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Charlotte NC Ghost Stories

Updated on October 29, 2009
Charlotte and the surrounding area is one of the most haunted areas in the United States.And below you will find haunted places in North Carolina.
Charlotte and the surrounding area is one of the most haunted areas in the United States.And below you will find haunted places in North Carolina.

Charlotte NC Ghost Stories

Below you will find a whole collection of haunted places in North Carolina. So if your looking for haunted places in North Carolina you have arrived at the right place.

Farmhouse Ghost

I can't disclose the exact location but I will tell you that its in Huntersville which is just outside of Charlotte. There's a house there that was an old farm house but its been remodeled and looks like a modern house on the inside but there the story takes a strange turn. You see when ever the couple that lives there now takes a shower they hear the sound of a little girl laughing and little child size hand prints will appear on the showers door when it steams up.

It really shook the couple up when this started happening and so they did a lot of research into the house. They discovered that in 1939 that the family that lived in the house at that time were having a party for their 9 year old little girl when the pony they had bought for her as a birthday present threw her off and she hit her head on rocks their on the ground.

The 9 year old child was really injured badly and the couple put her in a bed in the farm house and there she lay until she died almost a month later. Over the years many people who lived in the old farm house claimed to see and hear a small girl child's ghost in the house. And then now in 2009 the couple that lives there says they hear a little girl laughing and they see little child hand prints in the steam on the shower door. They also say they feel something jump on the bed with them.

The Lonely Ghost

On the road into Salisbury from Mooresville on Highway 150 you run into a area of real rural farmland. Just before you reach the very large greenhouses that are shut down on the right hand side of Highway 150 there is a dirt road that turns right there. It is there where a young man who had been to the High School Prom in Mooresville in 1948 crashed his car into a tree and some say killed himself.

It was on that very night that his brothers girlfriend told him that she was pregnant by him and not his brother. She told him so the story goes that while she had been to bed with him she had never been with his brother in that way even though it was his brother that she was to marry that summer.

She had went on to tell him that if he didn't tell his brother the truth by the next night that she would. It is said that he left the High School in Mooresville and drove towards Salisbury. As he drove along he was drinking and when he came to the big oak tree at the end of the dirt road there he drove into it at a high rate of speed. He was killed instantly.

And here is the rest of the story. You see the house is now gone but in 1948 just down that dirt road stood the family home of the girl who had told him she was pregnant. Locals will tell you that the girl went ahead and married the other brother and it was not until that brother was killed in Vietnam that the whole story came out.

Over the years many people have reported seeing an older model car wrecked there on the side of the road and quite often they say the car has run into a large oak tree there. Most of the time the ghost car is seen on a rainy night in May just like it was in 1948 when the original wreck claimed the life of the young man . And often people tell of a young man in jeans and a white shirt standing near the car looking down the dirt road to where the house used to stand in 1948. And many people over the years have made the comment that he has a look on his face like he is the most lonely person in the world.

And yes the oak tree does still stand there and if you look closely you can see where it was struck by that car in 1948. And what a lot of people don't know unless you are a local is that the pregnant girl in this story hung herself from the tire swing chain that used to be hanging in this oak tree back when she committed suicide in 1961. The baby she had in 1949 grew up and moved away to California. And while the ghost of the young man is seen often the ghost of the girl who committed suicide is never seen. And so if your ever driving along and see that big oak there just off Highway 150 on the way to Salisbury you know the rest of the story.

Founders Hall and Spirit Square

The Ghost Of The Girl Who's Body Was Stolen In Salisbury N.C.

Most people don't know but the Founders Hall and Spirit Square in Charlotte N.C. was at one time a medical school and while it was there in the late 1800's some people stole a girls body from a grave in Salisbury and sold her body to a doctor who taught at the medical school located where Founders Hall and Spirit Square now is.

After the girls body was stolen out of the grave in Salisbury and sold to the medical school people began to tell of seeing a beautiful young woman wearing what looked like a sheet wandering around the medical school and standing on top of the building. She would scream why! at some people and it was not long before people discovered that it was the ghost of a young woman who had been stolen and sold to the medical school. She apparently actually told some people the story of her body being stolen and asked that the live person or persons get her returned to her grave in near by Salisbury. In fact some people went to the local police at the time and told the girls story.

The really strange thing is that the story was checked out thoroughly by the police of that time and it was discovered that the girls body had in fact been stolen from a grave in Salisbury. Her remains were returned to her grave in Salisbury. How could anyone have known the story of the girls body being stolen unless the girls ghost told the story to someone. It is one of the stranger ghost stories I have ever heard.

Just near exit 163 on the new part of 74 that leads to Interstate 26 in Polk County N.C. is where the ghost hunt is seen.
Just near exit 163 on the new part of 74 that leads to Interstate 26 in Polk County N.C. is where the ghost hunt is seen.

The Ghost Hunt Is Often Seen Near Exit 163

Just after the 74 extension was opened that leads to Interstate 26 is where what has come to be known as the ghost hunt is often seen. Just after the road opened 911 would be called with a wild story that the person doing the calling thought they may have run over a man in overalls and possibly his dogs.

People who have seen the ghost hunt say that it is always seen on a foggy night and that all at once a man appears holding a lighted lantern overhead and a long shotgun or rifle in the other hand. He is always surrounded by a pack of hounds who are running with him and then quite often people fear they may have run over the man or his dogs but no man or dogs is ever found. People tell that the man is wearing overalls and a straw hat and some people say he has a full beard. Some people have even said he is wearing gold rim glasses.

And it wouldn't be that big of a story but the man has been seen and reported by people now for a number of years. And the story is always told almost always exactly the same. Some people do say however that they realize something is wrong when they say they did not see the mans feet touching the ground. They say he appears to be running just above the ground.

And paranormal investigators have been to the scene of the ghost hunt and they have tried to trace down who the man might be but so far no one has any ideal. One man did vanish in a snowstorm along with his dogs but that happened about 20 miles away so some people are doubtful if the man seen in the ghost hunt could be this hunter who has been missing since 1941. If it is him then he is still hunting. So if you are ever near exit 163 on Highway 74 leading west to Columbus N.C. and its nighttime and foggy watch out for the ghost hunt.

This is quickly becoming one of the the most looked for haunted places in North Carolina.

Haunted  House near New House North Carolina. This house is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in North Carolina.
Haunted House near New House North Carolina. This house is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in North Carolina.

One Of North Carolinas Most Haunted Houses

If you see the above house as your driving along the New House Road going from Polkville to Ellenboro you probably won't think that much about the house unless you know what happened there on a warm spring morning in 1961.

Because on April 18th 1961 a man drove into the yard early that morning about 6 AM and saw his brother or what looked like his brother slumped down next to a post on the front porch. As he drove closer he saw that the mans head was missing and he drove out of the yard and down the road to a store operating then and called the police. When the police and brother returned to the house they found that the man was indeed missing his head and in the kitchen at the rear of the house they found the mans 29 year old wife also missing her head.

Both people were still fully clothed but it was easy to see that the house had been the scene of a brutal murder. In fact a brutal double murder. The couples dog was later found thrown down the well in the back yard. Its tail had been cut off and its throat had been cut. The house had been torn apart and it was apparent that the house had been well searched. But the really strange thing was that the couples heads were nowhere to be found. It was not until three days later and 15 miles away that the couples heads were discovered just setting beside a dirt road in Golden Valley North Carolina. Why were they carried away and set down on a dirt road 15 miles away no one ever found out.The person or persons responsible for the brutal double murder were never found.

Now the murder story is quite the story but then soon after the murder people who tried to live in the house would run out of the house in the middle of the night. They told horrid stories of a man and woman appearing walking around with out a head and the sounds of a woman begging for mercy. A dog clearly in pain was also heard often in the house and in the back yard.

For over 25 years the house stood empty but people would tell tales of seeing lights in the house even when there was no power hooked up to the house. Other people claimed to see a headless man walking in the front yard. And some people told of hearing horrific screams coming from the house as they drove by. Someone now lives in the house and we have not identified the exact location of the house. But it is easy to find with a little searching. Keep in mind that you should never go ghost hunting on private property with out permission.

And you have now read about some of the spookiest places in North Carolina. And if you are looking for haunted places in North Carolina we hope you enjoyed the stories and hope you will post a comment below.


What did you think of the ghost stories on this page. Post your comments and questions below.

© Thomas Byers AKA Crazyhorsesghost October 29 2009

© Thomas Byers AKA Crazyhorsesghost October 29th 2009.

All of the text content on this page was produced by Thomas Byers for this page of Ghost Stories by Thomas Byers and is not to be copied or used on any other web site or in any print publication.

What did you think of the ghost stories on this page. Post your comments and questions below.

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    • profile image

      mark 5 years ago

      The old dirt road you are talking about off of 150 do you know the name of it? I grew up right around that area.

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      my brother made a bid on that house in ellenboro last summer and lost to someone else, they fixed it up and sold it, the new owners decorated for halloween and put a skeleton hanging in the upstairs window with a red light behind it, come Thanksgiving the halloween décor was still there and the house was for sale, maybe the preacher thought that the skeleton was a bit much.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 5 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Kristin contact me at if you will. I would like to hear more of your husbands story from Ellenboro. I have heard a lot about the story but never been able to get the whole story.

    • profile image

      Kristin 5 years ago

      Funny thing i live on New House Road what a freaking coincidence. There's also a really haunted house in Ellenboro. It's right beside a church on the Ellenboro strip. It is now a seamstress place, but my husband used to live there and he said that the preacher hung himself in that house and all kinds of crazy things happened while he was living there.

    • profile image

       5 years ago

      Interesting but you need to make people take surveys so they know the reality of this

      I do believe in ghost like bloody mary

    • profile image

      dary 6 years ago

      all these stories are really scary :$

    • profile image

      Brandy Houser 7 years ago

      im not from there but my husband lived in golden valley his whole life.. we drive down this road all the time... i really really wanna hear more about this and i would also like to know how to search for achived murders and deaths in a certain location that my grandmother and grandfather lives in!

    • profile image

      buffy vanderbilt 7 years ago

      i may own the anonymous farmhouse outside of huntersville. curious to know the author of this article....

    • profile image

      RAchel 7 years ago

      That's my birthday april 18th

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      No I wish it was. I was able to visit it several years ago but then it was sold and the new people who own it will not let anyone in.

    • profile image

      mark 8 years ago

      Is it possible to get in this house to investigate it ?The home on New House Road