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Change your energy… all your life will change

Updated on May 3, 2015

Solid material, as we understand it, does not exist in this universe. All physical particles are just oscillations of energy, even the atoms of any solid material consist of 99.99999% vacuity: dense energy field, total vacuity, time condensation are all names of one thing.

Even the outer space, which we believe as it is empty, is a limitless dense energy, as found by the modern physics and the zero energy.

A second way to understand the enormous energy density in a vacuum is through monitoring how all objects radiate with energy to the vacuum field, even our devices and modern technologies rely on the fact that we send waves of energy at different frequencies to the field, so that we can receive waves on our devices and the information we programmed and projected on the structure of the sent energy wave.


Where you think our ideas, emotions and reactions come from?

A most recent research about the brain proves that it is just a receiver, not the source of intelligence and it does not generate any ideas, as well as our memories are not stored in the brain and its vital techniques.

Everything is energy, including you. When you start to realize yourself in this way, especially during thinking, respiratory means or simple concentration, when you imagine that your consciousness is not affected by time or place and is not bound by which seems a physical body, all barriers inside you will start to vanish.

We receive the energy (ideas, emotions) from the universe at the level we are get used or coded to receive from it, in other words, the level at which we tune our perception to receive from it, as we tune the radio or TV.

If we get used to live in a world of passive thinking, where you find yourself realize and focus on suffering, tension, poverty, etc., then you are only available for those energies of the universe. However, if we start to develop love, kindness, inspiration and mercy, we will connect to higher levels of universal consciousness, so we just download information from the field directly in ways that we’ve never thought possible.

Creativity, discernment, wisdom, and knowing everything is what we reach and communicate with, and it is the source of all great work in arts, science and secret unleashing.

You are a creature of oscillations and frequencies that reflect on your emotions and ideas to be matched in the universe.

Any frequency will be the frequency embedded in the carrier field of all potential, it is up to us, our choices and intentions.

Wars, poverty, famine, violence, hatred, conflict and frustration all exist in the world because they initially exist in the internal case of the human consciousness.

Despite all this and all problems, wars and conflict, we also experience something beautiful that emerges everyday. We experience growing consciousness, love, thinking, forgiveness and change which are all due to a desire that emerges from the depths of all of us to return to our temper and nature.

Understating the universal principles is very significant to support and accelerate the growth of every human and their self-control, however, understanding is not sufficient.

Understating the universe will not bring the change automatically, but it will allow us to see and understand the actual nature of the reality and of ourselves. However, this is not just what will change the world. Shift and change start actually when we start to understand the universal principles then we apply it to our lives.

Everything is energy! Through making this certain case of energy inside us, we will start to response to the same frequencies of energy embedded in the structure of vacuity field and we will create a life and a world that fit with these superior energies in a world of peace, love and freedom.

Everything is energy, so we must focus on the quality of our energy. Nothing is more important than feeling love and goodness which will always allow you to live in goodness and love. This doesn’t need capital, as our heads bring money while money brings no head, The only capital needed is a heart to take control of our lives.

The nature of our souls is the growth, love, creativity, creation expansion and widening, so as soon as we start to understand that everything is energy, and our actual nature is also an energy, and our energy is the most important manifestation of our presence, we will naturally realize that we have limitless ability.


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      Jomana H 2 years ago

      Thank you

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      Rabiey 2 years ago

      Great jop