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Celtic Ogham Astrology - Tree Signs

Updated on October 31, 2012

The Celts had Astrology?

Yes, they most certainly did. I know it’s hard to believe that there are astrologies other than that of the Chinese and western zodiac signs.

A while back researchers started looking into the astrological theories of the Celts. Since the Celts passed on their traditions orally rather than writing them, there are few written records of anything other than the Ogham or Glyphs. According to these glyphs, the Celts and the Druid priest and priestesses used a thirteen month lunar based calendar. There is some debate about whether their new year began in midwinter or midsummer, after the solstices.

Celtic tree astrology is based on the idea that the time of our birth is important when it comes to the development of our personalities. It is believed that the Celts and Druids observed that a child born in a certain season developed certain qualities. The Celts and the Druids had a profound connection with trees, believing them to be the bearers of wisdom and to have certain human qualities. Much of Tolkien’s mythology of the Ents in Middle Earth appears to be based on this belief.


Birch – The Achiever

Dec 24 – Jan 20

If your sign is that of the Birch, you are most likely highly driven. You motivate others easily. You never settle; you always seek better horizons. Like the Birch tree, you are tolerant, tough and resilient. You are a natural born leader, exhibiting excellent leadership qualities when the situation calls for it. On a lighter note, you often bring beauty into an otherwise barren or bland space. You’re a witty charmer. Politics, History, Teaching and Sociology are subjects that suit you. The Birch is compatible with the Vine and the Willow.

By Eeno11 on Wikimediacommons
By Eeno11 on Wikimediacommons | Source

Rowan – The Thinker

Jan 21 – Feb 17

If your sign is that of the Rowan, you are likely a visionary. You are philosophical and have high ideals. You are original and creative. You tend to be aloof when interacting with others. Despite your cool exterior, you are burning inside with passion. Your passion makes you motivated. You are highly influential, without having to say much. Others often come to you for advice. Science, History, Writing and Philosophy are subjects that suit you. The Rowan is compatible with the Ivy and the Hawthorne.


Ash – The Enchanter

Feb 18 – Mar 17

If your sign is that of the Ash, you are most likely a free-thinker. You are imaginative, intuitive and a natural artist. Sometimes you can be moody and withdrawn. You are easily inspired by the world around you and your own experiences. You also inspire those around you. You tend to be immersed in your own world, causing others to think you’re introverted, shy or even antisocial. You rarely place any value on what other people think of you. Art, Writing, Theology and Music are subjects that suit you. The Ash is compatible with the Willow and the Reed.


Alder – The Trailblazer

Mar 18 – April 14

If your sign is that of the Alder, you are a natural born pathfinder. You blaze trails with a fiery passion and gain followers for your causes easily. You often take the road less travelled. You are charming and mingle easily with all different people. You are very personable, making new friends wherever you go. You come by confidence easily. You tend to be much focused when you are driven to do something. You can spot superficiality in people easily and dislike it immensely. You are motivated by action and sometimes find it hard to come by inspiration. But when you are inspired, look out! Your artistic skills combined with your confidence, ambition and focus are a super mixture. Art, Socializing, Gaming, Travel and Archeology are subjects that suit you. The Alder is compatible with the Hawthorne, the Oak and the Birch.

Photo by Mirko Macari on Flickr
Photo by Mirko Macari on Flickr | Source

Willow - The Observer

April 15 - May 12

If your sign is that of the Willow, you are mystically linked to the moon. You are creative and intelligent.Your intuition is spot on. You believe everything happens for a reason. You are very realistic about things and are very patient. Your keen memory is impressive. You are very perceptive. You are full of potential but often hold yourself back. The Willow is compatible with the Birch and the Ivy.


Hawthorne – The Illusionist

May 13 – June 9

If your sign is that of the Hawthorne, you’re never what you seem and first impressions are usually wrong. From the outside you seem to live an average life but on the inside you carry with you a passion and creativity to rival that of the Ash. You adapt easily to whatever life throws at you. You are easily contented and a comforting presence. You are a curious one. Your listening skills are phenomenal. You have a great sense of humor. You have the ability to see the bigger picture in life. Family, Literature, Art, Music and Psychology are subjects that suit you. The Hawthorne is compatible with the Ash and the Rowan.


Oak – the Stabilizer

June 10 – July 7

If your sign is that of the Oak, you most likely have the gift of strength. You are protective and you fight for the underdog. You are nurturing, gentle and generous. You are confident and tend to have a positive outlook on life. You love to impart your knowledge on others. You have a need for structure in your life. History, Teaching and Ancestry are subjects that suit you. The Oak is compatible with the Ash, the Reed and the Ivy.

By Susie B on
By Susie B on | Source

Holly – The Ruler

July 8 – August 4

If your sign is that of the Holly, you are most likely a noble soul and a powerful leader. You take on challenges easily and you overcome obstacles with great skill. You are vigilant when working toward your goals. You are competitive and ambitious. You sometimes seem arrogant but the truth is you’re just really confident in yourself. You have a soft side; you're often kind and generous, even affectionate. You are also highly intelligent and academics come to you easily. Politics, Science, Sports, Teaching and Business are subjects that suit you. The Holly is compatible with the Ash and the Elder.


Hazel – The Knower

Aug 5 – Sept 1

If your sign is that of the Hazel, you are most likely intelligent, efficient and organized. You are naturally gifted with academics. You have a great ability to retain information. You're always well informed. Jealous people may often think you a know-it-all. You have an eye for details and need order and control in your life. You tend to like rules, especially if you're the one making them. You have superb analytical skills. Mathematics, Science, Economics, Marketing and Business are subjects that suit you. The Hazel is compatible with the Hawthorne and the Rowan.

By dan on
By dan on | Source

Vine – The Equalizer

Sept 2 – Sept 29

If your sign is that of the Vine, you are most likely unpredictable. You are often indecisive, because you have the ability to see both sides of the coin. You are very empathetic. You have very distinctive tastes and are very refined. You like luxury. You are charming elegant and classy. You are poised and admirable. Food, Art, Music and Wine are subjects that suit you. The Vine is compatible with the Willow and the Hazel.


Ivy – The Survivor

Sept 30 – Oct 27

If your sign is that of the Ivy, you're most likely able to overcome all odds. You are an intellectual. You are compassionate and loyal to those you care about. You are giving and helpful. Life often can be difficult for you, which you find unfair. However you always persevere. You tend to be very spiritual and have strong faith. You are soft spoken, but witty. You are charming, charismatic and strong. Parenting, Religion or Spirituality, Literature and Writing are subjects that suit you. The Ivy is compatible with the Ash and the Oak.

By bulldogza on
By bulldogza on | Source

Reed – The Inquisitor

Oct 28 – Nov 24

If your sign is that of the Reed, you are most likely good at keeping secrets and finding the truth at the heart of things. You love a good story and are often take with gossip, scandals, and legends. You are a people person and you love to get people to talk to you. Sometimes you can be a bit manipulative in your need to be seen by others. However you are strong and honorable, so your scheming is nothing. History, Journalism, Archeology and Detective work are subjects that suit you. The Reed is compatible with the Ash, the Oak and other Reeds.


Elder – The Seeker

Nov 25 – Dec 23

If your sign is that of the Elder, you're most likely a lover of freedom. You can be a bit wilder than the other tree signs. You're often identified as a thrill seeker. You are often misjudged as an outsider; however you are quite the extrovert. You can be quite thoughtful and philosophical. You're helpful and considerate with others. But you do have a tendency to be brutally honest. Extreme sports, Travel, Philosophy, History and Adventure are subjects that suit you. The Elder is compatible with the Alder and the Holly.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My Tree Sign defines Ivy/ Survivor

      Amusing information provided for all thirteen tree signs. Definably following!

    • Skylar Spring profile imageAUTHOR

      Skylar Spring 

      7 years ago from New York

      @V Qisya... Thanks for reading and commenting :)

    • profile image

      V Qisya 

      7 years ago

      Awesome! I am Willow - The Observer! Very interesting, Skylar! Thanks for sharing ;D


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