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Certified Positive, Certified Life

Updated on October 5, 2016

Have you ever experienced the sensation of being paralyzed from the bulk of stuff that needs to be done?

Life can be busy; matters can sometimes become out of hand – in our families, relationships, schools, careers and/or finances. We tend to become too preoccupied and anxious with a lot of things (although as important) that we forget to attend to ourselves – our own personal spaces, our personal lives.

Let me share a little of my story:

As a college student, I experienced the depression and anxiety from loss of vision and passion. What was I still doing here? With nothing to cling on to, I encountered the Man¹ into whom I decided to free fall. I entrusted my life into His hands and trusted His will with the situation I was facing. I let Him battle my wars and struggled to be still, effortless. It was hard, but there are people who helped and supported me. To them I am really grateful.

Not only was I encouraged, but reading the Good Book² gave me a revelation of His plans for me. But I, honestly, wasn’t consistent at all! I guess it’s because it was never my personal culture to set a quiet moment for myself to read it. But let me impart to you one of the tools that helped me organize the new life I decided to take – Certified Positive Planner.

Daily Interact Certified Positive 2015
Daily Interact Certified Positive 2015

Certified Positive Planner is a fun, interactive and inspiring tool created by Daily Interact, which encourages its users to experience Jesus each moment of their lives, as their tagline states.

So, what is inside the pages of this planner?


The Gospel is the Good News. Written and explained in the first pages of Certified Positive Planner is the Gospel. This reminds us of the love that conquered death and the love that is willing to associate itself with sinners, although it is holy. It never fails to touch my heart.

Goal Setting

Something happens when you write, my psychologist said; it is a healthy exercise. Writing down our personal goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, etc. makes us want to do them more; it is a great way of encouraging ourselves to act on them. I’ve learned that my greatest enemy is myself, and motivating myself through writing actually turned her into my own friend. It made life more positive.


Testimonies are great ways of encouraging people through the lives others lived. At the same time, we are given a chance to have that “me-too!” moment when we find out that someone experienced the same situation we are in; that we are not alone. It gives us hope – if they can, then we also can.

Inside the pages of this planner are monthly testimonies of people about different areas of life: finances, love, marriage, strongholds, etc. In the 2015 Certified Positive Planner, testimonies from Ardy Abello, Icko Gonzales, Rosebud Benitez-Belasco, Prince and Madelle Paltu-ob, Miriam Quiambao-Roberto, Wendy Valdez, Maloi Salumbides, Yexel Sebastian, Jordan Escusa, Jose “Quest” Villanueva III, Stacy and Danah Gutierrez, and Diwa Guinigundo are featured.

One of my favourite testimonies is from Miriam Quiambao-Roberto. She is well-known and one may see her happy and complete because of her achievements or what she have. Yet, the reasons are not what she achieved and how far she is in life, but because a Man¹ fills the God-shaped hole in her heart.

What the Bible Says

Each month, there are short articles on what the Bible says about different areas of life, depending on which matter relates more to a certain month. For instance, February contains what the Bible says about love. Since the bible is not only the Good Book², but also the Truth book, it opens our eyes to what is the truth.

Financial Tracker

Money is fast. I receive my allowance monthly and once I got it, I will never realize that I’m almost out of it! Indeed, it’s very fast.

Inside this planner, pages are dedicated to track our monthly budget, bills payment and daily expenses. Writing down our budget, checking if we are able to pay our bills and tracking our expenses are great ways of disciplining ourselves, to have self-control. Yes, it’s tedious, but it limits and set boundaries for us.


Certified Positive Planner contains two calendar layouts: monthly and daily. Just like any planner, we can jot down our activities and deadlines here. But Daily Interact is really jubilant to encourage us, their users, by entertaining and uplifting us through trivial facts about the bible, its stories and daily inspiration quotes.

My favourite, so far in the 2015 Certified Positive Planner, is this: God Himself buried Moses and no one knows where. (Deuteronomy 34:5-6) That’s intimacy and really showed God’s love for Moses. He is a holy God, but still made effort to have his clothes be stained with mud for him. He even let himself be tired. Well, maybe he used His words to command him to be buried, but personally, I found it ironic because He used His own hands when He made man.

Bible Reading Plan and Daily Verse Tracker

In the daily calendar, each day is assigned two bible chapters (one from the Old and New Testament) for us, the users, to read and reflect on to for devotionals during our own quiet time. Reading the Bible is the best way to know what God’s plan is in our lives and who we are to Him, our position in Him. This portion of the planner tells us where to read, which is especially helpful when we don’t know where to start.


My English teacher in High School told us that people who have a hard time having intrapersonal communication are the ones who usually have mental issues. I do not know if that’s true, but I believe talking to ourselves is one way of actually checking if you’re still sane!

At the end of each month, there are reflections in this Certified Positive Planner which helps us to ask the right questions to ourselves during our own personal time. Asking the right questions, reflecting on right thoughts and giving the right answers will definitely motivate us to hold on to life during our lowest moments.

Inspiring Stickers and Uplifting Cards

The last pages of Certified Positive Planner are stickers of encouragement and cards to uplift yourself and others. On the stickers and cards, kind words such as “God loves you”, “Don’t fear”, “Forgive”, “Move on”, etc. are written. You can place them on your mood board to motivate you on things you have to do, on your dreams! I, personally, cut away some to pin on the cork board beside my bed to encourage and help me on my anxiety every time I wake up or before I sleep. Of course, these cards and stickers are not only for personal use. You can give them to someone in need of encouragement as well.

Overall, Certified Positive Planner is a very good tool to guide us in our personal moments as Christians. Although, I do not claim that this tool is better than the Good Book itself, but I encourage you to open this planner together with it during your own quiet time. You can write your reflections in it, the things that God has been revealing to you through His word and the things you are thankful for every day.

One day, you will open its pages again – maybe after a year or two – and look back, see how your life has been changed by God each day, as you document them in your own Certified Positive Planner.

If you are interested, check out the 2017 Certified Positive Planner here. Make your orders and I’m sure, if not others, this tool will help you to have a certified positive life!

God bless!


Man - God

Good Book - Bible

© 2016 Faith Angela


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