gsn profile image

      gsn 2 years ago

      Hello Dev. Very nice information . It gives food for thought.

      Human affection & Equality in Humanity are vital above "GOD"

      To meet these things, all world religions are having their own principles.