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Christians, the Torah, and the Alef Tav; Having the Right Mindset for Understanding God's Word

Updated on March 11, 2014
      Hebrew Alef Bet  (Click for a larger version)
Hebrew Alef Bet (Click for a larger version)

Today's Christian has a Greek mindset. A mindset that actually hinders their understanding of the Hebrew scriptures because they read a Greek translation of the bible. Though some may walk with the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) they cannot presume to fully understand certain things of God if He cannot take them further than He is able.

However, with a Hebrew mindset His secrets can be revealed. As many Christians minds are slowly opening up to a Hebrew mindset, they are learning and enjoying great truths that have been for hidden from them for thousands of years!

The first thing to do after becoming saved is to find a good and knowledgeable teacher so that you can learn and understand the Torah (the first five books of the bible). I don't mean just reading the Greek translation of the bible, but also learn about the Hebrew language itself because there is deep meaning in the letters and words. The letters have word pictures that represent them as well as have other meanings, such as numerical value. For now, we'll just stick with the pictoral meaning.

For example, one of the titles of God is 'Father'. The Hebrew word for the word Father is Av, and the letters are Alef (A) and Bet (V,B). Each letter has a picture meaning besides a sound meaning. The Alef represents ox, strength, and leader (and has a numerical value of 1). Alef is also the 'leader' and 'master' of all the letters and words. There is even deeper meaning when broken apart, but for now we'll keep it at this level.

The letter Bet represents house. When putting these two Hebrew letters together they make up the word for Father, but they also have further meaning in their pictorial form. The word also says 'head of the house'. So, in its orginally written text, the Hebrew language provides us with more than just sentences. It also provides some scriptural context.

In fact, if you search through the Hebrew text of the scriptures, you will find the Alef and the Tav (Alpha and Omega in the Greek translation) sometimes written as 'random' letters that seem to 'float by themselves'. You will also find these two letters in amongst certain sentences and words, which prove that Yahshua (Jesus) was the Messiah prophesied about.

With understanding of the Hebrew culture you begin to gain a Hebrew mindset, and even further insight to sciptural meaning in its correct context.

More Secrets in the Torah

The Feasts of God, as spoken of in Leviticus 23, are shadow pictures that He has created in order for His people to know what His plan is for the world.

There are Spring Feasts and there are Fall Feasts. The Spring Feasts reveal His death, resurrection, and gift of the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit).

The Fall Feasts reveal to us His second coming. However, if your eyes are on pagan holidays such as Easter and Christmas as His resurrection and birth, then you will likely have little or no knowledge and understanding of the Passover or Feast of Tabernacles. You are still embedded in a Greek mindset!

If you wish to develop a Hebrew mindset, then you must turn to your Hebrew brother's rich culture and heritage for the deeper meanings and understanding of God's Word.


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