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Christmas Bible Study for Kids

Updated on February 7, 2018
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Bronwen was a Sunday School teacher for over sixty years. Part of her doctorate was in Christian Education.

Singing Together in PNG
Singing Together in PNG | Source

Family Bible Study Time

It's Christmas Holiday time, or very nearly, so it's really time to begin planning ahead for what you might do with your children as a family. What a marvellous opportunity it can be for us to make sure that our children learn about the real 'reason for the season'!

I've always been a keep advocate of the idea that holiday time is just as much a part of our kids' education as their schooling, but this part of their education is for learning about living and is the family's responsibility.

Sure, it's often a busy, frenetic time for parents, but, PLEASE don't just send them off to the garden, or, worse still, to play games on their smart phones. Make lists, make short-cuts in various ways, but do try to organize your schedule so that you can spend quality time with them, perhaps in the evenings, making sure that they know the real story of Christmas through Bible Study together with the whole family.

Then make sure that you take them to Sunday School and church. Here, they may catch up with some of their school friends, but also make new friends as they learn more about Christmas in a Christian setting.

Tiny Sheep, Church of the Good Shepherd, Taiwan
Tiny Sheep, Church of the Good Shepherd, Taiwan | Source

Young Children's Christmas Bible Study Ideas

There are so many ways in which the Christmas story can be accessed for younger children: there are wordless picture books, picture-story books with simple, easy-to-understand text, there are Children's Bibles, and there are e-books, even interactive e-books.

Decide which type of media suits your family best. When you are ready, sit down with them in a comfortable place, put your arms around your kids, let them know how much they are loved, as you enjoy the Christmas story together.

When you have finished, discuss it and listen to them patiently. Let them have their say. As a follow-up, they could draw about what they have learned, or even make a small crib to put on display in a prominent place in your home.

Also, remember to take the little ones to church and Sunday School where they can interact with others of the same age, learning and having fun together at the same time.

Christmas Pageant Rehearsal, PNG
Christmas Pageant Rehearsal, PNG | Source

Christmas Bible Study Ideas for Older Kids

With older children you really need to be prepared. Use a concordance or one of the many useful study books that are available, or go out and visit a library together to find out more information.

In many towns and cities there are sure to be performances of Handel's wonderful "Messiah." As a preparation for attending one of these performances, you could look at the Christmas story from the same perspective, beginning with the promises and prophesies in the Old Testament and following through to the Gospels. When you attend with your children, they will really be able to listen with understanding. If you are unable to go, you could watch a DVD of "Messiah" together at home.

Older kids in the family could join a Seniors' class at Sunday School and here they may take part in a pageant that is shown to the whole church in a special service, having fun with other teenagers while learning.

Finally, you could attend a magical Christmas Eve 'midnight' service together. How special it is to share the mystery and joy with the whole family!

Enjoying the Amazing Chained Library in St. Gallen, Switzerland
Enjoying the Amazing Chained Library in St. Gallen, Switzerland | Source

© 2011 Bronwen Scott-Branagan


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