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Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

Updated on January 29, 2011

I'll just start off with a large dose of honesty and say that the love match between a Cancer man and Aquarius woman is not likely to flourish unless there are some very, very favorable astrological aspects in their respective birth charts. These two are like oil and water and there will be distinct issues and differences from the very start. I'm not saying they can't have a successful romance, I'm just saying they will literally need some help from above in order to pull it off. To learn more about the astrological love match between a Cancer male and Aquarius female, please continue reading!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Cancer Man

Cancer man is sweet, giving and nurturing. He's also very needy. Aquarius woman will adore his affectionate nature at times, but she will quickly begin to feel smothered when he decides she's definitely the one for him. She will perceive his possessiveness as an attempt to hamper her freedom, and Aquarius woman is too naturally aloof for such things. It's not that she doesn't adore him in return, it's just that she needs space and when he clings to her like a koala, she feels suffocated and annoyed. For the most part, Aquarius woman is pretty tolerant, but she needs a man who doesn't make her feel as though they must be attached at the hip in order to be happy. If Cancer man wants to be with Aquarius woman for more than a short fling, he will need to learn to allow her some breathing room and lighten up on the possessiveness.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman likes romance as much as the next girl, but she's not the overly-passionate sort and she will not display the level of affection and commitment a Cancer man wants and needs. This doesn't mean she's not fully committed, it just means she demonstrates her commitment in a way that doesn't quite seem like it's enough for Cancer man. This will bring out Cancer's moodiness, which will annoy Aquarius to no end. She doesn't want to feel like she's with a temperamental child who stomps his feet when he doesn't get all of her attention, and that's precisely how she'll view Cancer man's behavior. What's more, Aquarius woman rarely falls deeply in love quickly enough to give her reason to make an exception for these temper tantrums. It takes her some time before she falls truly, madly and deeply in love with someone, and if Cancer man wants to reach that stage with Aquarius woman, he'll need to control the foot-stomping urges long enough for her to see he's worth falling deeply in love with.


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