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Christian Scriptures that Support Reincarnation

Updated on December 13, 2014

What do you believe?

Do you believe in the reincarnation of the human soul?

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Reincarnation | Source

The Difference Between Reincarnation and Resurrection?

Many of these basic core aspects about life, death and life-after death; centered directly on the practice idea that human being's soul is either reincarnated or resurrected, depending on which faith you believe in, as a probable outcome for a dearly departed person on faith. It is my understanding that in Buddhism, nearly every Dalai Lama (since its the beginning) has thought to have been the reincarnated soul of all the past deities. According to his Holiness' own biography;

When I consider my experience during this present life, and given my Buddhist beliefs, I have no difficulty accepting that I am spiritually connected both to the thirteen previous Dalai Lamas, to Chenrezig and to the Buddha himself”.

However, in Christianity it is not a concept that we are taught at all. It is not believed that the Pope is the reincarnated soul of Jesus Christ or John Baptist. He is supposed to be the embodiment of their teachings but, the souls of Jesus or John, do not dwell in the spirit of the Pope's soul. Rather, reincarnation goes completely unexplained through more denial. Popes, Bishops, Priests, Reverends, etc..., do not believe that they are the reincarnated souls of past Popes, Bishops, Priests, Reverends, etc..., Furthermore, Christians are taught to believe in the concept of resurrection. While most Christians are also taught to read the bible with an understanding, that what is written is the word of God. According to the leaders and teachings of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity- your soul is given one chance to get it right so, do not mess it up. If you do right by God, when you die your soul is believed to be resurrected and taken up to heaven.

Bible Study Debates: Scripture Lesson John 3:4-8

In every good bible study, a scripture is given and a lesson is openly debated amongst those attending the bible study. In the hopes of further study, I ask everyone to turn to their Bibles for sources addressing reincarnation. For a New Testament scripture on reincarnation, I suggest reading John 3:4-8, discuss it and challenge some of the ideas and questions I have provided below.

  • Why are some Christians better adapted at keeping their minds open to new found knowledge and ideas?
  • What do you think would happen to Christianity if Jesus was reincarnated instead of resurrected?
  • Why do Christian find the notion of reincarnation to be strange, but the idea of resurrection simple truth?
  • Would Jesus Christ approve of free thinking ideas concerning reincarnation, and how do you think this would change the faith?

This scripture and bible lesson would definitely make a great Sunday school or bible study for young adults. These types of questions not only challenges young believers beliefs, it also helps them to realize why it is they believe a certain way. If their way of thinking happens to be narrow minded or full of shortcomings- hosting debates on hot topics, usually will help those individuals develop more patience, just by forcing them to peer on flipside of what they might consider truth.


East vs. West

Is the reincarnation concept really that foreign to Christians? The concept of reincarnation is not a foreign idea to most people. I would estimate that the majority of people in the Western hemisphere knows a little something about reincarnation, regardless of their personal background or upbringing. It is however, a more common spiritual belief in Eastern religions than it is in Christianity. The two most common spiritual lifestyles and belief systems, which are those who celebrate reincarnation as a common aspect of death, are Hinduism and Buddhism.

Why do Christians Ignore Scriptures On Reincarnation?

I do not believe that Christians go about reading the bible, with the intent to ignore scriptures on reincarnation. Really, the answer to the question, "Why do Christians Ignore Scriptures On Reincarnation," is three-fold.

  1. Christians do not know the scriptures exist in the bible, and rely solely on oral traditions, passed down many generations.
  2. Secondly, because many Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, etc..., are taught that verb phrases such as; 'to awake', 'to raise up', 'to rise', 'to cure' are manifestations of the victory of life over death. While intransitive verbs such as 'to appear', 'to get up', 'to show' are regarded as acts of God's holy power.
  3. Lastly, scriptures about reincarnation get lost in translation. Generally there are two types of biblical perceptions to what is occurring, at any given time, in the bible. There are the free thinking perceptions of "New Age" Christians who often have a loose translation of the word of God. And..., then there are those who stick to the literal translations of certain passages, found in the bible, and hold firmly to the actual meaning of the words.


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  • Sam9999 profile image

    Sam9999 6 years ago

    Thanks for the thought provoking hub. I always like to hear from other people who, like myself, consider the possibilities of reincarnation.

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Brilliant! Your very insightful.

  • lone77star profile image

    Rod Martin Jr 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

    Lovely, IntimatEvolution! Reincarnation and karma are in the Bible in a number of places, but some people are afraid to look.

    My maternal grandfather was a Southern Baptist minister. His wife (my grandmother) was shocked to hear me talk of my own past lives. She said that she was never anyone other than her own self. I told her, "Me too!"

    If God truly loves His children, wouldn't he give them every opportunity to come back to Him? Reincarnation is one of those ways. Buddhism, Taoism, and perhaps even Scientology are some of the ways.

    How any of these religions get perverted is through ego. In fact, it is my current belief (one that I've grown into after nearly six decades of study) that the everlasting life that the Nazarene teacher talked about was merely the awakening of the true, spiritual self, because the ego had been suppressed by utter humility. The result is that when bodily death comes (as it inevitably will), continuity of consciousness remains.

    I have remembered so much that this Homo sapiens body did not experience. And I have been set a little bit free because of those epiphanies.

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 7 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    So what you are saying essentially is that you believe in reincarnation? I actually hope reincarnation is real. I would like more than one shot at living a good and righteous life.

  • profile image

    Colin 7 years ago

    I believe that there could be a kind of reincarnation were you have no memory of this life and were nothing you do in this life can affect your next life but what you are in your next life is just random.

  • Lady Guinevere profile image

    Debra Allen 8 years ago from West By God

    As always I love your descriptions better than mine. I too wrote a hub on Reincarnation and other thought provoking hubs on christianity. Thank you for this hub.

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Sam, glad to have you stop by and read one of my hubs. Thanks.

  • profile image

    SamAntone 8 years ago

    I, as a Christian - and even a Mormon - would not be surprised to learn for sure that there is reincarnation. I'm quite the out-on-a-limb thinker. My hub that talks about the devil refers the reader to a book I wrote that deals with reincarnation . . . . and even more strange stuff!

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Habee, I'm not too sure about that. I have never studied John the Baptist that much. But it does ring a bell. I'll look into it. Hey- thanks for stopping by. Sounds like that Methodist minister is a very smart man.

  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

    A friend of man is a Methodist minister, and he believes in reincarnation, like when John the Baptist appeared in the spirit of Elisha. Do I have that right?

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Thank you Sara, I'm glad you stopped by.

  • Sara Tonyn profile image

    Sara Tonyn 8 years ago from Ohio, the Buckeye State

    Thanks for writing this hub. I wasn't aware that Christianity and reincarnation had any connection whatsoever. But now I see there are interesting possibilities that have been hidden in plain sight all along!

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by.

  • ivori profile image

    Barbara Eisenberg 8 years ago from Titusville

    Much food for thought, thank you for a good hub!


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