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Change is the only unchanging thing in the world!

Updated on September 29, 2013


Whether the changes contributed to the human welfare?

Change is affecting everything in the world including all lives. From microcosm to macrocosm, every thing is subjected to change. We can easily understand and observe this from our own life. From morning till night, how many changes we undergo including mood changes? From the electron to the planets in the galaxy, every thing changes its position moment to moment. The earth is rotating around its axis at an incredible speed. All the planets are orbiting the Sun at great speeds baring one or two planets which are located far away from the sun like the Jupiter and Saturn.

If we consider our body, blood circulation, breathing, functions of the glands and kidney are going on non-stop. Otherwise we will die. In addition, the nervous systems perform a magnificent task. It is a huge network more complex than the internet protocol. It is really a great wonder, how the individual beings as well as the planets in galaxies move without any outside force acting on it. Even in the study of 'mechanics', it is proved that only an external force can alter the position of any thing in this world. If you hit a football, it moves with great force. Otherwise it will remain at rest.

Apart from this, there are many natural forces in the form of water, air, fire and wind which acts with great force during natural calamities like flood, cyclone and volcanoes which emit fire and molten lava. If you watch the ocean, it is relentlessly rushing towards the shore and with a great force recedes in the same way. The Sun emitting enormous heat and light which lights the entire world and it is the only source of heat for sustenance of created beings, flora and fauna. If the sun is extinguished, the world will become a dead mass without any living creature. Scientists have calculated the tonnes of energy coming out of the sun every second. It is located in such a large distance so that the world will not get engulfed in fire. The atmosphere over the earth, the ozone layer etc prevent the sun from engulfing the earth with its enormous heat. How nicely every thing is kept in place in spite of conflicting forces like wind fire and water.

We all enjoy living in this world since the earth is habitable by living beings, offering the correct climate, food and water and also we have been created to enjoy the life through our various senses. The supreme power has blessed the man and other species with vision, hearing power, movement capabilities to search for food and shelter. There are other things like the plants and trees which do not have any sensory perceptions except absorbing the sunlight through their leaves and manufacture food for the plants and trees through a special process called 'photosynthesis'. In addition, the ecology is there maintaining the correct balance of various living beings. The food cycle enable each animal to prey on smaller animals and birds. Beasts kill other animals and eat their flesh. The left over is eaten by the fox, hyena and other birds like the crows etc. Though the Universe is in place for the past several billions of years, every thing followed certain laws without any deviation.

Man alone has deviated from the ways due to his thinking capacity and choice making powers. No doubt, that the human beings have achieved great strides in the ways of living, compared to the cave man and stone age man, we have not really improved in the correct sense. What caused these great strides in living styles? It is the "change" How much the world has changed from the illiterate 'hunting gathering population to the present day computer savvy youngsters. Without moving an inch from their place, they transact many things around the globe. Many business deals are finalized through the internet or mobile. Chatting, videoconferencing and other technological break through, have enabled man to achieve all this.

But, whether these changes are for the benefit of mankind or human welfare. Unfortunately these innovations have benefited only the urban population, especially those who have access to the net and other communication tools. It has not brought any change in the life of common man located in rural villages. They struggle as before to eke out a living! There is a wide gap in accessing basic communication tools. This has caused much conflict in the minds of rural people. It will take several years for the government to connect the villages through mobile networks, broadband facilities. Before that the youth in the rural villages should become computer literate. In spite of changes everywhere, even in the global communication facilities, the ordinary common man is left out. This is being talked over as the great 'digital divide'. Every government should ensure that the farthest and remote villages should be connected so that the villages will have access to information regarding agriculture, animal husbandry and diary products.

Government should ensure opening internet cafes run by responsible government authorities at each village and educate the rural youth to handle the gadgets and computers. Only by extending the real benefits to the rural areas, these tools will have any meaning. Medical felicities can be extended to the rural populace if proper communication network is in place. Though change is the only unchanging thing, it should be for the benefit of all. Sometimes we tend to feel that the original ecology is kept intact and people resort to live in rural backgrounds instead of urban cities. The cities have become like honeycombs everywhere without any orderly development. Pollution is manufactured at the cost of people's lives by the government by various programs. It is the sad plight of humanity today.

In spite of the improvement in living conditions, neither the urban man nor the rural populace who lack such facilities are happy and peaceful. Hence changes should be for the betterment of human life and it should not become detrimental.


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