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Children: Life

Updated on June 5, 2015

Human Life Cycle


Children are our future. Children are our hope. Children are our support. Children come up with improvements for this world. Children help us realize what is important. Without them our world would have slowly ended. There are four days in a child’s life.

The first stage is birth and the feeling of being pampered without any worries. Children need to be looked after. Diapers are to be changed. They must learn to go to the washroom without help. How to eat, walk, talk, sit are important as well. Then once they are 3 years old, they go to school. They learn the basic skills such as the alphabet, adding and subtracting, and communicating. Jealousies, stress, enviousness is among everyone. However, children are smarter than adults because they learn to share with one another. They give their worries to others to deal with. How a person looks from the outside does not matter to them. Adults must learn that money is not everything.


As they grow older, they come to the second day of their lives: being a teenager. They begin learning the differences amongst boys and girls. They learn that the birds and the bees doesn’t always mean what it sounds like. They learn how technology has improved and there are other ways to get to places. They learn to drive a car and many other vehicles. Life, all of a sudden has become easier and quicker. As children, they wanted toys, but now they must look good for their “loved ones.” Shopping with friends and hearing credit card machines keep going back and forth is their hobby. Now is the crucial stage of studies. They must get good marks to go to post-secondary institutions. This is the stage to impress their friends and remember their first kiss. This is the time when things begin getting harder to understand. They begin stepping into adulthood.



Now the third day has arrived. They must learn to make their own money. There are many job opportunities and they must learn to be in the right place at the right time. They find the perfect person who they will spend the rest of their lives with. Immediately, marriage and children become important. They realize the miracle of mother-nature. The child that arrives goes through the same cycle. They learn to be responsible and face problems with a better focus and better decision-making skills. Once this stage in life is fulfilled with all the dreams: a reality and all the goals reached, the last day has come.



Finally, they become old and wise. They are now back to being like children. However, there’s a difference, they have learned as much as they could in their lives. Now, they only need to be taken care of like children. They must learn to face death. Crying won’t do any good because death is a beginning of a new life. Death is learning all over again and going back to the first stage. It is the time to be happy with the accomplishments and success gained in so many years.

There are four types of children in this world. A youngster (0-12), a teenager (13-18), an adult (19-60) and an elderly. During these stages, one learns to grow within oneself. One learns to enjoy life for the beauty of the world and not the materialistic possessions. Once these four days have passed, one has truly become an adult.

How would you separate the four stages of life?

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      Swapna Reddy 2 years ago


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      Mahesh Bhalchandrarao Raikhelkar 2 years ago from India

      This is nice one describe human life cycle