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Choice Of Love (It's always yours)

Updated on December 9, 2018
Diksha Shakya profile image

Old soul and young heart. It's like a 60 year old granny living inside the body of a 17 year old.

What is Love?

Love is what you give to others. Love is dying on the cross for the whole world's sins. Love is shedding your blood so the generations and generations could be saved. Love is never leaving and never forsaking your people. Love is healing everyone with your hands. Love is becoming poor when you could've just sat on a golden throne. Love is never ending. Love is what a father has for his child. Love is what my heavenly father has for me.

What Love is not?

Love is not tagging your best friend daily. Love is not leaving your friends when you've got no time. Love is not just saying 'I love you'. Love is not something you can fall out of at times. Love is not something which you just take. Love is not making joke of your friend because you love them. Love is definitely not cursing the same girl/boy you once said you loved. Love is not misleading someone.

That's the superficial love of this world but this world will get you nowhere. Only the genuine love of your father will.

I could go on and on and on about what love IS NOT.

He loves you, even when you don't deserve it. Note it.
He loves you, even when you don't deserve it. Note it. | Source


It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

— 1 Corinthians 13:7-8

Our generation thinks Love is agreeing with your boyfriend/girlfriend's view. They think love is making each other happy. They think love is staying with each other no matter what happens. For them love is anything but real.

Why? 'Cause meanwhile having these notions of true love, they also believe that true love does not exist. Almost all of 'em. Everyone wants to be loved, no one wants to love? Everyone wants to be comforted, no one wants to comfort? Everyone wants to be healed from heart break but none wants to heal others. And even those who want to, people break their spirit by doubting them and saying it's for an ulterior motive.

History is a witness that whenever one of thousands tried to help or save people, the ones being saved would be the same to kill their own saviour.

The same people of God for whom The Word became flesh and took birth on earth, got him crucified.

So, what is real love?

Or is love even real?

Yes cupcake it is. Because if love wasn't real then we wouldn't be alive today. If love wasn't real then I wouldn't be alive today to write this article. I would've cut my wrist and committed the sin of suicide. But He who loves everyone even the ones who don't deserve it, saved her daughter too.

Sounds too cheesy? I know. I am born cheesy.

If love wasn't real there wouldn't be any plan by God to avenge the death of his people. If you have read the book of revelation, you must know that what God is going to do with the ones who rape, who murder, who worship idols, who perform magic arts etc. If love wasn't real then he wouldn't burn them in hell for what they've done to you.

IF love wasn't real then my Lord wouldn't have died on the cross a painful death for me.

I believe he died for me. I believe he rose up physically from death. I believe he will come back because IT IS WRITTEN.

Okay! Let's just come to the main topic of our article :p

Our OWN, very own choice of love. Many people think that something bad happened to them or someone betrayed them so now they just can't love people. Even if they try, they can't. And that's where they lose the game and that's where Satan starts winning. He wants you to be weak, he wants you to hate, he wants you to stop giving second chance, he wants you to go so deep into depression that it seem like there's no way out. He. Wants. Your. Spirit. Broken.

And as long he's making you stay away from love, he's succeeding.

Have you ever wondered that if there's both kind of emotions in this world, then why didn't everyone choose the good side of it? I don't know about you but I did. There's Love and there's Hate then what could possibly make people go towards hate? Why would they choose it?

There's calmness and there's anger, but still somehow we choose anger? I mean there's literally both present before us but we still go and take the wrong side.

Let me give you an example,

Suppose you go to the pharmacist. You ask for a medicine which could cure your headache. He gives you one tablet of curing headache and another is a naphthalene ball. He says no matter which one you take you'll be alright. But you are there looking at them and wondering how naphthalene ball could cure it? But the pharmacist says so. Then you ask the pharmacist that naphthalene can't cure headache and he says, "IT CAN" with so much confidence. But you know it since ages that you put them in your sink so how's it possible? You're still not buying it.

Then the pharmacist says that naphthalene is cheaper than the other capsule. And you buy it in a snap of finger. Everything's sorted now, naphthalene cures headache because the pharmacists said so. He is more educated than us right? And it's affordable. But when you consumed it, the result costed you everything you ever had. The aftermath was not affordable. And then you get to know that the pharmacist you went to was a fraud and he deceived many. And now you're lying on your hospital bed blaming yourself why you didn't use your sense but it's too late now. Why you didn't choose good while you could. Why you didn't believe what you always have.

So people, that's it!

The pharmacist is Satan. The customer is you. The two drugs are the two paths of life, Righteous or unrighteous. Satan deceives many as the pharmacist did. He makes you believe that he is right, just like pharmacist did. You'll think the wrongs are right. That's what deception is dear.

And the most dangerous part, the aftermath. You pay the price by sacrificing your life. If he gets you depressed, you commit suicide. If he gets you enraged, you do something very wrong. If he gets you lost and confused, you start walking on the road of ultimate destruction. Whatever he does, the aftermath is destruction.

So please, you've been hearing it since birth that the opposite is never good. What's opposite of happiness, is not by our God. What's opposite of compassion, is not by our God. Whatever is opposite of the Word of God, is not of God.

And some skeptic people out there might be reading this and muttering under their breath, "What a moron this girl is, believing in God and Satan when they don't exist". Well, those who are skeptic, believe in science. So let me tell you your science could NOT prove the spark of big bang. They say this universe is not created by God, it's because of the big bang explosion. And I agree! I do. But HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE AGREE WITH THE by chance FACT?

What I mean is, ask to any scientist what existed before the big bang. There answer will be nothing. Nothing existed before the big bang explosion, it was zero then who the hell sparked it? They would say it happened 'by chance'.

Let's break your scientific theory by another. According to science, something can not be obtained from nothing. So how did we get a whole damn universe from nothing? I'm not twisting, I'm stating facts.

Before universe there was nothing, it was all zero. Then came universe out of nothing. But

0 * 99999 = 0

Something can't be created from nothing.

Science depends on God, God does not depend on science. Science says that the cells existing today came from the preexisting cells. So what's the foundation of them? Who created that first cell from which the other cells produced? Where did those preexisting cells came from?

And there's one more by chance fact, the theory or study or whatever of mutation. They say a single cell multiplied and resulted into us human beings. A single cell. A single cell multiplied and resulted into THIS freaking much complex human being with an industry like mechanism. With a circulatory system. With a respiratory, excretory and digestive system. It all came into existence from a preexisting single cell. And how? They'll say by chance. How all those cells came together forming a complex human organs like those of us? They'll say by chance. I BET there's no answer of both of these questions. And there won't be ever.

Because the one who created all of this is an eternal being. God created this universe so obviously he's not in this universe. If you create a computer then you're not in that computer, you're outside of it. Just like that the God I believe in is not in this universe, he's outside of it. He is not affected by Time, Space and Matter like on earth.

That's it. End of discussion. Hope you understood that the choice between hate and love is ours. No matter what happens to us, if we choose to love it'll be alright. No matter how hard it gets, if there's love there's way. So don't fall in the pharmacist's trap and buy the naphthalene balls when you could've just chose the right path and got cured. You don't want to suffer the aftermath of the wrong path, I know you don't. So don't follow it.

Thankyou for reading.

Any type of positive comments or questions are welcomed. BS is gonna get deleted.

God bless :)

In his wings I rest.
In his wings I rest. | Source

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