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Churches In Bozeman MT

Updated on May 15, 2013

Bozeman Montana is one of the largest cities in this wide state. Ranking fourth in total square miles, Montana is a place where many move to retire. Having a good church to attend once you reach your destination is a comfort. Being able to connect with people before committing to moving to a specific town helps to minimize the feeling of being alone in a new area. So let me tell you about our our experience with churches in Bozeman Montana.

Pastor Mike Lemmon, Headwaters Baptist Church

Bozeman Montana

The town of Bozeman seemed to be where we were most drawn too. Located on I-90 between Billings and Missoula in Southwestern MT. It is home to some 37,000 people. Surrounded by the Bridger Mountain Range, there are mountain views from almost anywhere in the valley. Yes, we do get a lot of snow in the winter, but we also enjoy the long summer days where the sun rises around 5 AM and sets somewhere near 10 PM. The people here are very outdoorsy. There are few that don't have a love for some sort of outdoor sport. We decided to start our search here.

Sunday School

Bozeman Churches

While there are churches to be found around Bozeman, there is a marked difference between them. What matters to us is a church were people are real. Where Sunday isn't the only time a person is spiritual. Where Christ is part of someone's daily life. And where we can learn about the deeper things of God.

Manhattan Montana Church

Our search for the right church lead of west of Bozeman to the little town of Manhattan, Montana. To the east of Bozeman is a mountain pass that leads to Livingston. We knew that we didn't want to have to go up and down the snowy pass in winter. But if you go to the west there are the small towns of Belgrade, Manhattan, and Three Forks which are still in the Gallatin Valley surrounded by the Bridger Mountains. The next pass is the to the west of Three Forks.

The small church of Headwaters Baptist Church in Manhattan, MT captured our attention. It is an Independent Baptist Church with a focus on adults and children. The expository Bible preaching and the friendly people helped to make this our new home. If you are ever our in our neck of the woods, or have ever considered moving to Montana, stop in for a visit.

Headwaters Baptist Church


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