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Laugh at Yourself and Keep on Going!

Updated on April 18, 2013

Text Messages for the Soul - Original Proverbs for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor

Ecstasy, Wine and Words - These Poetic Proverbial Observations, Gleaned from a Thousand Books and a "Draw Down" from Somewhere, are "Text Messages for the Soul". Scrawling out what seems an Ancient Code for some Deep Reprogramming of the Inner Part of Us. They are for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor. While there is not a Wise Saying that can finally plumb the Depths of Ecstasy, the Heights of Joy, or Deeply Realized Experience, we still try --Over Sacramental Wine or Beer and Pretzels, We craft this small are for the Immortal Human Heart.

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Tale of Triumph - Its a walk. And sometimes a run, but its always Your Sacred Journey. As you come over each rise, You expand your Vision. You are meant to be Exactly Where You Are Right Now! A hundred thousand factors have put you here. What is ahead is VICTORY. A Tale of Triumph. And when you win and have come to the end, you will rejoice in every foot of that Path. And you will see in intricate detail, how everything worked together to help you arrive at this your Glorious Spot. And the Goal won't be where you are, but alas -- What You Are!

Spark of Divinity - Within the Sanctity of Work there is a Pulse, a Throbbing that is the Heart of the Universe. Within the Sacrament of Play, there is a Giddiness, A laughter that comes from the Knower of Secrets. Within your Full Consciousness there is an Awareness that is YOU. And that "you", that Spark of Divinity is down here to joyfully Participate in the Work and the Play.

Constant Pressure - If your Best Behavior is not your Natural Behavior, Then --- Perhaps it is Provident that you are under such Constant Pressure. The Blacksmith of Daily Living relentlessly Pounds us into shapes we have not previously had. But the pounding is less of a pounding, the more malleable we become.

Keep on Going - Life is too complex and unpredictable to be super smart, totally wise and all together. Just be quiet and keep going. The beauty of life is that sometimes its OK not to think. Just be quiet and keep going. Our urge to fix and tinker can be way overdone. Just be quiet and keep going. If you would just stop with the solutions, maybe they would love you more. Just be quiet and keep going. Maybe your life is the way it is because you are the way you are. Just be quiet and keep going.

Laugh at Yourself - Self Importance, taking yourself too seriously, moping about silly losses and hurt feelings. Mustering up indignation and pissyness just to hear yourself go off. Giving someone the silent treatment, until they beg for the reason why. Harboring a grudge because its lodged in your special gizzard of grief, souring, as you self indulge thoughts of Vengeance and "Getbackedness". Muttering aboutg no one loving you even when you are so darned loveable. Get some self-stimulated perspective - Laugh at Yourself.

The Boogie Man - We never seem to be able to get over being afraid of the Dark! As adults, we tremble...and have trouble accepting Pain, Suffering, Loss and Death, as part of Life's Phases from which a Better Life comes. The Monster on the Wall in your Room at Night is actually the Lamp with your T-Shirt slung over it. AND THE BOOGIE MAN IS ACTUALLY THE REDEEMER.

Clouds on the Moon - When the Moon is Full, Plant your Garden. The clouds are not on the Moon, They are wisps blocking the Lunar Glow. So plant your garden anyway. Misguided, we often wait, for funny reasons for the "Right Time" to act, thiniking that Hesitation shows Wise Calculation. It is much better to try and bargain with Fate, than to end up not trying, and letting Fate kick you in the butt.

Ego's Voice - God's Voice comes from Within, but it is soft and quiet. Ego's Voice is Loud and Continuous. Yes, we must Listen, but first ---- we must shut the hell up!

Change at the Bar - "I was a runnin' man! The getaway was what I was good at. A couple marriages, an almost fortune or two - a helluva bankruptcy. And some of them DUIs. Now, I'm on top again. New everything and plenty of it! I know I'm an unchangeable hard head. And alla those people I abandoned were glad to see me go. I will even say that I wanted to change. Thought bein' in new surroundings might help me change. But guess what? The only change I ever saw was in the tips I left at the Bar next to the peanuts."

Caught in Space and Time - The wonderful thing about being Caught in Space and Time, is that each moment presents an Opportunity to WILL a brand new state of mind. The discouraging thing about being Caught in Space and Time is that our minds are fixed in hard patterns of thought. The mysterious thing about being caught in Space and Time is that Fixed Minds spend their Time on Self Protective Preservation....and yet still.....there is almost magically, Constant Self Renewal always happening within.

Hope - Hope can be a Nagging Pain when it is in overdrive, and makes you discontent with what you have Earned and Worked for. Excessive Hope can drain the color ouf of the complexion of Current Life. But when your nose is broken and bloodied,and your face is flat in the gutter, Hope is a Blessed Inner Animation lifting you to your Feet. Hope is the Core Human Engine that drags us out of Complacency or Despair. Ride Hope. Just don't let it buck you.

Subjectivity vs. Objectivity - Subjectivity holds us transfixed and it carries us to great Heights. Rapturous inner states catapult us - and then we descend into Tragic Depths. Subjectivity is a Wild Unpredictable Colorful Bird. Objectivity can not fly or descend with abandoned Speed and Vigor, but it is a Better Friend --- Most Days.

A New Destiny - Do not resent your life. Love your Fate! Your life, good and bad was designed by Destiny just for you. Resentment is throwing the gift back in the Face of the Divine. Embrace the Good for your Comfort. Wrestle with the Bad for your Developing Strength. And as you Struggle with your Current Design, Fate and YOU will creat a New Destiny!

Skinned Shins and Bubbly - Wise Mentor with Student: "You will toast yourself when success glitters! But your head will remember your Struggles. Pop the bubbly when on top of a glorious summit, but you will think of the ascentg and skinned shins. Effervesce when your Daughter goes down the aisle, but you will think about when she was knee high. When you toast yourself in your dream home, you will see yourself in that very first apartment." Student: "Are you saying gthe end of things is not as good as they seem and the beginning of things not as tough as they seem?" Mentor: "No. Celebration has little meaning unless you are looking back at Struggle, Time, Optimism and Heart."

Habit Annuls Enjoyment - With the repetition of achievement, there is a sadness -- because Habit annuls Enjoyment. This natural part of our Makeup dictates that we keep moving from work to achievement to joy, to new work, achievement and thus - new joy. Since a LESSENING of Joy is what pushes us forward, because it has been annulled by our sucess, it is heartening to know that this pattern is the cause of greater learning and progress - and a reason for "Sudden-Onset-After-The-Party-Blues". It also make me feel Joyful to know I will necessarily periodically be Joyless.

Domestication - When Man domesticated the Dog and the Cat, He turned Foes into Friends. What ws Fearsome became winsome. What was Tragic became warm Magic. How will things change when Man domesticates his Own Nature?

Laws Against Swimming - If your Destiny is to become a Swimmer, what will you do in a land where there are Laws against Swimming? If you keep the law of the land, you will not be a Swimmer. If you take swimming lessons on the side, you will be a Rebel and a Criminal. The real question is: "When you meet your Destiny, will you need Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation?

The Divine Garden - . Surely there is Regret in life. It is natural. With regret you are digging and dunging the Divine Garden of your Life. Burdensome remore however, is sitting in the dung pile next to the Garden. Depressioin is the Evil One making a Picnic Basket of Dung and reading you the Riot Act, next to the Garden. Joy is Returning to what Gardens are for - Cultivation and Growth.

Significance - All of our days, and throughout our lives, we attach significance to what we do -- because - darn it, its Our Lives. Giving gradations of meaning and significance to so many of our efforts, trivializes much of our life and overdramatizes most of the rest. We leave in our own Wake worm out hearts, ulcerated stomachs and general despair. A little prayer: That we would be lighthearted, until an event so overwhelms us by its natural import that we will be forced to declare: "Now this is significant!"

Paying the Bills - Wealth takes great energy to manage. Don't condemn the Rich. Admire them. Poverty bedevils the Soul night and day. Don't look down on the Poor, observe them. Being middle class puts you between hope and gnawing fear, and still they keep paying the bills. Don't scorn them. Respect them.

The Sacred Dance - Love given, anticipating your Inner Emptiness filled, is not love, but an effort to engage in a business enterprise. Love accepted, knowing the Giver has many motives, is true love still, for in doing so, you join the Sacred Dance of Human Interchange.

The Power of Gentleness - Gentleness is powerful because it is essentially mysterious. Gentleness says: "I could be more or different, but right now, I am just this." Gentleness by its nature is reserved -- human power in reserve. Hashness is an Open Book. It is readable, measureable, observable. Be harsh and people can see you comin! They lie in wait for you.

Blind Spotted - I got a message today that I had a Serious Lack. Before I got that message, there was a Blind Spot. My weakness was compounded by my Blindness. I was grabbed by the scruff of my neck, and I hurt. I told my Mentor and he smiled. I told him that his smile seemed to be ridicule. He smiled again. "It's like that down here. Get used to it. A Jerk is a Jerk because he is happily blind spotted about the suffering he causes. He is Happy being Blind. "Students" are "under construction"; more complicated. The less suffering they cause and less blind they are, the more happiness theyh have in their improvement."

The Soil of Soul - Amnesia they say is a Defense against Horror. Denial a complicated trick to soften hard blows. Forgetfulness is a cool balm for Guilt. Old Nature has given us Meds and Drugs that allow us to grow and by Pretty Damned Proud, and still live in the midst of our Remorse. But forgiveness and Grace come along and tell us: "Its a Proving Ground, don't existentially fret!" And Grace sings back like the Beautifying Rain - "The fact that you care, makes it all just mulch. It serves little to be picking ouf the pieces. It's all in the Soil of Soul bringing up New Blossom.

The Doors of Romance - The Sweet Remembrance of Romance wafts through the day and elevates daily duties to cloudy heights. It permeates thoughts and transforms work to pleasure. Romance is nature's inebriate. Go through those doors, and new worlds for the Pscyhe await.

Merriment and Solemnity - Merriment wears out Solemnity life a breeze blowing a sand castle down, grain by grain. And Solemnity chases Merriment like an old man running after a Mischievous Dog.

The Dogs Bay at the Moon - The Moon goes through its Phases and the dogs bay at the Moon. Life goes through its Cycles and Mankind complains. The urge to complain is in our muscles and sweat when Complaint moves us toward Self Improvement, Complaint is a powerful engine of change. When Complaint lodges in a blaming pointing finger, it leads to weakness and social destruction.

Pleasure can be a Pain - Pleasure can be a Pain, pursuing late nights and saturative levels of stuff. Pain can be a pleasure. We job and life and climb and exercise options. Work can be just work. Prune the tree. Weed the garden. Raise the kids. Pruning seems silly - like Work for its own sake. But eventually Devotion starts to give Meaning, and Work and Pain become the source of our Pleasure. Later, fruit pops out on trees we have been Pruning, when we didn't even know they were Fruit Trees. Ultimately, work and play and pleasure and pain inhabit Joy, giving us Fruit from Everywhere.

Evil's Purpose - Goodness seems weaker than Evil. Evil appears to inhabit Power and Fire and Commitment. If Evil has a duty and a purpose, it is to awaken a certain awareness in Goodness -- that the Good should not impute goodness in others without cause. But Evil has weaknesses too. It is helplessly itself, and therefore can be counted on to be itself, to fulfill its purpose. And always Evil assumes: "Weakness in the Good". Powerful hoped for Change hinges on: "Seeing appeasement as the Weakness of the Good, and Good understanding the importance of Self Protection. When this happens, Evil will have served its purpose.

Secret Glee - It you sometimes hope for the Fall of your Friends, and their Misfortunes give you Secret Glee, you are only Human. If that Secret Glee bothers you, then you are probably a Student of Life. If you are openly proud of your Secret Glee, then you reflect little and are not aware of something: "You are not closer to the top of the mountain because someone else falls off of it."

The Reconciled Fallen - Our faults make us weep, but they make us tolerant. Our virtues do make us proud, but they make us tend to intolerance. The World could use the Fallen. The Fallen who have been Repaired, eyes still touched with sorrow, hearts still beating with reconciliation. Watch for those obsessed with their own Goodness, they are a Bore or a Danger.

Root Canal - Easy to be Calm on top of Mountain. Hard to remember name during Root Canal. Easy to love someone when they are undressing you. Hard to love them when they are "dressing you down".

One of Those Days -

It was just one of those days...I worked hard, sweat a little, enjoyed the experience - can't wait for another. It was just one of those months...I worked hard, sweat a little, enjoyed the experience - can't wait for another. It was just one of those years...I worked hard, sweat a little, enjoyed the experience - can't wait for another. It was just one of those decades, I worked hard, sweat a little, enjoyed the experience - can't wait for another. It was just one of those lifetimes....


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