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Children must be taught spirituality from their early years!

Updated on April 4, 2016

Spiritual education along with studies.

Sathya Sai Education system!

Achievers in this world are always alert and use every moment to improve their performance in their respective field. There is a proverb in Tamil language which states, ‘even if the god fails you, your hard work will surely bear fruit. May be, some atheist might have invented this proverb. But, in spiritual path, if we take one step, God will come ten steps nearer to us. God is Love and Justice. He is the embodiment of compassion. How can we say that “If god fails us”? This is due to ignorance of His supreme grace. Many people feel, that God favors the theists. It is a false presumption. For God, there is no difference between ‘Theists and Atheist” He is considered as Father for the entire humanity. Sometimes, he may have to show a stern face to correct an individual. That does not mean that he has no love towards his children. In fact, God is more concerned with that child who strayed away from the path and become a vagabond. He waits for the return of that particular child. This part has been clearly explained in Bible.

God never judges as man does. We very often judge others and pass our opinion about them in their absence. God tolerates many of our mistakes since he consider us as babies. We have observed how the babies behave with us. Many babies used to pinch the mother and it may even inflict injuries on its mother. It is a baby which has no discrimination powers. The mother simply laughs at the pranks, though she may get hurt physically. This is the selfless love of mother towards her child. How much more God loves us? God’s love is more than thousands of times of a mother’s love, and hence He pardons many of our transgressions. God’s only concern is that every being must come back to his fold ultimately after spending precious years in worldly enjoyments. One day, man will realize the futility of worldly pleasures and on that day, he will turn towards god for sure.

Children are naturally fond of toys. But how long it will play with the toys? May be, for one hour or so, It will be engrossed in the play. The moment, hunger starts, the child will search for its mother and cry. Hence the need itself will make us to seek the creator. Hence all the worldly pleasures are transient, momentary and ephemeral. Once man get discontent with the pleasure seeking, his next search will be towards the creator god. Hence the sages have cautioned men, not to engage with the world seriously. One day or other he has to retrace his steps but the process will be painful. Hence moral classes are run in churches and temples for the children to train them towards spirituality.

Sathya Sai Organizations, the world over are conducting weekly classes for children in their own languages, the first steps towards god. There, the children are taught about the great religions of the world, their founders, important teachings and morals. No distinction is made among the various religions. All children are taught to honor all religions and the founders. Many schools adopting this universal principle are rapidly making giant strides in the field of education. Especially in African countries, the schools run on the philosophy propagated by Sathya Sai have earned many laurels among the public and the students passing out of those schools have become exemplary youngsters for the society. The silent service activities of this Organization have attracted the attention of many leaders of countries and they are beginning to feel the need to introduce “Sathya Sai system of education in all the schools, since character building is given the foremost importance. More than wealth and posh living, character is the foundation for human society.

If all the future citizens, who are now teens, are inculcated with human values, the world will become a veritable heaven for sure!

Activities of Sathya Sai Organizations!


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