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Romance! Its a Wonder, a Curse, Magic, a Crushing Defeat or a Life Changing Moment That Affects Generations. Astrology.

Updated on March 15, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

The Echo of Love Songs Goes on and on from deep in the past to Yon!

From Aries to Pisces - Each Sun Sign Has a "Love Tune"; and Tell Tale Nuanced Notes


The Deeper Questions About Romance

Have to do with:




Contrapuntal Effects


Crashing Crescendos

Sudden Orchestral Stops

Lilting Glisandos




Memorable Moments

"Across a Crowded Room"- Romance Can be Fated or Failed. Magic done to us, or for Us.

Icarus Flew Too Close To The Sun -

In Greek mythology there is a character who, through its sense of immortality and might and the joy of its soaring flight, flies so close to the Sun, that it is burnt up. The quest for human intimacy, whether your aspirations are short term or long, can end up being a bit like Icarus' fatal flight.

How Does Astrology Help? -

Some think that Astrology is helpful. After all we have Yentls, Computer Programs, Best Friend Match Making and best of all - Blind Dates. Maybe what you read here will engage your brain to add some help. Who knows? "It couldn't hurt."

Aries - Male and Female -

Aries are not frivolous, but they can be impulsively selfish. The question you must ask, you lucky fool, is -- "Is there any depth of commitment?" An Aries can burn through some cliff top encounters just for the thrill of the view and not feel that bad at all about their efforts. From their rocky peaks they say, "Why worry about the encounter, look at the view!

Taurus - "All That Oxen and Me Without My Sox On!" -

No need to get too graphic here, but the cattle on the top of the hill can make quite a silhouette against the blue sky. With Taurus, you are dealing with a more plodding and serious minded approach to the topic of love. At a party, if you have a Taurus and they look deep into your eyes, be pretty well satisfied that they are not playing with your sentiments.

Gemini's Twins - "How Many People Do I Have to Get to Know?" -

Geminis can be magnetic and attention-getting and look like a good bet early in the game. They are not sure themselves, and as the hours or days pass, you can get the feeling that they are "mercurial" and indeed that is exactly what they are.

Like Tinkerbell, they can be every where. Then they can quickly be on the other side of the room. "Why don't you dance with the one that "brung you"?" Then, he or she leaves at 10:30 without saying good-bye. Wow.

Cancer - "Moonchild or Crabchild, I am serious about my intent." -

Cancers consider themselves real catches. And they are really good long term propositions. After all, they are going to build a kingdom from your love. That's what they are looking for, so if you can't manage something akin to that, back off and assess. It's hard to fool a Cancer, so don't try. This is not a game to Cancer.

Leo - "Lucky You Are If I Smile Your Way" -

A gracious female Leo is usually at the center of a party and she turns her yellow main this way and that so that all can observe her grace. The male Leo will cast his eyes right and left in the same way, watching the rest of the little people. Leos are fi Leos will make you feel warm. This can feel really good to the partner. The question to ask is about long term intent. Something about their style can make you feel insecure even when they are sincere.

Virgo - Some Stay Virgins For A Long Time -

Virgos are Virginal, and thus can be susceptible to the vagaries of seduction and romance. So if a Virgo offers themselves, they are not only giving their heart, they are giving of their Virginal beings. The Virgo is always thinking of perfection and propriety. They are not impulsive, whimsical or cavalier about their love lives.

Libra - "I Am The Best At This - Its All In the Art of It".

Libra is probably the most technically artistic and effective at the Act of Love. In a mind of beauty, they see romance as the quintessence of what is beautiful. The Art, in a sense, almost comes before the person. However, Libra does always offer someone to be on your arm, as the years pass, they can look the best at this part of love. Their graciousness will be an asset.

Scorpio - "Mating Can Be Dangerous - But Danger Can Be Fun" -

With Scorpio you have a person who sees Sex bound up with Life and Death and Meaning and Purpose. War and Love and the Essence of Everything - You might be seeing an idea here. Don't mess with Scorpio. But the Scorpio, since they see love as so woven into meaning, will offer you a romance that is full of fire and heat and purpose. Scorpios truly view love as important and bound up with their own sense of personal meaning.

Sagittarius - "I Leap Fences In A Single Bound. Keep Up."

Sagittarius is full of play. They are not necessarily promiscuous, it just seems that they have more opportunities than the average Sun Sign. Sometimes, it seems that they are after that which is distant, when what is close is nearby and obtainable. That makes the Sagittarius fascinating and fun and adventurous. This fun is a part of the mural of love and drama, but for those who don't see this whole thing as truly fun and challenging, and simply want a loving sincere relationship --- might want to back off a bit.

Capricorn - "If You Qualify For My Love, I Will Take You to the Heights." -

One Astrologer once said, "Capricorns think sex is funny." Its not that they are seriously laughing at the act, it's more that achievement and purpose don't seem to always to fit in with the physicality of love.

If they seem to be so, its because the romance fits into some grander plan that has to do with a position on a board, or a new mate, a job, or a pending divorce of which others might not be aware.

Aquarius - "I Know I Am Worthy. Are You Worthy of Me?" -

The Aquarius can be perplexing when it comes to one-on-one intimacy. Since they have a broad view of things, the personal tete-a-tete of love can be distracting and confusing. Aquarius is caught up in their "wate-bearer" meaning so much that they can become self-absorbed. Aquarians can be kind-hearted and loving and warm. Love can ground the these human things, and then they call mates "relationships".

Pisces - "I Can Take You To the Depths of Emotion and Make You Feel Loved." -

If you get a Pisces who is in love with you, you will get to participate in the deep and watery subworld of emotions. Or they can be depressed all the time and make you wonder why things can't just be simple and direct and physical.

So, with a Pisces, you have to figure out who they are and where they are at a psychic and emotional level. Don't worry, Pisces will still be with you, if they feel that deep love for you. But if they don't, they can be perplexing. Participate, but do not be surprised when the current leads the relationship into underwater coves that you have not seen before.

"Getting Lucky", Finding Fortune or just plain Love

We are lucky because can hit and miss, and try and fail. We are getting lucky because we can see and touch and feel all the human variety that exists. Getting lucky is being able to experience yourself as you adjust and adapt to all of the High Drama of Astrological Vibrations in the Act of Love.

© 2009 Christofer French


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