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Christianity On Trial!

Updated on January 22, 2019
Christianity on trial
Christianity on trial

‘How dare the nations plan a rebellion. Their foolish plots are futile. Look at how the power brokers of the world rise up to hold their summit as rulers scheme and confer together against Yahwweh and His Anointed King.' - Psalm 2:1 - 2 (TPT)

There are battles and contentions in Christianity, it is a choice to be a Christian, but the choice has to do with standing on the Lord's side, because there is enemy and there are enemies on the other side.

When the bible talks about the whole Armour of God, it has battle in mind. When Paul admonished that we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, he had contentions in mind. When Jesus told his disciples that if the world hated him, the world would also hate his disciples, he had persecutions in mind.

But in all these battles, contentions, and persecutions, Jesus told us that he had overcome the world! The victory that overcomes the world - even our faith. So be bold and get prepared as you stand on the LORD'S SIDE

Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them. Those that came to Church during the years of prosperity and glamour are finding it difficult today to maintain their status quo as Christians.

The last two decades really witnessed the emergence of affluence and fame in the Church. Springing out from some mega churches in the United States, the religious junk were greatly exported to Nigeria for onward distributions to other African nations. In the 21st century church salvation message is now obsolete and God is no more their focus.

Watchers who are elders among us would agree with me that the Church age is gradually coming to an end as our dear Christianity is being put on trial by many factors. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is still the power of God unto salvation. Any Church that neglects salvation message lives in a perilous environment. The reason for the present world crisis.

Hear what we are saying and apply understanding: money and giant buildings will never replace the power of God and the message of Christ at any point in time. The enemies of our faith understand this truth; they will never engage in buildings or glamor but are focus on their course – to destroy Christianity. A mission impossible!

When your neighbor’s wall goes on fire, it becomes your own business. Therefore, the whole Christian community cried foul to the Christmas day bombing of a Catholic Church at Madala in Niger State of Nigeria; killing over 40 worshippers right inside the Church on Christmas day! – December 25, 2010.

Before the bombing of churches, the same Islamic group responsible for the bombing had earlier captured a Pastor in Maiduguri, Borno State of Nigeria, and cut – off his head right in front of his wife and son! This was a case out of hundreds killed in similar manner as of that time in Borno State. Strange as it might sound, at the end of the saga, the Nigerian government paid the leader of the Islamic group with a hundred million Naira (N100m) and left the Christian victims to their fate. Sure, Christianity is on trial here.

The killing of innocent Christians right in their Church buildings later spread to other states of the country. Deeper Life Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Apostolic Church, Evangelical Church of West Africa, and many other denominations were victims in Adamawa, Bauchi, Kano, Kaduna, Borno states and also the Nation Capital was not spared. Since 2010, when this sacrilege started, over 1000 Christians had been killed!

On July, 2012, the dragon appeared in a border town in Kenya: attacking two churches, wounding over 40 Christians and killing 16 faithful right in their church building! A Somalian woman that was publicly flogged for accepting Christianity as a way of life would consider herself lucky and fortunate when compared with those that got bombed in Church buildings.

Bishop Philip Loke once escaped being bombed in his Church at Malaysia when two firebombs were thrown at the building few years ago by the haters of Jesus Christ. In the same vein, the Tafat Church building at Tizi, Duzou, Algeria was torched and burnt by an irate Islamic group in the country. This was not as devastating as the torching and burning of Cathedral in civilized Texas, USA by some unknown people.

In Nigeria, Christianity is now painfully divided between two opinions; Brethren were asked not to revenge the killings of their relatives by Islamic bombers. On the other hand, the government has not prosecuted and sentenced a single bomber among those arrested since the beginning of these Church bombings! Therefore the bombing and the killing of God’s people continue in a nation bereaved of glory!

The Christian brethren in Pakistan have their own stories of woes to tell, because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Some of them were targeted and bombed in their cars, some are now fugitives in their own land; running and hiding in caves and holes. The story of believers is worse in India and China is not taking it easy with the followers of Jesus Christ.

It is a known fact that the most – hated and the most – attacked religion in the world is Christianity. Ironically, this same religion is the most – popular with the largest members in the whole world! Other religions do not attack each other as often as they (other religions) attack Christianity. The strength of Christianity is the knowledge of God. As with the early Church, we are called into the Kingdom through persecutions. So Christianity sees death being the beginning of a wicked man’s hell, and an ending to a godly man’s hell.

Brethren, until we join those that preach Salvation message and rely solely on the power of God, this nightmare may continue for a longer time than expected. The enemy and the enemies are wickedly putting our Christianity on trial everywhere in the world today. From the Whitehouse in the USA and their anti – Christ policies to the remote corner of the world, Christianity is being daily put on trial.

While Christianity remains in the witness – box, we all must embrace the biblical truth that says, ‘the trying of our faith works patience’ (James 1:3). It is this patience that will birth a perfect Church which will stand boldly before the Great Judge of the whole world, Whose verdict reads thus:

‘The LORD said to my Lord, sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool. The LORD shall send the rod of your strength out of Zion; rule you in the midst of your enemies.’ – Psalm 110:1-2

The whole world should learn from history that it was not possible for powers that were in those days to alienate Christianity from the face of the world. The haters of Jesus Christ have tried times without number to keep the saints quiet, but it was all missions impossible. Let it be known that If it was not possible then, it is not likely now.

It is only those who possess Christ in their mouth, but secretly keep the world's pleasure in their hearts that are afraid; afraid to lose the world's pleasure. However the Christians who are born of God treasure Christ in their hearts and abhors the romance of the world. These are the Church that Christ Jesus is coming back to meet. This universal Church is dynamic and violent towards evils. Nothing on earth can stop them, powers beware!

The Church is marching on,

The Church is marching on,

The gates of hell shall not prevail,

The Church is marching on.

‘Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him.’ – Hebrews10:38

Preparing the Bride,

Segun Tewogbola


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