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Christians: How can you prove your religion is the RIGHT one?

Updated on May 9, 2012

Oxymorons and Inconsistencies with Christianity and the Christian community

As a former dogmatic Christian (I am still Christian, but in a very different way), something that intrigues me is the amount of things that do not seem to be consistent between what is supposed to be taught in the Christian church and the actual practice of what is taught. Let me begin with two situations I lived when I was a child.

When I was nearly 10 years old, I used to go to a Protestant Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This church was evangelical, and had a big congregation. Some of the leaders were actually nice and kind, but there were a lot of people who seemed to be bitter and unhappy. During a Biblical school session, the teacher accidentally fell tripping over my feet. For some reason she did not like me, and soon after the incident happened, I apologized because it was clearly not my intention. She told me she would tell my parents, angry. Also, almost during the same period, near the age of 11 I said hi to one of the Pastor's assistants during a service, when she told me to shut up because she was listening.

These are not the only incidents I have had with dogmatic Christians. Recently some family of mine that I had some differences with, decided to "cancel" me out of their lives, even to the point of blocking me from social networks like Facebook. Also, a very devout Christian woman I just wanted to meet got scared after I invited her to some innocent water park fun (a mutual friend let me know that she got scared after I invited her), meaning that she judged while I had very good intentions. I can spend a lot of time here setting up examples of different incidents, which together with recent observations and discoveries I have made over the years, ended any kind of link between me and organized religion.

Before going into the oxymorons and inconsistencies, let me summarize the more important things I learned during church:

1. True meaning of love

2. Value of friendship

3. Love of Jesus, his humbleness, and his example as a man who never sinned and acted perfectly before God

4. The importance of being faithful, loyal, lovely, kind, noble, considerate, respectful, ethical, honest, always striving to be best before God

5. The importance and value of prayer and reading the Bible and follow the set of rules written, like the 10 Commandments

The Christian religion has a very neat way of describing and understanding God. But of course, like I explained in other hubs before this one, to say it is the sole and right religion is not logical or fair.

Yet, despite of what the Christian religion tries to project, this is what I have found in a lot of churches and a lot of people who are very involved in the church:

1. Extremely judgmental

2. Gossip

3. Disloyalty, unfaithfulness and betrayal

4. Bad competition

5. Preferential attitude

6. Bitterness

7. Hypocrisy

Let me talk a little bit about the seventh, which is the worse of all of them: hypocrisy. I have met people from all backgrounds, some very Christian, some "somehow" Christians and some "word-of-mouth" Christians. I have found more loyalty and sincerity in the latter two. I understand of course this might be my personal experience and maybe some people have known very good and loyal "very" Christian people, perhaps my personality is not fit with this group even though I tried for a long time during my life to keep with them since I thought because they loved God and were really into spirituality I would have had more affinity with them. But that was not the case. For a reason I found out recently, I have more affinity with people who are not involved into RELIGION.

There is the problem- a lot of people who I have met who go to churches do not seem to have the ability to question, ask, and dare to "prove" what they are taught in church. What the Pastor says, he/she does, without hesitation. There are many authentic Pastors whose intentions are good and true, but there are also some opportunistic wannabe leaders who use God and the Bible as a pretext to get money and attention, without even being anywhere close to Christian or religious. These are the same who have been found to commit fraud, rape, and other evil things. The common excuse they give when they are found: "We are human, we are flesh, we are sinners, we were not strong enough to defeat the Devil's temptations", in order to keep the people they "preach" to, brainwashed and zombified.

I may sound very judgmental in this explanation, but to me there is no other thing that explains the hypocrisy found in many churches. There is this mindset that God wants people to enjoy rich lives (rich meaning wealthy, powerful, financially healthy) and do not seem to care about the true riches God wants in us. They go to church, but they are also very manipulative bosses, violent husbands and wives, and harsh parents. The attitude displayed is totally oxymoronic with what true Christianity wants to show.

This mindset of hypocrisy is also found in what I criticize more about Christianity and I can say it also goes with most religions independently- the mindset of "I am right, you are wrong". Jesus hanged out with undesirable people. He used to be around people who were not powerful and had different cultures.

I am pretty sure now that Jesus/God accepts all people who really follow what He desires, regardless of race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture and RELIGION. To say that only a couple of millions will be saved and billions will perish in hell is extremely oxymoronic and inconsistent on what Jesus taught and what true Christianity is.

I have asked before what is the proof Christians can provide to justify that they are the right ones, and until now, no explanation seems satisfactory. I have to admit I can't really accept any explanation because what Christians think, Muslims may think on their religions, as well as other religious people with theirs. I have noticed how badly interpreted has been the Bible and the proof is how many religions have used the book to manipulate people into fear and brainwashing instead of letting them know that God is a Being that is perfectly fair, lovely and wise. The question is, when is it that people will wake up from human domination and open their minds to true spiritual guidance?


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    • ssaville profile image


      6 years ago

      Congratulations. You are a far better christian than any of those fools you wrote about in this hub. There are a few things I see wrong with this picture here.

      1) Bitterness. So someone told you to shut up. So someone tattled on you for accidentally tripping them. So some jerk blocked you on facebook. Who cares? Yes, there are hypocritical brainwashed zombies in the church. They have been there since the beginning of Christianity, and are there to stay. Frankly, I'm a little more than sick of dealing with them. Even Paul chastised them in his letters. The main message of Christianity however, is love and forgiveness. No matter what.

      2) You state the importance of following rules in that first list. Let me say it again: the main message of Christianity is love and forgiveness. You are forgiven of your sins, so why waste so much time trying to be perfect and follow a whole bunch of rules? That's how people become hypocrites in the first place. There are far more important things to be doing that keeping lists of dos and do nots.

      3) You say that it is not logical to assume that only one religion is true. I tell you: if one cannot be the single true religion, none can be true. And if you must dispose of part of one religion to save that ideal, you must dispose of the whole and consider it false.

    • Prophetic Insight profile image

      Christopher Enoch 

      6 years ago

      Let me begin by defining what a Christian is: A Christian (Christ-ian) is someone who believes in Jesus Christ. More specifically, a Christian is not only someone who believes that there was such a person as Jesus Christ (because the devil believes that too), but someone who actually believes in, and follows the teachings of Jesus (something the devil cannot and will not do). Just because someone "believes in God" or someone "believes in Christ" doesn't make them a Christian any more than the devil - because the devil believes in the existence of God and Jesus Christ too.

      Having said that, I believe that true Christians are few and far between. Therefore a Christian (Christ-ian) is obviously someone who identifies himself/herself with Christ - which obviously includes believing in and practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      If someone does not whole-heartedly believe in the sayings/teachings of Christ then that person should never say they are a Christian.

      I come from a non-churched home. I tried many different religions - until I finally had a personal and powerful encounter with Christ just like Saul did on the road to Damascus in the Bible. When someone has a very real, very powerful, face to face encounter with the very real, and risen Savior, everything changes.

      My wife came from a Muslim country. She was a practicing Muslim, until the same thing happened to her. You have to realize that it takes a LOT MORE than just a religion to cause a radical Muslim to turn from faith, friends, and family in a moment of time. And no, she is not delusional. She is well educated, and well respected in the community. In fact, if you do some research you will find that there are COUNTLESS people who have experienced the same kind of thing. Sure.. you run across the odd flake. But to totally ignore millions of testimonies like this is just simply choosing to turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear.

      Anyone who claims to be a Christian should believe in the teachings of Christ - that is a no-brainer. And what are the teachings of Christ?

      He said, "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me." (Yes, Jesus is not, and never has been, politically correct. He is not swayed by the opinion of people because he is not blinded by a democratic smoke-screen. And yes, according to Jesus, the majority doesn't rule.)

      He taught over and over again that the majority of people ARE destined to eternal damnation. And no, He didn't say this with a cold, judgmental heart. He weeps over the lost, and many as there are. It breaks His heart. Nevertheless, He said (and I believe it was with tears in His eyes) that the majority of people are destined to eternal damnation and hellfire. Is this my teaching? NO. It is Christ's teaching. Believe it, or not. And if a person does not believe it, they should not call themselves a Christian.

      But not only Christ teachings proclaim this truth. But also the testimonies of many, many witnesses. Do a search for people who have died and come back to life.

      I don't count the testimonies of those people who were dead for just a few minutes. Because that doesn't prove nothing other than there is "something" beyond. I don't count those people who were dead and "saw the light at the end of the tunnel" because that is just the beginning. What is beyond that light?

      I count those people who have died, and spent enough time to experience what is beyond the "light", be it heaven and/or hell. There are some people who say died and saw the "light" (Christ) and afterwards were cast into hellfire.

      We need to seriously look at first hand accounts of people who have gone farther than "the light". We need to seriously look at first hand accounts of people who have spent enough time to bring back a clear account of what is beyond death.

      Check out testimonies from Aldo McPherson, Todd Burpo, "earthquake Kelly", Daniel Ekechukwu, Ian McCormack, Howard Storm, and Bill Wiese to name a few... There are MANY more!

      Almost everybody who had this kind of experience comes back to life only to become a TRUE Christian, because they met the true and living Christ and know that there is no other by which we may be saved.

      You see, the so call "church" has fallen so far from the truth. Their goal is to please the people because the people can either vote the minister in or out of the church. So the minister becomes a servant of politics and not Christ. Don't be fooled, far too many churches do not teach true Christianity, nor do they follow Christ. If Jesus were their pastor, they would kick him out of the church, or most of the people would leave the church because they can't accept His teachings. Consider this: Sometimes Jesus had entire cities following Him. At one time He had 70 disciples. But because of His teaching which were so hard to accept only 12 remained. Out of the entire world - only 12 could stand it. Think about that.

      Ultimately, TRUE Christianity is not just a religion - it is a personal, intimate, and very REAL relationship with God, the FATHER through His only Son, Jesus Christ the Lord... Something that no other religion can offer. Both my ex-Muslim wife, and this ex-eastern religion man can testify of beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    • Peter Fredericks profile image

      Peter Fredericks 

      6 years ago from Florida

      I am a Christian. Jesus claimed to be the only way to the Father. The ten commandments - 'You shall have no other gods before me.' Christianity is exclusive in that it does not embrace other religious ideas. It does claim to be the only right faith. Christianity is very judgmental against false faith. It does condemn sin, but there is a Savior and without that Savior, yes, there is a literal Hell.

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 

      6 years ago from Midwest

      Interesting hub and I agree with your perspective. I am not religious, but I always said I'd be more inclined to believe in "one true religion" when someone is the first to stand up and proclaim that theirs is the wrong one. In other words, everyone thinks they are right, often at the expense of others. I often felt that different faiths were not "wrong" - but merely different facets of the same diamond so to speak. Unfortunately people struggle to outgrow the "I'm right so you have to be wrong" polarity. I believe that many realities can exist myself :) Interesting and voted up.


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