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Capricorn Forecast 2020

Updated on April 6, 2020

If we call Capricorn as the “finest planner” in the whole horoscope family, then it won’t be wrong. Capricorns have vibrant energy and set definite future goals.

Let’s dig deeper into the zodiac sign of Capricorn and specifically what it holds for the year 2020.

In Reference To Stars

The Capricorn cycle starts from 22 December and goes till 19 January. This zodiac sign stands on the 10th number among the 12 signs and is referred to as the Sun zodiac sign. However, the elements of the Capricorn sign fall under the “earth” category. The energy of the sign Capricorn is significant as several planets keep transiting through it during the whole year putting its “earthy” energy into action.

Identity of a Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by “Mountain Goat” which is a symbol of ambition and determinism. Just as a mountain goat, a Capricorn sets the vision over the most giant goals and lofty outcomes and then works over it in the most persistent manner. Capricorns can easily work out a plan to reach the top of something and then the grit and resilience of Capricorn take them there. Adopting for a route that is not taken by everyone, they aim for high and have the courage to achieve it. They are mostly planning agents, leaders and idea people who drive huge projects.

The “Earth” Element

Capricorn falls under the element “earth” in the zodiac family along with two other signs of Virgo and Taurus. Since Capricorns are on the third number, they combine the energy of both Taurus and Virgo. When the planning skills of Virgo are combined with the concrete foundations of Taurus, the resulting Capricorn sign becomes the best fit for dominating the world through its leadership prowess. Therefore, you are definitely going to find Capricorns leading a business, being a CEO of an enterprise or directing a film obsessively but you won’t find them sitting idle.

Prominent Traits

The most prominent traits seen in Capricorns are loyalty, courage, honesty, structure, family-orientation, and devotion. Since Capricorns are extremely structured and hardworking, it can sometimes become their downfall. Capricorns can get very serious and calculated which makes them cold and negative towards the world. Capricorns can have a burdened energy over their sign as they repress much under their stoicism.

Ruling Planet of Saturn

Capricorn is ruled by the planet of Saturn which is authoritative and stern. As Greek mythology goes, “Coronus” is the other name of Saturn which is undoubtedly the “father time”. Therefore the Capricorns can be termed as “daddy” sign in the family of zodiacs. They want their command and desire to be respected to satisfy their “paternal” urge. Moreover, Saturn is known for its qualities of repression. Capricorns can hide some very serious secrets under their hard skin and you are not going to find them soon.

Cardinal Sign

Zodiac signs are basically classified into three categories called “triplicities” based on their qualities. These three groups are “fixed”, “mutable” and “cardinal”. Among the three, cardinals are the ones starting the seasons. Capricorn is the first sign of the winter season. Thus, they go on their own without following the footsteps of others. Cardinal signs are seen as trendsetters in anything they do. They like to deliver new ideas and bring originality to every situation. You are to see a Capricorn touch in everything they do. You can always count on a Capricorn to plan big events and getting the party to kick off.

What Are Capricorn People Like?

Capricorns are busy people! Working towards their career, spending time with the family, searching for new goals in life or competing for a prestigious position, they are always busy doing something. Capricorns mostly like to fit in the pleasure aspect along with their work so they have strong bonds with their work friends and can get close to people from work. They are good with the team projets but mostly like to lead them. Capricorns are considered “the popular” among all the zodiac signs so they work towards achieving a high status in life. Friends that can add to their status are considered valuable to Capricorns. Capricorns set their eyes on a prize and then start working to achieve it steadily.

Since Capricorns are so passionate and focussed, they tend to ignore other important things while on a track. They can aim too high for themselves and if they fail to achieve it, they are disappointed. Their eyes are set for the highest position so they do not appreciate the smaller things in life which can bring them happiness along the way.

Just as hard as they work, they relax even harder. When a Capricorn slips into a relaxing mode, they are just immobile. They can spend a whole day laying on a couch and do nothing. Capricorns are perfect examples of work hard and party harder!

Capricorns need to be more flexible in life to enjoy the small pleasures of the world. If you know a Capricorn, remind them to be happy about the small joys and blessings and celebrate little things in a long way. For all the Capricorns out there, listen to your heart every once in a while.

What Does 2020 Have for Capricorns?

2020 seems to be quite a good year for Capricorns with respect to all aspects of life. But let’s discuss major aspects in detail as how 2020 would influence Capricorn’s life.

Planetary Influences

Uranus will influence Capricorn in 2020 which means now is the right time to spice things up in life. This year will bring more enthusiasm and creativity in Capricorns so make sure to use all the energy in the right way.

Pluto will exhibit a retrograde motion for Capricorns from April 26 to October 5 which would be the time of internal transformations and change of belief system. Ideas of spirituality will have a significant role in Capricorn’s life during this phase. For the Capricorns who are already familiar with the spiritual beliefs, the phase can pass naturally but for those who are not, 2020 can have a rough patch of confusion and transformation for them. But it would all boil down to choosing a path that would make Capricorns in harmony with their souls.

Overall, the Capricorns need to have full faith and confidence in themselves for the year 2020 and need to filter the information that comes their way.

Capricorn Love Life in 2020

According to the predictions for 2020, Capricorns are going to see some transformational changes in their relationships. But, all that is very normal and natural. The love life of Capricorns would take some twists and turns so it is important to hold on to the important people in life for gaining stability and anchoring. Capricorns also need to prioritize their time for the existing friendships in their life and don’t worry too much if relationships don’t go the way Capricorns planned them to be.

2020 also represents a struggle of Capricorns to find the balance between the love life and career or family and work. Capricorns might also have a feeling of unloving from the loved ones till the middle of the spring season. But during spring, the communications will start to improve between Capricorns and their love interests and they will enjoy very fulfilling and healthy relationships. By summer, Capricorns can enter into very spontaneous relationships which could make them do serious evaluations regarding their love life later on.

Overall in 2020, the love life of Capricorns can become their center of attention in life and it is the right time to commit for bigger things in love. If Capricorns are in a relationship, it is safe to commit for long term with their partner, move in with each other, get engaged or even married. For the married Capricorns, it is good to plan a family and welcome a baby in the home. If a Capricorn is looking to make a relationship with someone, it might prove beneficial for them to consider someone in a friend circle since Capricorns can find more common things in friends than in strangers. Capricorns will need to make sure what their partners need and what they need for themselves for a successful relationship.

Finance and Career in 2020

Regarding work and career, Capricorns are not expected to see the most boost but the chances of a setback financially are also very less. The end of 2020 would mark a favorable change where energies would be on the side of Capricorns. It is advisable that Capricorns make good decisions in this phase and take advantage of events moving in their favor.

Capricorns might try to pull out from their existing group or associations in order to advance their career goals by the mid-summer but the need for structure and security would bring them back at the beginning of fall.

Work relationships of Capricorns would change a bit but management skills, authority, leadership, and organization would play a role for Capricorn to maintain a good working environment.

The finances of Capricorns would seem irregular in the year 2020 and most of the Capricorn people would feel the need to change their workplaces. Capricorns would realize that money in 2020 would come from the already existing sources including longstanding working relationships or the same working space. However, it is possible that outside people try to interfere in the financial transactions for the Capricorns. Opportunities for investments would present themselves for Capricorns and it would prove best for them to increase assets if they make the right financial decisions at the right time.

The health of Capricorn 2020

As we already mentioned, Capricorns will face a hard time managing between work and family life in 2020 so this year can get tiring for them. There might be times where a Capricorn can feel so burned out that they would want to leave things unfinished but Capricorns need to stay strong through this phase as things will eventually fall into place. The valuable health lesson for Capricorns in 2020 is putting your mental and physical well-being before other things in life. It would be best if Capricorns take some of their work or career energy and put it into practice healthy regimes. The better health-related behaviors can save Capricorns from draining all of their energy towards the end of 2020.

Overview of the Whole Year

Overall, 2020 is the best year for Capricorns to improve every aspect of their life, be it social, financial, spiritual, personal or even romantic. The opportunities for change and transformation would be available to Capricorns and they can make the best out of it if Capricorns make use of them wisely. Nothing would be far if you keep going persistently.

Famous Capricorn Celebrities

If you are wondering what famous celebrities share your zodiac sign of Capricorn, we will present you with their names. You can have a lot in common with them like common traits, behaviors or habits since they have the same sign as you. Take inspiration from your fellow zodiac people and remember, you can also achieve great just like them. Some famous celebrities with Capricorn as their zodiac sign are

Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Kate Middleton, Zayn Malik, Michelle Obama, Denzel Washington, Meghan Trainor, Nicolas Cage, LeBron James, Lewis Hamilton, Elvis Presley, Gabby Douglas, Liam Hemsworth, Pitbull, Cody Simpson, Ellie Goulding, Jared Leto, Betty White, Howard Stern, Psy, Millard Fillmore, Calvin Harris, Andrew Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Woodrow Wilson, Nicolas Sparks, David Sedaris, J.D. Salinger, Edgar Allen Poe, J.R.R. Tolkien, Kate Spade, Diane von Fürstenburg, Alexander Wang, and Christian Louboutin.

2020 can be a total page-turner in the life of Capricorns as so much is happening in their life that they cannot go through the whole of 2020 by flying under the radar. Capricorns will have a lot on their plate which can cause confusion as well. Therefore it is advisable for Capricorns to accept the change and transformations and make sure to make sound decisions in every aspect. We wish you good luck for 2020!


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