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Christians And The Need To Evangelize

Updated on January 26, 2016

Reaching Out

These days, Christians find it hard to evangelize and talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is that Jesus died for our sins and that there is hope for all in salvation. Yet this is the charge given to us Jesus in Acts 1:8 just before his ascension into heaven. Christians worldwide are to witness and tell people about this. This is imperative knowing that the end is drawing near. An instruction from God must be obeyed.

Evangelism is the preaching or promulgation of the gospel; the work of an evangelist. Even our way of life is evangelism.

Why Most Christians Cannot Evangelize

  • Procrastination: This is a disease that has eaten deep, not only in the normal, physical everyday lives of most people, but the spiritual also. ‘Oh, I’ll pray later, I’ll read my bible later’, some would say. ‘I’ll witness later, am too busy now’.

As Christians, God has given us the power and will to do whatsoever we want. Procrastination only gives room for the devil to operate in our lives. He acts on it, and uses it as a means of distraction and diversion of focus and interest. So most Christians keep pushing evangelism till later and at the end they never get to do it.

  • Fear: For those who are closet Christians, fear stands as a big barrier between and evangelism. They do not want their friends or probably other people to know they have joined ‘that group of people’, so they can hardly evangelize for fear of being laughed at, ridiculed and criticized.

Fear also comes in another way. Most actually want to but are scared of being turned away or lack the boldness to talk to anyone about Christ. According to Acts 1:8, Jesus promised us power when he’ll send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit teaches us, gives us boldness and takes away our fear and reservations. We’ll notice that the attitude of the disciples back then changed after they received the Holy Spirit. Peter was able to win 3,000 souls in one day. This is why every believer should pray for the Holy Spirit to dwell in them and to make their hearts and bodies acceptable and comfortable for the Holy Spirit to dwell.

  • Too Busy: Some Christians are just too busy, infact they barely have time to eat. This is not good at all. Being too busy is a major tool in the hands of the devil right now. He puts so much pressure on us and makes us think working round the clock is the solution. We should be time conscious and schedule plans properly. You don’t even need a definite time to talk to tell someone Jesus loves him. Where ever you find yourself; in the bus, sitting at the park, in the neighborhood, walking somewhere, in the office, wherever. Anywhere can be a good place to start a conversation and talk to someone about Christ. You don’t know who might need it.

  • Hypocritical and Pretentious life: Christians who live double lives or commit secret, silent sins find it hard to talk to another person about Christ. God cannot be mocked, you cannot serve God and mammon. When someone is going the wrong way or doing the wrong thing, it’s hard for such Christians to call the person to order, this is because they are conscious of the fact that they are not any better. The right thing to do is to confess all sins and turn to God wholly.

  • Too Much Distractions: The Tv, the net, the kids, the job, etc. all these are things that can keep one preoccupied for ages if we put our minds to them, but God doesn’t accept excuses. We need to actually discipline ourselves and evangelize.

  • Wrong Mindset: Some think only pastors and evangelists are licensed to witness. This is not true. Evangelism is an instruction that applies to everyone; every believing child of God. In the upper room in Acts 2, it wasn’t just the twelve disciples there, there were 120 people. God has given us a mandate and we fulfill it.

Evangelism comes in different ways. Most times when we can’t physically go to a place to preach, we can assist by giving money, relief materials and other necessary things to those who will. Every believing child of God is an evangelist.


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