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Christianity And Character

Updated on April 3, 2020
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Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

A Christians Character
A Christians Character

The Character Of Christian

As most of us know by now, Christianity is one of the world’s biggest religion. Their belief is quite simple. Christians believe that there is one God that governs all life on Earth. They believe that the God sent his son Jesus the Christ as a sacrifice to save mankind. They acknowledge the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God which they should live by. Christians believe that in order for any human to save his soul from damnation and enter heaven he or she must be baptized in water and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and live a Christian life.

So what exactly is living a Christian life? Well it should be real simple as there was nothing complicated about the teachings of Christ himself. The Christian should acknowledge the Ten Commandments and live their lives by these Godly rules. A Christian life involves living a simple, honest, comfortable, helpful and admirable life which anyone should love to mirror. But does following some simple guidelines makes the Christian exemplary? What about the human factor in Christianity? What else should a Christian do to be a good Christian which anyone can look up to as a beacon for truth and goodness? Well, this all boils down to one owns character.

Having A Good Character Matters

So what is a character? Your Character should not be a role you play in a movie that you can ditch and forget as soon as you finish the set. A character of any individual is that person’s aura. That person’s essence of life. It is how an individual talks, walks, deals with situation and people around him/her. Your character is your soul and your soul is your character. You can’t have a clean soul and a dirty character or a dirty soul and a clean character, that just doesn’t work.

A persons true Character is something which cannot be faked. You can always make people believe that you have a good or bad reputation, which is really what can be faked. But your character is you and you cannot fake your oneself. However, you can make adjustments to your own self hence adjusting your character. Character adjustment takes place all the time. Some people with bad characters change their habits and perception then d then the character becomes good. Some people with good characters become bad and hence their character becomes bad. But as a Christian, it is always essential to have a good character as there is no other character type which should be attached to the Christian follower.

Being a Christian with a bad character is not much different from a person who has backslide. Remember, when a person who has taken up the Christian Faith and then abandons it has gone back into the world. Meaning that they now may do or act the same way of that of a non-Christian. This may include, lying, stealing, sex out of marriage, murder, etc. But let me state this clearly before moving on, not all persons who abandon the Christian faith do all those stuff. Some people who abandon the Christian faith still lead honest and good lives, they just don’t believe in certain teachings of the church anymore, so with that said, let’s move on. A Christian with a bad character is not emitting the light of Christ. A Christian with a bad character has to build that character deliberately based upon that person s own actions.


Bad Character Taste

A Christian with a bad character is not a person which people may even regard as being a true Christian as that person moves further away from the actions of Christ and clings more to the actions of man. So what does a Christian with a bad character do? Well it could be from not sharing a meal with a starving man or even doing shady business deals to make millions of dollars. Persons with bad characters are shun by people mostly or sometimes feared by people because of the power they may wield. A Christian with a bad character breeds strife and confusion around him/her and persons they encounter in life. They also spew a bitter taste in the mouth of the Church. But as i said before, characters can be adjusted. A Christian with such traits can find back themselves in good grace by simply meditating, pray more to God and place less emphasis on the actions of man. A Christian with a bad character who needs to change needs to worship. Worship in his own heart or worship with his fellow disciples. Step back from your current lifestyle, your current situation and realise that there is nothing more important than living a good life and helping others do the same. Earn the trust of people around you and in return the spark of being a Christian with a good character will return to you without you not even noticing it.

It was written, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. That is right, his only son in flesh he gave to us to enlighten in knowledge and goodness. Acknowledge this, let your character be your son which you give to mankind to help them, teach them and show eternal love.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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