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To Fable Enable Mith Is a Captive of the Nephilim & Knows He Must Feign Complicity or Truly Lose Himself. (Chapter 6)

Updated on September 17, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Who The Nephilim Were Becomes Less Important, Knowing that They Are Uniquely Lodged In Secret Caves and Mountains

So, the Nephs Steal Away from Pagosa Springs! And What Appeared To Be Government Protection Is Now the Unknown!

Just that fast,our government protection broke down, as four Nephs, each somewhere between 8 to 9 feet, knocked out, tied up and administered hypo syringes to seven of theirs. It was mostly because of affability and jocularity. For a group who had feigned might and cold blood; they were smoothly subtle in executing quick dispatch to unsuspecting pros.

All they did to me was "hug" me with smothering laughter from the Neph I called "Fred". Being several generations down the DNA trail, he had decidedly large padding that he used to immobilize me. So, we all hit the SUV trail and took preplanned mountain trails away from the Government. Actually, it wasn't that hard to disappear because they were under orders not "to shoot", and the Nephs and me soon were "in the wind".

A Diplomatic Kidnapping

For just a moment I observed a specimen. It was then that a seven foot tall Neph/Human stood next to Goliath. She was striking with a strong forehead and lips that smiled naturally in an upward curve. I would become accustomed to that long straight blonde hair splashed along her shoulders. She did not exude "I'm a princess". She was just a natural, with wide-eyed wonder. She turned right and left beaming a great caring glow. She hadn't seen 10,000 hours of TV yet, but She was raised in a cave. A highly sociable cave.

I Stood And Controlled An Announcement at Pagosa Springs, Colorado

In the midst of clamor and camera in front of the panoply of personalities and lights, the pressure of heat and body tension, I began a short statement: "As a result of Nephilim Hopes, Goliath is going to make this statement:"

He moved his Giant Frame forward, holding my small hand upward and gently joining her hand to mine. "Tonight we are Going to Join an Earthling and My Princess Athelia in wedded Bliss!".

As a White Sports Van screeched forward, it stopped and four large attendants pulled Alethia and myself into the Van, with Goliath jumping into the right front Seat.

As the crowd went breathless and the Van speeded away, Goliath used his voluminous voice in a silencing monotone. For the next twenty minutes, no one in the Van must speak! Especially Christobol and Athelia!"

Things happened too quickly for me to even inhale.

The Other Benefit To All Concerned Is That She Will Not Be A Part Of Your Wedding Service.

She won't experience outrage or vehement protest. She won't have a word with you. Nor will she sadden what will be a winsome sexual wonder!"

I was irritated and full of angst. "Damn it, how did you Nephs get so brilliant, so utterly brainy? And hundreds of years before, you were "clunky"?

"Easy. For hundreds of years we just survived, and then we just followed your technology. For 3 hundred years we have been reading. We put a train connecting two caves. No engines, just tracks. Tons of TV, radio and science. We have great imitators and our own theatre."

We Took Dirt Roads, County Roads; But We Were Told To Shut Up So We Did.

Alethia rested her left hand in between Fred's two. All three of those arms were "hugging" me and my Genitalia. Alethia lovingly caressing me.

And silly me, just a few minutes before, I thought we were just friends.

"Goliath". I mumbled, but had excellent enunciation. "Yes." He was warm and accommodating.

"When will we be able to talk about the future. and this present untenable moment?"

Goliath let his low dulcet tones resound with a classic poise.

"You have been chosen for Uniqueness."

Porn, Stockmarket. Cyber, Cyber Everywhere. Just let Your Mind Go Free!

"So my Bride is well schooled?" I quietly posed.

"Oh Christobol, she is the School. She is enthusiastic! We have consumed religious and morality, but we don't inhale it like local cultures do. We observe, and chuckle."

"I get it. Once you got used to Area 51, somewhere around here, you went from Trogladytes with a Biblical background to well behaved students and all the technology that could be sampled."

Alethia became peacefully observant. "And we maidens were getting pregnant and having an explosion of children. So, I told Daddy that we needed to go from the Flinstones to the Jetsons and start up a college. And I would be the President of Vice. I mean the Vice President".

"Oh Mon Dieu!" I was losing my poise.

"After the Saxons struggled with the language of the Normans, they started cussing in French. Mon Chere, oh, look what you went and did! Just come down. I mean calm down. You will be amazed at what I can teach you. Fred get a towel."

Goliath impatiently intervened. We have absconded with one of your highly trained and willing pilots and an ultra helicopter from your Area 51. There are so ,many goodies. They don't even know we are there. And once we capture selected targets, we take Alethia and her students engage project after project. Do you see what you did? Before YOU and YOUR LADY FRIEND, only a few suspected we existed!! I had to kill you or make you my Son in Law and High Priest."

© 2020 Christofer French


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