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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse: Transformation Eliciting a Star Is Born

Updated on July 13, 2018
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a passionate astrologer and numerologist, who continues to study and expand her knowledge of astrology with the purpose of educating others.

The month of July marks a time of phenomenal shifts and change across the globe, as it depicts eclipse season. Depending on how you perceive the upheaval of events taking place on the planet, you are paving the way for the activation of something delightfully new to transpire, with the progression of a new life to be born.

Eclipses are the most powerful transits ever experienced, shifting your main focus dramatically. Not to be feared, they emphasis intense transformation, revealing hidden aspects of self and or situations that are detrimental to growth and evolution… As one door closes, another opens. The first of three consecutive eclipses, (we normally only experience two) will take place on July 12th– 13thbeginning with the Cancer New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees. As the Lunar Nodes occupy the signs of Leo/Aquarius and are preparing to change signs, we are experiencing a precursor eclipse, depicting what’s to come over the next two years, as Cancer/Capricorn dominates the eclipses until mid-2020. Let’s take a look at the synergy working between astrology and numerology.

The eclipse at 20 degrees is divided into two single digits. The 2 represents two individuals or elements coming together in unity, the zero being the divine higher purpose of the two creating balance. The number two is the partnership or the strong bond created between the 2… relationships of all walks of life are under the microscope at this time. why? The sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon) governs your home, family, genetic origin, intimacy, love felt and reciprocated, balance and the feelings created with home life... do you feel home as warm, safe, peaceful and protected or cold, dysfunctional and destructive? The feelings surrounding the home, sentimentality, nostalgically and emotionally have been triggered by the Cancer New Moon, expressing release, cleansing, and healing. The universal date of this eclipse falls on the 13th, this number critiques the Moon’s energy and its 13 cycles on the earth. The 13, like the 2 is the representation of the Moon, Motherhood and the feminine energies that reside in all living souls no matter your gender. Your emotions will be expressed with sensitivity and vulnerability, as you build strong boundaries for yourself, creating a space of deep caring, nurturing and healing for your inner child-no matter the circumstances surrounding your upbringing, learned behaviors or environment, it’s the beginning of change and evolution.

Lunation cycles generally look at the sign the moon is occupying, however, the signs are always depicted in two’s, this being Cancer/Capricorn. While Cancer governs your private life, Capricorn signifies your public life and mission in the world, it’s how you perceive yourself, along with others perception of you in the public eye. Whether you were born with the qualities of leadership or follow-ship, all life missions lead to great importance, creating unity and balance.

At the time of the new moon eclipse, the Sun and Moon are coupled together in Cancer (nurturing) opposing Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn. Everything that hasn’t worked in your life to date is being removed from you, allowing your truest, brightest unique parts to remain in illumination. These events are essential now, the chaos is divinely ordered as part of your transformation and growth, remembering nothing that is truly yours, is ever taken from you. Pluto’s message is one of purging, confronting the inappropriate structures formed with family or alliances creating a feeling of belonging. We all desire to connect with our own tribe, it’s the connections and lessons learned along the journey of life, that assists with inner connection and growth. Your true potential resides within, it never abandoned you even through trials, tribulations, and hardship. Choose to consciously recognize, interpret and overt unhealthy patterns and unprocessed wounds by honoring the connection with yourself and others in a healthy fashion.

As with the serious side of Capricorn highlighted, we are presented the balance of happiness with a six-pointed star in the heavens. The almost Star of David is the truest of blessings… “a Star is Born’. Its composition is made of two grand harmonious trines between water and earth. These elements play extremely well together, as water is the dreamer and the flow of life and earth is the manifestation of those dreams into tangible form. Water is boundary-less, while Earth implements the placement of strong boundaries. The grand water trine between the Sun/Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) and Neptune in Pisces, emphasizes a ‘leg up’ universally! Everything you need is here now, the Sun/Moon linked into Jupiter and Neptune touches everywhere and is ever expanding-you are showered with gifts, wealth, abundance, knowledge and spiritual growth, this is a remarkably happy event gifted to us during the eclipsed energy. You are being eclipsed, as something(s) or someone(s) leave your life-something(s) better is replaced, depicting transformation. Water is receptive, gentle, sensitive, intuitive and emotional, like the Moon’s energy, its vulnerability allows your needs to be spoken and heard, however, asks you to reciprocate by listening to others without the need to respond. Accept and receive help when it is offered, allowing for self-care. Intuition and trust are of great importance, the right people, family members or your tribe will respect your need to be heard and reciprocate with kindness, love, compassion and caring. This is an interdependent and supportive energy, not one to be taken for granted.

The grand harmonious earth trine is composed of Saturn in Capricorn (ruler of this sign), Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. These celestial bodies in formation emphasis your destiny awaits you… the earth trine will have you getting down to business, recalibrating you to connect with your career and life purpose. Saturn influences you to build new structures and foundations, however, his energy is endurance, slow, steady and diligent. Uranus, being the disruptor of structures, is in harmonious alignment with Saturn as they consciously work together, implementing breakthroughs. The benefic Venus (Goddess of love, value, and abundance) encourages you to engage with your true values. As you do, creative and inventive ideas and projects will flow abundantly, as the grand earth trine supports financial stability.

With so much celestial energetic activation, feeling frazzled is quite normal. Be aware, frustration and anger can arise with the Mars (retrograde) in Aquarius, square (challenge) to Mercury in Leo. Patience is required with this aspect, Mars’s shadow side is physical rage, he literally fuels and burns without a care, especially as he detests confinement being internalised in Aquarius!! Be careful if tempers flare, not to use your words as weapons upon loved ones. Breathe and think before you communicate, the repercussions are not worth eliciting hurt upon yourself or another. Take some time out of the busyness, be present without the distraction of devices or computers and chillax.

This Cancer New Moon Eclipse is leading you home to yourself… Divine intervention has been elicited… Don’t compromise yourself or life mission and practice listening to your intuition (moon), as it guides you through the next two years of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses. This energy will be around for some time to come.


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