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Choosing fire over ice

Updated on January 6, 2014

put it on

Don't you ever wear a jacket?

So I am this person who never wore a jacket. I would be shivering, and still not wear one. I've had people ask me quite a bit recently "where is your jacket?" And "Don't you wear a jacket"? "Where is your coat?" I always politely said aww I don't need one. Sometimes I made the excuse I'll just end up leaving it somewhere and lose it.

So, really, what's the story? What's the real deal? Am I trying to be cool by not wearing one? Am I trying to prove how strong I am? Or am I just so dense that I really don't know when to come in out of the cold? So the last time someone asked me, The first lady of my church, "Where is your jacket? Do you not wear one?" I just said, not usually and laughed.

It hit me finally, well, I am cold, in fact, I'm shivering for the love of pete. So I started wearing a jacket. And you know what, it was nice being warm. I started working outside recently, and it's cold, so I wear not only a jacket to work, but a hat and gloves. It was 15 degrees last day I worked, I added something to go around my face. I have to tell you, in that temperature, it's a matter of bundle up or literally hurting myself.

I started thinking about that a while. I thought, why in the world would I choose to be cold instead of simply putting on a coat? It hit me on a spiritual note that that's exactly what I do with the Lord sometimes. I'm hurting, sad, weary, needing love, and I run away from Jesus. I run from the very one who can soothe my hurts, turn my sadness into joy, give me rest, and give me more love that I could ever imagine.

And in some instances, it could also lead to hurting myself, in a much more damaging way, I could harm my very soul.

Why would I choose cold over warmth. Why would I choose to stand out in the cold world alone, when I could be wrapped in the arms of a loving savior, completely safe and warm.

It doesn't make sense, yet many of us choose it every day.

From now on, I'm gonna choose warmth. I am not only going to wear a jacket when it's cold, but when I'm weary from my travels, I'm going to rest in the arms of Jesus.

It makes so much more sense!

The warmth is inviting, COME ON IN!


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