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Cancer, Leo, Virgo - Find Their Sweet Spots, Poke in the Face Moments and Glorious Grace Points. "It Couldn't Hurt!"!

Updated on March 5, 2020
Christofers Flow profile image

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Its Important to Realize Everyone's 3 Key Spots -Virtue, Vulnerability and Grace Points

Marie Antoinette had a very big VULNERABILITY Spot
Marie Antoinette had a very big VULNERABILITY Spot

Breaking Down the Cancer, Leo and Virgo by 3 Key Spots - Virtue, Vulnerability & Grace

The Point of this Article:

The object of these articles is NOT "How to Get Along", but how to tolerate people at work (just find out there birthday), have a civilized relationship with someone you really don't like, avoid fighting with someone you have already fought with and how to focus on someone you want to win over.

Virtue, Vulnerability & Grace

The words persuade, dissuade, win and argument with, dominate or seduce --- are more pertinent to this article.

Cancer, Leo and Virgo are this article's object of Analysis.

In the "Real World" you don't have to "Get Along" with everyone -- only those you WANT to or HAVE to. But there are numerous people who fall into categories. (See Callout)

Beyond "Getting Along" - Let's embrace those you care enough about having at least an acquaintance of importance with.

1. "Support Staff", of whom you may be one, that you have a "smiling friendly" relationship with and group lunches with.

2. Someone you actually dislike, but they are on the company softball team. An over the top extrovert, but would not make a good enemy.

3. People who don't care about you, BUT you want to get to know, and make an ally out of them ---- just to succeed more with the total group.

Human Relations Are Not a "Watery Miasma", There are Rules and Structures that can Guide Us!

Virtues, Vulnerabilities and Grace Points of our Three Subjects

Cancer - the Crab, the Moonchild is a complex sun sign. They don't really care about being easy to get along with, unless they have a vested interest in you, the enterprise, the event. If they have this vested interest, they can charm you to the heights. But that's only if their family or their business is involved. The emphasis on crab is an easy image to bring a level of understanding to.

They skitter along the beach in front of the ocean. They know how to gather resources in for their family. At their front door, the most resplendent life-producing element on the planet is constantly dropping its tidal waves of vitality right there. The ocean -- giver of life. These are their VIRTUES.

The Moonchild Presents Vulnerabilities

Think of them as predictably moody. They go from quarter moon, to half moon, then full, then waning. down to the new moon, then waxing.

Along with moodiness, they are intense. They are intense because, they are intense. And they will do their best to hide that intensity; often with minimal success. So, you have a moody intense, lost in their own private world -- success seeking CRAB.

Cancer Grace Point

Cancer cares about family ii in the largest sense of that word. Ask about the business. If in your time with them, you have felt the little crab claw snip you on the nose take that and move on they will smile later.

Admire Cancer's family and business efforts. But don't be too cloying or you will appear to be insincere. Cancer's hate artifice, insincerity, the appearance of manipulation and too much charm.

If you are trying to get along with a Cancer, approach with an open-faced look of admiration and respect and don't be flippant. Cancer's hate flippant, if it seems disrespectful. Cancers are sincere. Love that about them. To get along with your Cancer loved one or friend, don't try to over-influence them. If they embrace you as part of their family, half of what they do will be to fix your "booboo", and alter your bad habits. Don't worry, that's love. Love them for it. Forget about if they don't have the "nice touch". There is a great deal of Grace here! Not hard to find.

Leo - "My Claws are for combing my main, so I can look good basking in the Sun." -

First the Virtues. Leos see themselves as great warriors and fighters, but just like the real lion, they are not into fighting as much as looking like they are great fighters. That is still a great virtue! They have a rallying kind of personality. They tend to be leaders. With groups and teams and and clubs they have a "Once more into the breech" quality.

Since The Sun rules Leo the Lion, they are friendly, bold, magnanimous and generous. Shine your light of admiration on them and they will beam back at you with a gleaming appreciative smile. (Think Bill Clinton).

Leo likes leading. If they are not in charge, they try to be in charge, or look like they are next in line. Keep seeing a big generous smile. Leos are love to have a "pride". Their pride then is a reflection of their leadership and strength.

Leo's Vulnerabilities. ------ Don't even appear to cross them, or let them think you crossed them, or disrespected them, or ignored them. Then Leo can bite your head off and spit it out with hot-blooded fury. Stay clear of the temper. That is rule number one with Leo. And this is what makes them vulnerable. Leos like to be seen to be doing things for people. If they look good while they are being grand, then that is all the better. So this vulnerability can be used against them, when others know about it.

Leo's Point of Grace

Be content with the kind of love they give. They are not going to stop and pay particular attention to you, unless someone else is looking at the same time. Get used to that idea and then give them leeway and let them get the attention. They are good friends to have. They are very bad enemies to have. So do your best. Their grace point is that they are truly good people. Love them and they will love.

Virgo's Virtues - "I am about perfection and service. Let me serve you my way and you will be fine." -

When you meet someone who is "virginal" you are meeting a collection of virtues which almost seem to oppose one another. There are not too many virginal people around these days, so imagine someone from an old movie or a novel. The Virgo, the Virgin, sees the world in a certain way and they see all the rules that go into that world.

Vulnerabilities - Naive, "Too innocent", Feels Fault Free

Virginal "criticism" as such, does not exist for the Virgo. They are just righting you on the path. How can that be criticism for heaven's sake? As you can see, they are so implacably Virgoan, they can seem almost odd in this "present evil world". In this way they can have "frenemies", outright reputations for being difficult, stilted and odd.

Grace Points for the Virgin .

As they nudge you a bit, and look down on you a bit, remember they are "virginal", they are doing their best to help you. Their purpose is to serve you in their perfection. Try to get back in that place and you will have a nice time being cared for by these virginal types. Just try to keep from disappointing them. In the end the comprehension that virtually all that they do and think has to do with their ideal ---- and that ideal is their sense of love.


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    • profile image

      9 years ago

      I'm a Leo man with an Aquarius moon. This is pretty close for me except I HATE when people placate me in this manner and vastly prefer supporting roles (preferably with lots of behind the scenes power, benevolently wielded of course)

      And.. I still resent being ignored :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I'm a VIRGO & I dont understand why people dont love us VIRGOANS even though we try to be SUPER NICE to them . Maybe that's because they think that VIRGOANS are EXPENDABLE, but you know what , We may be Tooooooooooooooo ... Caring & try to disect every minute detail about you because all we want is to make you HAPPY & BE THE PERFECT SOULMATE , And you dont care because it does'nt HURT you , But truth is that You are ALONE too , The truth is :- No one loves you so as SELFLESSLY & as PURELY as a VIRGIN , And if you dont love us back , I'm Sorry to say this but you just dont understand what LOVE actually is .

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I am a Virgo and this is on point...people need to read this part of it and try to understand this better!

    • superbok profile image


      11 years ago from US

      I have to agree with what you say. Frank and true without being negative. I hope you will be doing the other signs as well:)

    • Christofers Flow profile imageAUTHOR

      Christofer French 

      11 years ago from Denver

      Thanks much. The harmony I speak of can be amongst us all, even astrologers. There is so much that depends upon the strength and consciousness of the individual soul, that we can all be headed in the same direction even if we are not all completely aligned.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I just wrote a Hub on the history of astrology and so read one of your articles. Very friendly, personal and well thought out. Thank you, now I need to read Scorpio. Yes I am also a long time astrologer too!

    • Anath profile image


      12 years ago

      I am a virgo and this hub rings a bell for me!

    • Disturbia profile image


      12 years ago

      "Cancers hate artifice, insincerity, the appearance of manipulatioin, and too much charm." That is me in a nutshell, especially the too much charm part, especially when it comes from men. Loved your hub.

    • Satyam7 profile image


      12 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I like the Virgo comments because I am a Virgo.

      Thanks. Very good information.

    • Ande Moore profile image

      Ande Moore 

      12 years ago from Austin, Texas

      My favorite by far. Because I'm a Leo, full blown! Keep up the good work.


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