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Christian Charity, Know Your Role...

Updated on November 4, 2010

Christian Charity: Acts of Love

Ok Truth Is has had his "vent" time, it's time now to be apart of the solution as it were. On that note I offer the following:

For those who actually read their bible, turn with me to 1Corinthians chapter 13...Yes that one...The passage about "love", or as it is rendered in some translations...Charity.

This scripture is so often used by individuals in their arguments and disagreement(s) within their relationships as a means of correcting or admonishing their mate through use of God's word. But the context of this scriptural passage actually was Paul's advice to the congregations concerning the way they treat people; thus quite appropriate for the maters discussed in this series on Churches and Charity.

As mentioned Charity is often substituted with the word "love" in many bibles. Let's see some of what is said here at Corinthians:Verse one starts off saying that if one "speaking in tongues..." but qualifying that if that one does not have love/charity about them they are likened to sounding or loud brass or a ":tinkling cymbal". In other words just making a lot of noise and of no particular use or purpose. So many people within the church today make a showy display of their "righteousness" by standing-up and doing what they interpret as speaking in tongues. The more gullible or naive within the congregation look at these people as people "filled with holy spirit" or excuse me:" Filled with the Holy Ghost!"( by the way the word 'Ghost' did not actually exist in early translations of the scriptures and did not come until the King James bible was created as it is a Anglo-Saxon term. The King James bible was actually translated as such for and to the pleasing/pleasure of King James of England and his religious advisers)

Anyway,verses one and two of 1Corinthians chapter 13 says that it doesn't matter if you speak in tongues, are all knowledgeable of things concerning scripture and worship, etc, and have tremendous faith... it all means NOTHING if you don't have love/charity within your heart. Within your heart is the key words here. Not outward actions that you perform to be observed of man, but that which exists within your inner man as it were. Something to think about when so many of today's "Christians" stand in judgement of those who come to them seeking help, they themselves are actually under judgement as to THEIR intentions, motives, and heart! How about that!(food for thought!)

To continue:The next vers(3) says that even if you give to the poor and sacrifice your self(time, energy, etc), if LOVE is not in your heart and you are merely doing it as a 'gesture' to prove you are a christian or anything in that light, it profits you N-o-t-h-i-n-g! It's worthless service. This is God's word speaking, not me, and nothing your pastor says to explain otherwise is acceptable.

A lot of churches choose a social service agency to give things to ear-marked for the poor as a means of delegating(actually deflecting) their God-given responsibility to others thinking it is enough that they at the least are giving. This scripture however stands to correct this erroneous behavior and thinking, and the wise and true Christian of today will recognize this and sincerely look at how their church deals with the matter. Remember, just because it's a church doesn't mean it's really God's church, and the bible tells us to:"Flee from Babylon"...

Charity or love does not boast or get "puffed-up, proud of what it claims to have done for others. Doesn't seek it's own pleasure or satisfaction, it is in fact selfless and is not easily provoked or thinking evil(looking for the bad in the ones seeking help comes to mind). Many churches LOOK for reasons NOT to help people that approach them for aid. They look for holes in the explanation of their circumstances, or judge if the person(s) are/is being truthful...judging...They also get all riled when told the person(s) sought help at other churches. But after the agencies of the world fail them or limit what they offer or any other reason, what else is left but the church to turn to? They should be glad people are turning to them and see this as an opportunity to impart/plant yet another "seed", even if they never see those people again. Do YOUR job and let God do his , is the best I could say about the matter.

The next few verses say that Love/Charity bears all things and hopes all things, and BELIEVES all things as well as endures all things. This should help those churches that cry they have been "burned" by peole claiming to need help. STOP IT! Again, it was "God's money" when you were asking for it(..."Will you rob God...") then it's his when is asked for. How do you know He didn't send those people to you to ask for some of it?(food for thought). Christians are supposed to be the most "hopeful" people on earth; well then help people and hope they are being sincere and if they are not, HOPE they someday will actually appreciate what Christians do and BECOME sincere! You never know how your kind acts can and will effect others.

* I repeat: If your church is of GOD, He will make sure that it is both effective as well as taken care of. Where is YOUR faith?!!!

The next verses go on to say that all the other characteristics that Christians lay claim to may "vanish", or cease, but the ONE thing that will always be there is love/charity. Think about it, does not the bible say that "God IS love"? He of course is eternal.It also says that the day will come when money will be worthless and cautions about placing so much(too much) emphasis on it and retaining it.

What am I saying? I'm saying the needs of the poor and downtrodden are MORE important THAN THAT TRIP to whatever, more important than the pastor's appreciation dinner, more important than anything else that prevents your genuinely helping someone who has a need and it is within your ability to provide. Stop talking about it and BE about it...FOR REAL!

God;s Word says that, not me; I just strongly agree with it.

"...and now abideth faith, hope,charity(love) these three; but the greatest of these is charity(love)...Truth Is...


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    • profile image

      Alreeves 9 years ago

      If I hadn't actually witnessed our deacons do somebody the way you described in your writings I wouldn't believe church folks were like that

    • profile image

      misstee1 9 years ago

      This is going to get a real bad reception from dyed-in-the-wool old time church folks but it's exactly what they need to hear.

    • profile image

      mr.B 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Barbara Turner 9 years ago

      Again thank you for your enlightening and bold telling of the sad state in which we as christians and human beings have become, as well as encouraging me to do better

    • profile image

      Marlena 9 years ago

      Praise God for such a gifted person to instruct us.

    • profile image

      KIngB 9 years ago

      You are doing a good thing brother and you are appreciated.

    • profile image

      marky mark 9 years ago

      wonderfully knowledgeable thanx

    • profile image

      iirealnfx 9 years ago

      Truth Is, you ARE the TRUTH!