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Cancer - Astral Astrology

Updated on January 30, 2019
Joseph Leal profile image

I have been initiatied into OAK tradition. I have been introduced to advanced Freemasonic empowering information through magical initiation

As we descend down upon the zodiac to the sign of Cancer, the descent of consciousness must be understood. The beginning was of the mental process and initiating into physicality in Aries. The mental process leads to one searching for its desires through the astral and sensual experience in Taurus. From the astral element of Taurus leads to Gemini. This sign being the development of the ether and intuitive body as the physical body and its sensorial connection to its environment becomes activated. Cancer holds the minor properties of each sign above and begins entrance into the emotional or astral body. The zodiacs fourth sign is the psychic and watery bridge between the physical plane and its experiences to the emotional body which is the beginning of the soul. The image that needs to be projected is the image of an aura. Also the image of an infant being nourished by its mother as her nourishing embrace is a sign of a deeply emotional and intuitive intelligence that is not limited by physical awareness. The baby knows who her mother is. The Cancerian uses its own aura as a heightened and receptive sensory to connect to the aura of all things. Chandra becomes an automated self protective system that is based off of reacting towards an external stimuli. Soma is a sign that is quite sensitive, shy, and will remotely hide its truest emotions and reactions until they feel that is safe show it’s true nature. Being that it is naturally described as warm, loving, and emotional does not pay respect to the signs truest nature. Also refered to as the Moon, luna maneuvers through the darkness which is the astral body in its natural function. The soul and its realm is a dark, hidden, and watery realm. Much similar to the deepest and darkest trenches of the sea connecting to others by creating and reconnecting its own individual astral chords. These are spiritual and invisible but similar to the umbilical chord between a mother and a child. The physicality and material image of the world and its situations are not looked at from its own two eyes, but rather felt from the intuitive and receptive nature of the soul. This is the first sign in the zodiac that is known for psychic properties and an intelligence that is not correlated to anything physical or tangible.

It can be said within this sign this sign is the birthing of the soul. Soma is the most watery of all the water signs and can represent the amniotic fluid that surrounds a baby at birth. The waters of the mother can be noted as the subtle subconscious imprint of the mother that is passed through the child at the rite at birth. Being born of these waters in the womb is the first impression that is imprinted by the mother to the child that will have a lifelong affect on the child. A lot of karma is passed onto the child at birth and the energy will create the patterns, methods of self nourishment, and rhythms that the child will endure. Cancer in a way is all about rhythm, patterns, and the seeking of nourishment through security and happiness. Because the sign is in constant contact with the astral planes, this gives this sign great strength with a strong self defense coping mechanism. For this instance, the crab paints the image of being on guard ready to defend itself with strong pinchers and a strong outer shell. the physical presence is defending a more vulnerable and sensitive inward being.

The exoteric ruler for Cancer is the Moon, and the Moon is psychic receptiveness. This deals with the past as all memories, experiences, and unresolved emotions from all previous lives are stored in the subconscious. Alot of the Cancerian’s karma is there, so when dealing with this sign, there’s always gonna be emotion applied. This is a very watery and emotional and often they have a lot of emotional karma that is seeking to be cleansed out. Exoterically we have mass psychic sensitivity and reaction within the first level of this sign. Cancers are always psychically sensitive to the environment, to people’s moods, to energies all around them so they can be swayed and swirled in the mass of emotions and energies. At the first level there is strength in compassion and the ability to empathize. There can be karmic difficulty pertaining to home, one’s emotions, subconscious, and ability to find nourishment and security. One is to travel the path of emotional development by learning how to nourish itself and others. There is an unawareness of the self as the individual is usually identified with its karmic background, tribe, ethnicity, and family. This sign can have the tendency to replay over karmic patterns and situations that haven’t been solved in the pass. So it is in its own little world of illusion. Self preservation creates unhealthy behaviors to attachment and to hoard and possess. The Cancer is responsive and influenced by the phases and energy of the Moon leading to constant changed of mood.

Esoterically Cancer is ruled by Neptune the God of the waters. Neptune the ruler of the astral planes and the essence giving life to all living things. Esoterically what luna has to learn to do is to control the waters and control the astral body. The crab must come out of its shell and become separate from itself and body. The soul (astral body) is looking to come out of body where it can do most of its work. The person with this energy must realize the soul is its own safe heaven and home. The illusion of the physical body is becoming separate from the spiritual essence. The crab is gaining the strength to come out of the ocean and explore land. The land would be the earth’s astral planes, and this sign is at the beginning of soul development. Karkata takes on the path of creative self expression and is beginning to express the nourishing aspect of its motherly nature. In an ocean of darkness, these sensitive souls become a light house beacon to show the way to others who are blinded to the spirit realm. Cancer takes on the responsibility and an intelligent guiding view of the world. One must learn at this level to anchor its awareness to that Earth and its astral planes. The fourth sign is required at this level to have built a great spiritual foundation so it can creatively begin to care and protect the world and its inhabitants. The water dominant must look past the physical reality into the world and realm of the soul. The intuition that is not anything like sight eventually leads to soul development and forward progress. In order for any progress is made at this level the astral body must be built so that dreams become active so astral projection can take place. Consciousness must be built and cultivated at the subtle awareness of the soul by a profound spiritual practice. This is done so that the energetic centers are fulfilled and activated gifting the range of astral sight and power. Limitless compassion and a tremendous reserve of astral awareness makes Cancer one of the most beneficial and mystical of all planets. There is two levels ruled by Neptune with the sign of Cancer instilling the difficulty of achieving the Christic state that the sign offers. Cancer in its most advanced form creates and destroys forms and structures within the astral planes as advanced astral work for protection and manipulation for the greater part of society. Advanced magic makes Cancer the universal guardian and the light of the world.

On the internet if you read information on Cancer. It will describe the sign as sensitive, defensive, and on guard.

Do you agree that Cancer is overly emotional and too sensitive?

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