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Christian Worldviews 2.0

Updated on June 14, 2014

Why I believe in my Worldview

There are many worldviews to believe in these days. And if you do not believe in one completely you are always welcome to adjust any of them to your liking. The belief today is that everything is relative. Truth, justice, acceptance, and consequences; are all seen as if you are the mold that everything else is judged by. I am a nice person and do not do what those other people do so I know I will not be judged the same either. It is that very narcissistic thinking that has plagued man since the beginning of time. And yes, everything is relative, but it is relative to the ultimate truth of Jesus. God is truth, God is completely moral and God is the only one that anything is relative to.

The first component of my worldview is God. God is the central theme of my life. Everything I do, I do in relation to my knowledge of God and His universe. When I was fourteen I became a Christian, although I did not really know what that meant at the time. As I lived my life I grew away from the Church. However, all my actions, good or bad from the age of fourteen and on were based on my knowledge of scripture and God in my life. Even without living my faith, I knew of Gods presence all around me. As my faith and trust in God grew, so did my reliance upon Him. When it came time to continue my education I was set upon entering a Christian based College. All of my decisions since then have been based upon the truth of the bible and my commitment to Jesus to live as a disciple based upon His truth in the world.

The second component of my worldview is the code of ethics I live by. In all that I do and the choices I make I live by the ethics written down in the bible. There is a code of ethics that should be followed. It allows for honor, justice, truth, trust and strength of character. I have met too many people in my life that professed a code of ethics but lived anything but. The truth is many people do not tell the truth in reality. There is a very low code of ethics these days and too many people looking for the easy way instead of, the right way. The lack of a moral code has angered and hurt me many times in the past. It is one of the main reasons I try to live out my faith and show others there is a different way of doing things. Trying to teach my children to live a Christian life and with the moral ethics of the bible is also vitally important to me. By attending a Christian University I am showing my children how important it is to live out your faith as many ways as you can. Many people can talk the talk but it is by example that most people usually learn to walk the walk.

The third component of my worldview is that there is only one ultimate reality and Jesus is at the base of it and all ultimate right and wrong. So many people adhere to the notion that reality is subjective and relative, but it is not. There is only one true reality to follow and have eternal life. It is not relative to peoples perceptions; they can be very misleading and misconstrued. If reality is subjective than who is right and who is wrong. There would be no standard to live by. But we know as human beings certain things are wrong, and we should know there is an ultimate reality to go along with those things. There are many things to believe in these days. I have found that the world is a very lost place and the more we profess to believe in anything except God and Jesus as our Savior the more lost we become. We are headed to hell in so many different ways; trying to get back to the narrow gate sometimes seems impossible. I will not bend on my testimony; Jesus is the only way to be saved. To testify to anything else is blasphemy and leading others the hell. Jesus came to save and the world comes to destroy. We must be faithful and true, we must make the decision to tell the truth of the gospel and not water it down to make it comfortable. In my education and in my life I stand true to the biblical truths and the way to salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord, no other and no other way exist.
There are many different worldviews today. Almost anyone can find what they are looking for. It does not even have to be true to be a worldview anymore. All it will cost you to live the easy life is your eternal life. We must all stand for something or we will fall for anything. But we must know how to discern the truth for ourselves. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life; there is no other but Him. Our ultimate destiny lies in His hands and our lives depend upon Him. It is our duty to live by God s code of ethics which rest upon one ultimate reality with God at the very center of all.

Why I Believe

I can have absolute faith in Jesus because He is a living God. In every other religion the prophet or the god or the leaders are dead. Only Jesus is alive today and He is the truth, light and only way to salvation. Luckily it is here for all of us if we just confess, believe, trust and have faith. Jesus will be back; no other great leader from any other religion can say that. Read the Bible, learn His ways and live them best as you can.


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