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Jesus Tee shirts, hats as a ministry

Updated on January 16, 2014

Clothes for every occasion

Have you noticed how often we advertise or shout about something we really believe in by wearing it on our backs or heads?

If you are a Giants or A's fan you can be found wearing shirts, hats, pajamas, coats or sweatshirts that shout out that you are a fan.

When you were a child you may have worn a toy gun belt with the words: Roy Rogers or Gene Autry, complete with a pair of "cap" guns. Of course the children of today have never heard of those super heros, known as cowboys and I bet they have never heard of a 'cap gun" either.

Well, the bible tells us: Mark 16:15
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Most of us are too temid or shy to go out and preach but by wearing apparel that has a Bible verse on it we are sharing God and Jesus with every one we come in contact with, or pass on the street.

A few years ago I designed a tshirt with the following message. When I wore it everyone wanted to know where I found it.

I can do.....

Anything I want to

Anytime I want to

Anyway I want to

With the Lord's help

With a rose at the bottom of the lettering

Let me tell you, once I had a bunch of them made up I was having lots of fun selling them to Christian ladies where ever I went-especially to Womens Reteats!

Well, needless to say, it wasn't long until the men began to ask when I was going to make a shirt for them, because they didn't want to wear a tshirt with a"rose" on it!

My shirt wording

the wording on my blouses. This was a big seller!
the wording on my blouses. This was a big seller! | Source

More for you to ponder

Some of my favorites are very simple: Jesus saves, For God so loved me He gave me His son, God is so Good, I'm one of God's Gals (that was one of my creations, too. The list goes on with scriptures throughout the bible being used.

How can I sell Christian items, you asked? Well, there are many ways. First find a screen printer who will print your own designs for a price you can make a percentage of profit. Or just find a wholesaler to order them through if you don't want to design your own.

Next, determine where you would prefer to sell them.

  • Craft fairs
  • Home shows
  • Christian concerts in parks, etc. where anyone can rent a space
  • Mouth to mouth referrals
  • Keep a box of items in your car at all times
  • Personal Website or one of the commercial ones that allows you to have a store page
  • The list is endless

Now you can get started selling your creation and make the big bucks by being a business person!




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