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2016 Yearly Horoscope: Capricorn

Updated on December 31, 2015

A Good Year for Capricorn in 2016 --Weather All the Storms

More Peace

Good news for Capricorns this coming New Year! In 2016 Capricorns will feel more peace than they did in the year previous which was 2015. The calm state of peace is exactly what is necessary to prepare your field, sort out your thoughts and spread positive seeds which is the path to success in 2016 and the years that follow.

More Accomplishments

It is a good idea to make attempts to accomplish more than you normally do this year, Capricorns. Even if you stick to your usual mode of doing things, you will have a tendency to strangely accomplish more this year than any other year of your life. Slow and steady wins the race for Capricorns in 2015. Nothing earth shaking or flashy, however you will notice that this year you will accomplish much more than you ever had.

Live in the Moment

2016 is not going to be all about prestige or money. Rather, you will most likely be more aware of your surroundings and feel deeply about everyone you love and everything surrounding you. Officially, your year starts on the twenty-first of December in 2015 with Venus in sexy, secretive Scorpio and with a sensuous moon in Taurus. You know what that means- relax but pay attention. Love this will be felt inwardly but never expressed outwardly. All year long in 2015 little hints and gestures will be all important.

Four Retrogrades

In 2016 four Mercury retrogrades are going to occur. These will be first in January for Capricorn and the rest at the start of 2017. Because of your skills of organization, you will simply be able to power through all of this. Basically the year finishes off as wonderfully as it had began.

Property and Family

With the property you own or life with the family, there may be moments of doubt. All your experienced tension is connected to increased necessities of change and knowing Capricorns, you will do all that is needed to get to the top and find your way. Any difficult paths this year may bring fright and fear but you will still successfully be able to overcome every type of stress and byway that comes you way. Keep in mind that August is going to be generous financially, you can count on it. You will get an increase in income and all your investments will give you the financial advantage you have been seeking for years.

The Story of January

So you think you were born in the first month of the year, right? And that the first day of your birth month is also the first day of the year? Sure? Well once upon a time, it wasn't so. In fact, once upon a time, there was no January at all. In the ancient Roman calendar there were ten months in the year, ending with December ("decem" is Latin for "ten"), then a winter break until New Year's March 1! When two more months were added to the calendar in the 7th century B.C., one of them was named in honor of Janus, the god of doorways. He was usually represented as having two faces, one looking to the future and one looking to the past. (Som clears paths and guards gateways and is also named for this god a janitor.) As the god of doorways, Janus was also the god of all beginnings so the month named for him seemed a natural for the n New Year's Day. In 153 B.C., New Years moved to January 1. But people don't always take to newfangled ideas easily. In spite of the king's ruling, the Roman people continued to celebrate the New Year in March. Julius Caesar tried again in 45 B.C. It didn't stick. New Year's continued to flip back and forth between January and March, sometimes even celebrated in December or February, for quite some time. For a few centuries, Christmas Day was the beginning of the New Year. Starting in the 13th century, the French celebrated New Year's on Easter. In England, Ireland and the American colonies, New Year's Day was celebrated on March 25 until 1752. How's that for being a slow learner? Practices such as drinking a toast at mid- night, ringing in the New Year visiting friends, and exchanging gifts have been part of New Year's celebrations for centuries, but there are a few customs that are purely American.

Who Else Are Capricorns?

Born in the month of January, W. Somerset Maugham-Author, dramatist; among his most enduring works are Of Human Bondage, The Moon and Sir. pence, based on the life of the artist Paul Gauguin, and The Razor's Edge. Born in Paris, France in this month, Dean Jones-Actor; he has appeared in numerous motion pictures, including That Darn Cat, The Love Bug, and The Shaggy D.A.

Born in Morgan County, Alabama in January, A Vermonter, Eliakim Spooner, receives the first patent awarded for a seed-planting device in this country. January 25, 1959 The first jet service from the East Coast to the West commences today on American Airlines, on Boeing 707s that fly from New York City to Los Angeles, California. January 25, 1759 Robert Burns-Poet, songwriter; among his many poems and hundreds of songs, he wrote "John Anderson, My Jo," "Red, Red Rose," "Auld Lang Syne," and "Comin' thro the Rye," and is considered Scotland's national poet. Born in Alloway, Scotland January 25, 1952 General Motors offers its new car head- light, the "Autronic-Eye," to the American public today. It's the first headlight to switch from dim to bright automatically, sensing the approach and passing of oncoming traffic. January 25, 1823 Dan Rice-Clown; although he had an act with a trained pig, he was known as "the Shakespeare Clown." Enormously popular in his time, he gave $32,000 to President Lincoln for the care of wounded soldiers and their dependents.

Born in New York, New York also in the month of January, Hank Greenberg is named to baseball's Hall of Fame today. The former first base- man and outfielder for the Detroit Tigers is the first Jewish player so honored January 25, 1786 Gouverneur Kemble-Manufacturer; after studying the methods of European armament manufacturers, he established a foundry where the first successfully cast canons in the U.S. were produced.

Born in Cold Spring, New York.

Also in January,"Mr. Watson, come here, I want you." With those words, Alexander Graham Bell completes the first transcontinental telephone demonstration, phoning Thomas A Watson in San Francisco, California, from the American Telephone and Telegraph Company in New York City. Service to the public will be offered later in the year, at a cost of $20.70 for the first three minutes and $6.75 for each minute after that. January 25, 1929 Benny Goldson-Jazz musician, band- leader; he is a favorite tenor saxophonist. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. January 25, 1897 Edwin Votey applies for a patent today for his invention, a pneumatic piano player called the "Pianola." The device is actually bigger than the piano to which it's attached, but he'll receive a patent anyway. January 25, 1783 William Colgate-Manufacturer; he founded the firm that became Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Born in Hollingbourne, England in January Boxing champ Mike Tyson breaks Rocky Marciano's record of 16 consecutive knock- outs when he scores his 17th, against Mike Jameson. January 25, 1972 President Richard Nixon's plan to end the conflict in Vietnam with an eight-point peace proposal is revealed to the public. Among other items, it promises to withdraw from Vietnam completely on return of all U.S. prisoners of war January 25, 1803 Citizens of Salisbury, Connecticut are enjoying the first free public library ever to be supported by taxes. January 25, 1287 Widespread economic hardship drives Daniel Shays, a Massachusetts farmer and Revolutionary War veteran, to band together with 1,200 men and storm the Continental Arsenal at Springfield, Massachusetts. State militia will reclaim the building, but the effects of Shay's Rebellion are felt in the discussions at the Constitutional Convention, which will be held later in the year.

Also in January, the enterprising Gustavus Dows, from Lowell, Massachusetts, receives a patent day for his ornamented soda fountain design model The marble creation will become the for thousands of soda fountains across t country and lead to that unique occupation soda jerk. January 25, 1715 Thomas Walker Physician, explorer trader, while exploring a land grant given to him by Virginia, he kept a journal that is the earliest written record of travels into Kentucky. It includes his discovery of the Cumberland Gap, which became one of the favorite routes of early western settlers. He was also for a time the guardian of the young Thomas Jefferson.

Born in Virginia in January, Congressman-elect Brigham Roberts of Utah comes under fire in the House of Representatives because of his atypical family relations. Roberts, a Mormon, has embraced polygamy and three wives, and his peers decide to bar him from taking his seat in the House January 25, 1919 The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presents the first Emmy awards in Los Angeles, California. Holly- wood station KTLA, just two years old, walks off with several prizes.

It was also in January that Joseph Lagrange-Mathematician astronomer had many accomplishments as he wrote extensively on celestial mechanical calculus, and is regarded by algebra many as the greatest mathematician of the 18th century. Turin, Italy.

In this very month, Mildred Dunnock- Actress, she frequently portrayed motherly types in movies and received an Oscar nomination for her. performance in Death of a Salesman, in which she also appeared on Broadway.

It was also in this month that Grand Rapids begins adding one part of a fluoride ion to each million parts of water run through its treatment plants. It's the first community in the U.S. to fluoridate the public water supply. January 25, 1627 Robert Boyle-Physicist, chemist; he was a forerunner of and a great influence on the modern scientist, for his belief in the experimental method of discovery. His own re- search ranged from atoms to electricity to air pressure, and he was the first to isolate and collect a gas. He was a member of the group that became Britain's prestigious Royal Society.

Born in Lismore, Ireland on the first month of the year, one of the more memorable events of the 1988 presidential campaign occurs on television tonight, as CBS anchor Dan Rather takes on Vice President George Bush. Dan questions George about the Iranlcontra affair, and George, enraged, reminds Dan of one of his own gaffes. The American public gives it a split decision. January 25, 1%9 Israelis go to the polls for the first time. They elect the Mapai party of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, giving them over a third of the seats in the Knesset. Even the Communists make a showing, netting four seats. January 25, 1917 Ilya Prigogine Chemist; for his re- search into thermodynamics he was awarded the 1977 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Born in Moscow, Russia. January 25, 1828 Ernst Frederik Alexanderson-Engineer, inventor; he was granted over 320 U.S. patents for improvements to a great variety of communications inventions, including radio, television, and color television. Born in Uppsala, Sweden. January 25, 1924 Lou Groza-Football player; he played his entire 21-year career with the Cleveland Browns. He earned the nickname "The Toe" through his place-kicking, scoring a career 1,843 points. Hall of Famer, 1974. Born in Martins Ferry, Ohio. January 25, 1907 Suffragist and reformer Julia Ward Howe, author of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," becomes the first woman elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters. January 25, 185 Mary Shaw-Actress; she was one of the first to introduce American audiences to the works of George Bernard Shaw and Henrik Ibsen.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts. January 25, 1924 Chamoix, France, is the site of the first Winter Olympics, which begins today. The U.S. comes away with one gold medal January 25, 1890 Journalist Elizabeth Cochrane returns to New York City today after a tour around the world that's lasted 72 days. Better known under her pen name, Nellie Bly, she becomes the first woman in the U.S. known to have traveled around the world alone.


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    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Scandinavia

      I hooe she will enjoy it.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      One of my favorite people is a Capricorn so I read this with interest. I will send it to her as well.

    • CrisSp profile image


      2 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      This grab my attention as I am a "cappy". Interesting read indeed!


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