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Heaven Our Eternal Home

Updated on November 12, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

The light glows in the heavens

Imagine it's Christmas morning in Heaven; there is undoubtedly such a celebration. The children surround Him as they huddle in close. His Gracious feet tickle them and invite them even closer. Today is remarkable, as the little ones are bursting with joy on their heavenly playground.

There are many faithful servants, older yet perfect, as they too have come, and they find the strength of their youth as they run and even skip in His humble and glorious sight. They have no fears of a confusing world. They feel no imperfection, sadness, or pain. They are breathing in the joy and peace of the provision of their heavenly Father. They all quietly settled at His feet in perfect tranquility.

Those left behind separate for a time are sad; they can find the comfort we will reunite. Honestly, the time will be short, and only joy will abound.

It is tough when the daily news focuses not on the tiny miracles but on the horrors that are abundantly seeping around us. How quickly do we forget the blessings of our past when in the storms of our present?

I can't imagine such beautiful peace after a loss. The pain and emptiness can be significant; a loved one you can no longer hold, a job that downsized, or perhaps a challenge to your physical or emotional health. Even the tiniest crack in our armor can cause a flood of doubt.

Why? Why do we so quickly succumb to our lives' confusion and chaotic happenings? How quickly we throw away our trust and belief in the promises of our Father. Could you try for a moment to see that there is no more excellent gift than Heaven for all of us and those we love?

Imagine your loves in Heaven smiling at His face as the warmth of His radiance embodies them and centers their hearts in comfort. They can’t contain their laughter, for it is overflowing in abundance as they glorify Him. His arms are massive and welcoming; with room for more, they need not wait their turn to be picked up and lifted close to His breath.

His whispers of love reach them regardless of what field they choose to explore for their daily romp. The angels guide them into their new and exciting paradise. Their Father’s light shines brightly from day into night; there is no difference, for they bask in His glow forever and always. They have only beautiful experiences and lovely new memories from moment to moment. They are content in a way no earthly body could comprehend. Their hearts swell with a feeling of a constant showering of love and peace; oh, the beautiful peace is indescribable.

Close your eyes and go to this place in your mind. Stroll with them as they clasp your hand and bring you toward the reason for their solace, Christ the Lord. He loves you, and He is your home. He is an all-loving, wonderfully patient, forgiving, and all-knowing Father. In Him, it can make you new. He meets you in your valleys and is the provider of your peaks. All things are possible in Him. Feel for Him next to you and walk hand in hand forever free.

This Is Your Temporary Home

Earth is our temporary home. It is okay to misconstrue and have deeply passionate feelings about, and in this world we inhabit. Try to remember all will bring others to Him. In this time, there will be storms and great discord. There will be turmoil in days to come and great difficulty understanding the happenings of a world attempting to dim the light of God.

You must keep your heart in His promises and His word. In the wake of each day, imagine the vision of your perfect and peaceful home. Shine for one another; try to light the path for those in darkness. Smile and share the love He has shown you. Light, the fire of someone, lost to His gift. Give someone what they desperately need and may not know the way.

How do you ask? Just love them where they are, as God loves you. Share Him with them; do not be stingy with your forgiveness or warmth. Look at them with the eyes that are continually guiding you. Please give them a whisper of grace.

Do not judge their imperfections, for yours too are great. Understand their bitterness for you to harbor resentments, often unaware. Shield those in your path from negativity by attempting to see the joy in the saddest or most difficult moments. Know that you are no better than anyone in your way, for every person or situation is a stepping-stone toward acceptance of our faults.

Cast not one stone at your neighbor, for all could return in our direction. If one slip from your hand or fires spew from your mouth, then go humbly to your Father, and He will be waiting. God allows all mistakes and or trials. They give us a greater understanding of our walk with Him in the light. Here in this surrender, you can feel His tender and loving embrace. Ask yourself, am I ready? If not, start today and Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14.

We can spend our time in worry. We can spend our time in sadness. We can spend our time in fear. We can spend our time in regret. But haven’t we already done that? Did it work for you?

I can honestly say, “I know it didn’t work for me.” Maybe we could spend our time seeking God in all things? Perhaps we could imagine Heaven, our perfect, peaceful, and eternal home?

Temporary Home ~Carrie Underwood

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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