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Childhood of Great Companions of Prophet

Updated on January 19, 2018

Hazrath Abu Bakr Siddique

Hazrath Abu Bakr Siddique was a very affectionate companion of beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). He liked and regarded the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) more than his own life. The Prophet (pbuh) also liked him most. Among the companions he occupied the most elevated and closest place. After the Prophet (pbuh) Muslims unanimously selected him as their Caliph. He administered and ruled the newly formed Islamic State efficiently and ably.

One and the only incident of his childhood recorded authentically indicates the strength of his personality. In his own words, the narration is described here.

“When I was a child, my father Abu Qahafa took me inside a room. Idols adorned the room. Pointing to an idol he ordered : “This is your god. Prostrate before him.” So saying he left me. I went to the idol and said : “I am naked. Cloth me.” It did not answer. I repeated : “Iam hungry, feed me.” There was no reply. I took a stone and said : “I am hitting you. If you are god, save yourself.” Still there was silence. I threw a stone at it and the idol dropped down flat.”

Hazrath Ali

Hazrath Ali was the cousin and son in law of the beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). He was brave and wise from the childhood. He was still in his teens, when Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was chosen by Allah. When the Prophet delivered the message of Allah to others and invited them to the way of Allah, the noble persons who accepted Islam were only a few. Among them was a 12 years old boy. He was none other than Ali.

After a few days of attaining Prophethood, the Prophet (pbuh) asked Ali to arrange a lunch. Ali immediately responded and made necessary arrangements. All the members of the Prophet’s family were present including uncle Abu Talib, Abbas, Hamza and others.

When the lunch was over, the prophet delivered a speech. He said : “I have brought with me a message for you which assures your welfare in this world and also in Hereafter. Who is going to support me in my task?”

There was no response from the audience. Everyone was silent. At that time Hazrath Ali was twelve years of age. He was not tall. His limbs were not strong. He could not canceal his inspiration and fervour. Noted personalities were present. Amidst them he got up and assured the Prophet. “It is true I am suffering now from sore eyes. It is also true that my legs are thin and it is a fact that I am still a child. Even then O Prophet of Allah, I will support and walk along with you always.”

These words of Ali fell like a bombshell on the ears of those who were present there. They looked at each other as if saying “Do you understand what this child is saying? Has he understood what Muhammed (pbuh) stated? But in the later stage everybody saw that this young boy staked entire life for the cause of Islam.

Hazrath Zubair

Hazrath Zubair was one of those ten companions for whom the Prophet (pbuh) had assured a place in the paradise. His childhood was quite an interesting phase of his life. Zubair had lost his father when he was still a child. His mother, Safia , reared him up. Safia was sister of Hazrath Hamza and the aunt of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). She was a brave lady and wanted her son also to be brave, fearless and wise. She was a task master too and made her son take up performing herculean tasks. She would not allow him to waste time. On lookers would comment : “Oh, do you intend killing the boy?” She would reply : “I am only trying to make him sagacious, dauntless and courageous.”

The rigorous training programme resulted in making Zubair quite brave and fearless right from his childhood. In fact before he reached adulthood he had an encounter with a wrestler. In the very first round, he threw down the wrestler who got his hand fractured. People took the wrestler to Zubair’s mother and complained. But the mother only asked ; “Tell me honestly how did you find my son, whether brave or coward?”

Hazrath Zubair hd embraced Islam in his youth. He loved the Prophet very much. Once the non-believers detained the Prophet (pbuh). When the news reached Hazrath Zubair, he was furious. Holding a sword in his hand he started searching for the Prophet. He met the Prophet (pbuh) at his house. Seeing him in anger with a shinning sword in hand, the Prophet (pbuh) enquire : “Why are you so furious?” He replied : “I had heard that the non-believers are holding you in captivity. I was on my mission to free you.”

This gesture of courage and love of Zubair in his tender age earned him great appreciation and applause from the great Prophet (pbuh). It is also recorded that the first person who had drawn the sword for supporting the great Prophet (pbuh) was none other than the young Zubair.

Hazrath Anas

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) had migrated from Makkah. After a few days a lady approached the Prophet and pleaded ;

"O Messenger of God, Here is my son. I love him dearly. I am a Muslim and I want that my son should turn into a good and true Muslim. I have brought him to you so that he learn all that you want to propagate."

The Prophet of Allah readily consented to keep the boy with him. The boy was quite intelligent. He noticed keenly the way the Prophet (pbuh) talked, listened, acted and moved. He attended to the Prophet's needs and others devotedly and performed the assigned duties sincerely. Soon he became famous for being "obedient" to the Prophet (pbuh). In good humour the Prophet (pbuh) used to refer him as "O the one with two ears." This nickname was quite fit as the boy was always at the beck and call of the Prophet (pbuh) and very obedient. Whoever heard of this nickname, enjoyed it because everyone has two ears but will they be as attentive as the boy who attended on the Prophet? This lucky boy turned out to be a great scholar in his later life.

He is now referred with respect as Hazrath Anas, the one with whom Allah is pleased.

Once the Prophet (pbuh) sent him for some work. He was much delayed there. When the mother learnt about this delay, she enquired : "Why did you take so much time? What was the job?" Hazrath Anas was in his teens but he replied so wisely that the mother could not hold her appreciation. He said : "By God! Mother, it's a secret of the beloved Prophet (pbuh). I will never tell it to anybody, even to you, my mother."

She retorted : "Do not reveal it even to me, my son. It is a secret of the Prophet (pbuh)."

Hazrath Anas grew up to be a great person. Let Allah be pleased with him.


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    • True Dreams profile image

      Muhammad Qasim Bin AbdulKarim 

      6 months ago from Pakistan

      MaaShaAllah, very nice article

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      9 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      "...I don't think the people who spread violence in the name of religion actually read their holy books."

      Oh, but they do! The problem is in the people and how the book is taught. The book and the teacher should make it abundantly clear that violence in the name of religion is wrong. Do some research on this. You will be amazed. See: and

    • Zoya Ammar profile imageAUTHOR

      The Truth 

      9 months ago from India

      I don't see any necessity for this. If you are wanting to do this to give a clear message against violence in religion then I don't think the people who spread violence in the name of religion actually read their holy books. But its a great idea.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      9 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      "People who do harm to others do not have any religion. Because no religion teaches war and violence."


      "Violence by man against man is in contradiction with any religion worthy of that name," Pope Francis January 18, 2016.

      I would like to see the major religions institutionalize both statements. Place them as a preface in the Bible and Quran. See:

      What do you think?

    • Zoya Ammar profile imageAUTHOR

      The Truth 

      9 months ago from India

      Yeah! I agree with you. Religious leaders and institutions play an important role here, they are doing their best to promote the true messages of their religion. However there are few misguided individuals who pretend to be religious and play with the minds of youth and misguide them.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      10 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      "People who do harm to others do not have any religion. Because no religion teaches war and violence. Am I right?"

      You are absolutely right and No I was Not pointing at Islam.

      I believe "Defensive Fight" is what a Peace Officer does. He is trained to arrest wrongdoers with the least amount of force and without the intent to harm.

      I would like to see the leaders of all religions excommunicate people who participate in violence with the intent to harm. I believe religious leaders should take a stand.

    • Zoya Ammar profile imageAUTHOR

      The Truth 

      10 months ago from India

      If you are pointing at Islamic battles, it was not to spread Islam but to defend. You would have heard it millions of times before but let me repeat it again "Islam is the religion of PEACE."

      Islam teaches Muslims to be like the flower that leaves its fragrance to the hand that crushes it. Islam doesn't promote violence. Even in wars Muslims were clearly instructed not to harm children, women, old men, sick men, animals, trees, villages, towns, cultivated fields and many more.

      Terrorist acts done by people in the name of religion should not really be considered as one. People who do harm to others do not have any religion. Because no religion teaches war and violence. Am I right?

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      10 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      "True. There have been thousands of Prophet in Islam and none promoted war or violence."

      So, why did war and violence occur?

    • Zoya Ammar profile imageAUTHOR

      The Truth 

      10 months ago from India

      Well! It is not permissible to refer Allah by other names. The word Allah is a proper name. There is no equivalent for it in any languages whatsoever. Also this word does not have masculine or feminine form like the word “god” has in some of the languages, e.g., ma’bud and ma’buda (in Arabic), God and Goddess (in English). It is necessary to use only the word Allah when you refer to Allah.

      Quran - (Verily I am Allah. There is no god besides Me. So serve Me and establish Prayers to remember Me.) [Surat Taha, 14]

      True. There have been thousands of Prophet in Islam and none promoted war or violence.

      Angels are the creation of Allah. They were created out of light to worship and obey Him. All the angels are assigned with different tasks. They are the part of the world unseen which we can't comprehend.

      A person of moral character will also keep away from violence but that doesn't make him religious unless he has a certain belief in God and that he obeys and worships Him.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      10 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      There is only One God, so by any name He is One. We can call Him Allah. If I called Him by another name or term is that different?

      I do not know who the other prophets are, however I renounce violence done person to person. If someone claims to be a true prophet, it seems he would not resort to war or violence. True?

      What are angels?

      Praying is easy, I do it frequently, but I do not count.

      I believe that to be truly religious one must renounce fighting and warfare.

    • Zoya Ammar profile imageAUTHOR

      The Truth 

      10 months ago from India

      @Jay Definitely belief plays an important role in Islam and any other religion. Belief that Allah is the only God, and Muhammed (pbuh) is His messenger. Along with this, one must also believe in all other prophets from Adam to Muhammed (pbuh), His angels, His books, last day, life after this and so on. Belief is the first and very important Pillar of Islam (out of five pillars). When said the Kalimah of Islam "Laa ilahha illal lahu Muhammadur rasoolullah" (There is no God except Allah and Muhammed (pbuh) is His messenger) in words with true belief in heart it makes anyone a muslim. But to be a practicing muslim one must follow other 4 pillars as well. Especially 2nd Pillar which is mandatory, praying Salah five times a day to Allah. But even if one doesn't practice other 4 pillars yet believe in Allah and his Prophets he/she is still a muslim. To be a perfect muslim it takes a lot more than just a belief. Its really great to known that you believe in one God and Muhammed (pbuh). So if you want to take a step further and be an actual muslim you need to testify that there is no God but Allah.

    • Emmy ali profile image

      Eman Abdallah Kamel 

      10 months ago from Egypt

      For Jay God says in the holy Qraan believers are those who believe in the One God, all angels, all the profits (Abraham, Moses, Jesus till the last messenger the Profit Mohammad) and all the holy books. Islam to believe in One God and recognize everything. If you feel you are a Muslim you should follow all the rules of Al Islam.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      10 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Hello, please advise whether I am Muslim.

      I believe in one God without partners.

      I believe Muhammad was a prophet.

      I believe all violence Person against Person violates the concept of religion.

      Defensive Fighting means, using the least amount of force to control an unruly person without the intent to harm.

      I believe in Forgiveness and Rehabilitation, not Punishment.

      Am I Muslim?


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