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Cancer Yearly Forecast for 2018

Updated on February 15, 2018

Times change and so do the circumstances that you are in. Similarly, every year comes with new beginnings and opportunities in the sphere of love, career and health. One of the distinctive qualities of the cancer sign is that it has strong instincts. Sometimes it feels as if they already know about things that are going to happen in the near future. However, it is always better to confirm and double check instead of making big decisions on the basis of hunch or instincts.

Everyone loves to read their horoscope at least once in a month even if you are not an astronomy fanatic or believer. Coming from a reliable source, they can really help you avert some untoward events. It is always good to know what is better for you and how you can protect yourself from potential risks and dangers.

Similar to the personality of cancerians, 2018 predictions for them are also complex. Common personality traits of cancer people include artistic attitude, fluctuating emotions and caring nature. At times they can be easily anxious and materialistic. These traits including good ones and bad ones can be used to make their upcoming year better. People born under the star sign Cancer are hard workers, affectionate towards others, have an empathetic nature, are family oriented and romantic.

Relationship Forecast 2018

In 2018, your relationship can come either to a bitter end or it can blossom and become the best thing of your life. This solely depends on the choices you make throughout the year. It is advisable to pay attention and listen carefully to your significant other’s feelings. Also make sure that you speak about your feelings as well.

If you want to make your relationship successful, make sure you communicate with your partner efficiently. This is because communication is the key element when it comes to relationships for cancerians. Also engage in new activities as a couple as it will give new perspective to your relationship. This year is excellent for sexual activity.

If you are a single cancerian then this year is perfect for finding your significant other or life partner. To find your ideal partner you will have to step outside of your comfort zone. Try to find a person with similar likes and passion.

Your horoscope predicts significant changes in your social circle and family in 2018. There can be some complications with your family and friends but it’s nothing that cannot be handled with patience.

Career Forecast 2018

Predictions for cancer 2018 warn that this year there will be increased workload. It might seem like you have too much to do this year but you can easily deal with this increased work if you utilize your management skills properly. In order to be successful, take initiatives for new projects and do not just sit back.

At times, you may feel confused so it is better to get advice from your boss or coworkers about the problems you are facing. They will be able to guide you from experience especially about your career. They can also help you in increasing knowledge about your job which will help you in becoming a desirable employee.



Take out time for hobbies, things that you are passionate about and love to do. Also take out time for people around you, whether they are your family or friends especially whose company you enjoy most. At the very start of the New Year you will not want to attend to serious and mundane issues. In fact, you will want to spend time relaxing, surrounded by a stress-free environment. You will get along with primary relations nicely and will feel a strong connection with them. Moreover, your relationship with your family will get stronger and you will begin to enjoy their company, even if you didn’t before.


Similar to Taureans you may also have some issues with your family but for very different reasons. In the first part of February, things may look perfect for you as you exercise tact and patience. Knowledge of your relatives’ and friends’ difficulties may upset you a lot. Before going to help them, it is preferable to meditate so that you can give them best advice. These kinds of problems take time before they are resolved, so you need to be patient as it may take time.

Exciting news for you, it is perfect time for you to find your soul mate or life partner. You sre likely to find the perfect partner to spend your life with. If you are already married or committed then your significant other will have success in career or have improved finances. Moreover, with the help of work associates you may turn opportunities into monetary gains for business. There are great chances of success and advancement in work life. You have to be careful as there are also chances of minor disappointments when it comes to monetary area.


March 2018 horoscope predictions for cancer show movement in the universe, so it is the right time to start planning for your family. Initially your decision may not seem very wise or appropriate. Later your decision will most likely be supported by the universe and your family will be satisfied with the decision you made. In your family or friends someone may need your help in this month. Since they have been supporting you in the past, now it is your turn to come to their aide. You will be happy and gain personal satisfaction out of it. You should spend more time meditating so that you can get your dream job. This month you need to fully support and stand by your decisions even if someone criticizes them. You’ll be glad you did that in the long run.


April is the perfect time for you to invest your money, especially if you are a gambler. It does not refer to spending your money on your loved ones. But this means it is the right time to invest money in stock exchange market or purchase lottery tickets. Signs look good for winning a lottery or having success in the stock business. You may have faced failure in these departments before but that does not mean you will never be successful. As this monetary gain will come easily, do not be foolish in spending it recklesslessly. You will need this money later.


Horoscope of this month foretells that worldly success and career issues will take the centre stage. Planetary concentration is in the north section; nevertheless there will be some change in your attitude at the workplace but colleagues and professionals will become more manageable as the month progresses. In this month you will be able to maintain perfect balance between others’ interests and your own personal gains. Social skills will play an important role in personal and financial growth. You are also likely to get a lot of advice from your family, friends and colleagues but follow your own instinct to achieve your goals. In this month your main interest will be your career, professional life, friendships, entertainment and creativity.


June is going to be relatively a slow month for cancerians. However, you must deal with money and other financial matters with extreme care as there is a chance of loss. You can also face minor setbacks regarding your financial status but it will not affect your overall financial stability. You will be presented with chances to win money. You can also make your life more blissful by donating a part of your money to charity. Being near your family, friends and loved ones will bring down your stress levels and help you feel relaxed.


Your birthday month is here, so firstly Happy Birthday. This month you will feel that you have selected the right path and you will work on fresh and innovative plans to face new challenges and opportunities. Try to make the most out of these opportunities provided to you and do not fool around and let them pass. After a lot of hard work and struggle, later this month, you might find yourself being stubborn or anxious and in need of some relxation. So try to be more open and flexible and try not to get caught up in work only. Take time out for yourself and your loved ones.



August brings with it a heightened sense of security for your loved ones, especially your children. It is also the right time to plan children in case you have been thinking on those lines lately. You will also see yourself practicing self-control and discipline. You need to learn to appreciate and love the sensitive and caring side of your personality as your relationships will benefit from it. This month you will get a chance to make lifelong relationships so be open-minded. Try to use creative ways to express yourself.


Expect your social life to be more active. Do not shy away from it because your success is dependent on the people around you. There is a chance that you may lose your individual identity and voice. Other people may dictate your actions and opinions. This is an inherent Cancer quality; they can easily lose their capability to take decisions and hand over this responsibility to others. However, it is preferable not to consider everyone’s opinions before making a decision as it can be very difficult to decide which opinion you should follow. Your indecisive nature can play a huge role in limiting your progress. Your main concerned this month will revolve around family, household, traveling, health and career.


In the month of October, you will face some delays regarding financial matters. Your organization will go through major structural changes and you will find yourself right in the middle of those changes. Do not boast about your success and remain clam to keep progressing. For cancerians October will be a month of good social interactions and you will spend a lot of time with your loved ones. You will have a good romantic love life this month. Cancerians with children might have some problems in their relation with kids but it’d be nothing you cannot deal with.


As a Cancer person, you tend to take some situations very seriously so it’s time to let go of this habit. Try not to think about situations you recently considered very important as they are not as significant. Try to remain patient and calm; the universe is in your favor and will provide you things that are truly yours. Apparently a loved one will have a great influence on your decisions. Expect a very important gift from a loved one. Take it humbly and treasure it.


The month of December will bring a lot of wonderful things for you. You will find successful partnerships, new opportunities and a lot of celebration. Your dreams will most likely become your reality. However, you need to remain patient and humble in this period of success and celebration. This is because there is a chance that you may face betrayal at the hands of a loved one or a family member, which will be difficult to deal with.

Overall the year of 2018 is looking full of new opportunities and success in your professional life. There is a chance of a few setbacks but they will not affect your finances overall. So, it is better to remain patient during these times because time never remains the same. These bad times will also pass. For your family and love life, it will remain good throughout the year. You will get support from your family in case of any problem whether it is emotional support or financial support. So it is advisable to keep yourself surrounded with your family, friends and loved ones. During the year 2018, your loved ones may need some financial assistance; be sure to provide them if you are stable.

For a more detailed horoscope of cancer for 2018 year you can watch the following video:


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