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Chosing Your Spiritual Path

Updated on June 3, 2012

Religion is a touchy subject. Whether you are a hardcore believer in your chosen religion or you have absolutly no religious background, we all are spiritual beings.

By spiritual being I am referring to that part of us that makes up our personality, who we are so to speak. We are living breathing walking talking human beings, but our spirit is what makes us unique.

Personally I became disgruntled at mainstream religion and its many man made rules and ideals. I began to research pre-christian spirituality and found that most of the traditional christian symbols, ideals, rules, etc were 'created' by man, not 'inspired' by god and many of the traditions, celebrations, rituals etc were borrowed by the pre christian or what some like to label pagan, traditions.

The word Pagan conjures up negative ideas to some, which is a false sense of what it really is. If you go to or websters dictionary website you will find definitions that are general in nature, not specifically anti-god or satan worshippers as many like to define it. Pagans actually do not worship satan!!

A fun way to help you define what your path may be is to go to this site: BeliefNet


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