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When Apologetics Ministries come under attack

Updated on February 4, 2015

The purpose of a Christian apologetics ministry is to provide a defense for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3). For over 50 years the Christian Research Institute has been the leader in providing answers to those who want to combat the influences of cults and aberrant Christian groups.

One would expect that the cults would fight back. However, the greatest attacks have come, not from the cults - who are undoubtedly sitting on the sidelines thoroughly enjoying the infighting in the apologetics community - but from individuals claiming to be Christians, but who feel it is their duty to attack such ministries.

Walter Martin came under such attack when he started focusing on the dangers of the Word of Faith movement. When Hank Hanegraaff took the reigns of the organization in 1989 and started focusing on aberrations within the church he also came under attack by those who claim he "stole" the leadership. Such behavior does a disservice to the body of Christ and delights the non-Christian community.

This writer spent 13 years employed by the Christian Research Institute (CRI). During the entire time of his employment at CRI he watched a handful of people level the same tired charges over and over again. The accusations have continued to this day, despite the fact that the charges have been answered and refuted by the organization.

During his years as a researcher this writer worked closely with Hank and doesn't believe for a second the charges leveled against him. Hank, his wife Kathy and CRI have nothing but the best interests of other Christians at heart.

Jesus told us that by their fruits we will know the true people of God. What have been the fruits of 50 years of the Christian Research Institute? Multitudes have left the cults and/or been led to Jesus Christ as the result of their work. Many have seen the errors of the prosperity preachers and realized that it is not true Christianity. The Bible Answer Man radio show and Christian Research Journal continue to be a source of valuable information on the latest trends and fads and heresies in Christianity.

What have been the fruits of the critics? All this writer has observed in them is jealousy, a love to attack others, content to gather around them like-minded critics so they can continue to tear down other Christians. They feign concern for truth but continue to act like spoiled children. They are reminiscent of 9/11 and other conspiracy theorists. Answers have been given to these conspiracy-minded individuals, but they just plod on with their attacks. Why? Because they love it! They live for it! The sum total of their lives consists of providing fuel for non-Christians and in driving Christians away from the largest source of information available on the cults and aberrant Christian teachings.

Those who would like more information can go to the website of Cindee Morgan, daughter of Walter Martin, at Walter Martin Jude 3

Christian Research Journal Editor Elliot Miller has produced an extensive e-book addressing the accusations of the critics. It can be found at Breaking the Silence.


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