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Clairaudience and Clairsentience

Updated on December 6, 2010


Clairaudience is the ability to hear beyond the normal range of hearing. Hearing is not an accurate word to use to describe Clairaudience as you are not hearing with your ears. It is a sound picked up through thought projection in the mind. There are different levels of Clairaudience ranging from hearing the odd sound or voice to full conversations being heard. There are two types of Clairaudience; subjective and objective, subjective being internally heard in the mind, objective is heard externally, the sound does not sound like it’s coming from the mind but around a person. Just as if a person was talking to you, the sound is outside of oneself.

Just as in any Clair-ability it can be vastly different how each person may experience it. Some people hear in first voice, their own. So a thought projection has been received but interpreted through their voice. Sometimes Clairaudience can be experienced just as in normal conversation with another; hearing the individuals voice coming through the mind. The individuals tone, pitch, cadence is heard clearly. This of course means that the receiver can tell whether it’s a male or female voice and get an immediate understanding of the spirits general approach or feeling. Just the same as if another person is talking to you, it’s exactly like that. If a person is talking to us and we close our eyes although we have lost visual clues through body language or facial expression; we are still able to accurately guess whether the person is joking, serious or highly emotional.

That is how it is for hearing a spirits voice and how I hear Clairaudiently. I know if there is shock or fear from the spirits tone as they express their emotions through the voice just as we do. If feeling panicked for example; the speed would be quickened, the pitch raised and be highly emotionally charged. A voice can give a lot away apart from the actual words spoken.

There are various sounds that can be picked up with objective Clairaudience which you don’t tend to hear with subjective Clairaudience. I have heard whistling numerous times either on an E.V.P (electronic voice phenomena; digital recording) or through objective hearing. Occasionally I’ve heard a cough or clearing of the throat but the throat clearing was an exaggerated noise made to draw attention in a ‘ahem, excuse me’ type of way! I’ve also heard someone stood at the foot of my bed and hum a tune quite loudly. My names been called on past occasions and I’ve also heard bangs, chimes and a sound of a gong right in front of where I stood.

When spirit talk to me it is clear to them whether I have picked it up correctly. This is because they have a link to my mind and can ‘hear’ my thoughts when communicating. Also I will answer back or ask for clarification either through my mind or aloud. When they speak to me the sentence spoken will be repeated on a loop and sometimes slowed down or split for me to establish what is being said. As soon as I get it they immediately move on to the next sentence. Spirits have great abilities when using sound and I have a couple of recordings by accident; one on my answering machine message and one on video. With the answer machine message this male voice answered back to the message leaver although she could not hear it, he then overlapped, obliterated her voice and spoke his words. I find it truly fascinating how this is done; the science of it I can’t claim to understand.

A lot of people experience the first signs of Clairaudience through hearing ticking, clicking, hissing or whooshing noises in their ears. I haven’t personally experienced this so can only go by what others say. I know that sometimes it is taken as a method of communication by the receiver. I know of a few people who are open to spirit and on a spiritual path that experience this and I tend not to believe in coincidence. So believe that it is indicative of an ability that has not yet been developed.


The word ‘clair’ means clear; the word ‘sentient’ means feeling, clear feeling. Clairsentience is an ability that covers a wide area of emotional senses. It is the ability to feel beyond the five senses. It enables a person to be able to pick up feelings; health, emotions and or understandings of another’s state of being. That can be either a person in the physical or a person in spirit. Equally information from an object can be sensed or feelings and emotions can be picked up from a place whether that is past, present or future. Clairsentience enables the person to feel energy vibrations from another and whether the person is of good or bad intention or what emotional state they are in. That is for humans and spirit alike. There is also often openness to the spirit that allows the Clairsentient person to feel tingling sensations on the head, or hands, face or body.

The physical sensations that can be felt with Clairsentience are a feeling of a pressure or tightness, like a band around the head. Tingling also is often felt at the top of the head, the crown area, which is where the crown chakra is located, one of the seven major chakras. This chakra is open to the divine; it’s where we receive divine energy and information. When a person feels this tingling sensation it is often a sign that the crown chakra is opening and the person is becoming open to receiving from the divine.

How many times in your life have you just ‘felt’ something about another? Maybe had a bad feeling about someone who you may have never met before. The more in tune you are, the stronger you will feel this. Some people find it a hard part of Clairsentience to deal with and that is understandable. If everyone was full of good intentions and joy and love it would be easy but that is not the case and a Clairsentient person cannot control who they pick up vibrations from. It is wise to self protect with a visual energy shield around you if you are extremely receptive and open.

Clairsentience also brings with it a sense of knowing about people that aren’t always around you, distance is not an object. Especially if there is a love link between the Clairsentient and who they are receiving about. It can be as simple as knowing when a person is returning home or an awareness of concern about another without seeing them or speaking to them. You can find yourself thinking and worrying about another and not be sure why but have a sense of unease and concern. On following this up it normally is a founded concern.

How do we pick these things up? We are made of energy just as everything that exists is and we exist with an energy field that surrounds us, the human aura. If we have a love connection with someone then there is a link between us, a love link. We are open and receptive in many ways to the individuals we love and are able to receive feelings from loved ones. It can even be if someone is thinking about you, suddenly that person is in our minds. It could be that we are picking up the others thoughts albeit loosely. The link we have with loved ones is strong.

Clairsentience can be a very emotional experience and because a person is so in tune and open, sensitivity increases. Sensitivity about the world around us; tragedy and the sadness of events and experiences can become almost unbearable. Something which saddens a non Clairsentient person can cut to the quick for one who is. It’s like taking sadness of an event; others emotions, personally, as though it has happened to you. A person who gets affected like this, tends to avoid exposing themselves to frequent unhappy news. It’s not a case of being naïve and burying their heads in the sand, it’s a necessary method of keeping things on an even keel. I find I do this and allow myself a rationed exposure to news and events of a distressing kind. It’s not wearing rose tinted glasses and pretending everything is lovely and jolly in the world. It’s another form of self protection of the emotions.

There are officially two types of Clairsentience which are Sense Projection and Sense Extension. These are certainly not a description of the limitations of Clairsentience. If a psychic was to use sense projection they would be able to project their senses a distance away from the body. There needs to be an object, location or person the psychic is very familiar with. Once the psychic has projected to the target place they are able to sense things about the location as though they are there.

Sense extension is the ability to extend the senses a short distance away from the body. The normal barriers that block from seeing like a door do not affect information received, if the psychic would be able to see the door from their position then the senses extended would be used as far as can be seen without a door or wall blocking them. The sense of sight is not being used. Whatever was on the other side of that door would be seen or known by the psychic.

On more than a few occasions I’ve experienced my Clairsentience at work. Using a simple example; being out somewhere and suddenly feeling a discomfort but not knowing what, only to turn around and find a person staring intently at me. Most people have experienced this at some time, although maybe many people don’t recognise this as clairsentience. I’ve also been on the receiving end of a clairsentient person who picked up from me. I was on a coach and was sat at the back and decided to make use of the time and proceeded to pick someone out to focus on. This was an experiment to see if I could pick up a persons vibration. I picked out a man halfway down the coach. I sat there looking at the back of his head and within a minute of focusing on him he suddenly turned right round and stared right at me! Oops! He felt a sense and knew where it was coming from.

Clairsentience is not an area which is black and white, there are vast areas that it covers so is a hard Clair to pinpoint specifically. There are almost certainly areas that I have not covered that are part of Clairaudience. The main importance of understanding it is to understand that it is the ability to feel from another using a sense that is beyond our five senses.


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    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 2 years ago from UK

      You are most welcome Georgia. I don't believe in coincidence ;)

    • profile image

      georgia 2 years ago

      Such powerful information thankyou.just as a strange coincidence i noticed this page was last updated on my birthday 6 december

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 3 years ago from UK

      Wow it's been a very long time since I've been here, so sorry I haven't been around to help with answers, the email account I signed up with hubpages I don't use any more.

      I won't answer the very old comments unless they are asked again but Kylie as you are recent I will....

      In my experience with clairaudience at first it was clairvoyance that paired with it which moved onto clairsentience quite quickly as a pairing. Remains so for me to this day.

      The clairs that you have pairing go together pretty well I'd say! Smell and taste. I have had smell when walking through an old cobbled street and all I could smell was horse manure really strong, could NOT understand why my friend couldn't. Little boutique shops with doors open lined both sides and I was wondering how on earth they do business lol!! I looked up the location and yes it was where all the horses used to be kept ;) many years ago. Wolfie is a cool nickname. :)

    • profile image

      kylie raine 3 years ago

      wow. real interesting things to read up on in here. Im slightly clairaudient because sometimes when im not focusing on anyhting in particular i catch whispers and i catch whispers off people especially when they're upset. im also clairsentient and clairalient. but i will say that clairalience and clairgustance often go handinhand. so ehhh sorta both? but mostly i just smell things randomly so my friend jordan gives me odd looks and calls me wolfie. oh well :)

    • profile image

      leela Patwal 5 years ago

      For so many days I was in fear. My husband told me that its all my doubt.Constantly I was hearing sounds and light music. I started meditating a lot . But I had been suffering a huge pressure on my crown chakra. I was imagining as if some negetive spirit trying to cause fear in my mind. One day when I was in great fear then I asked my brother and sister in law who does Akashic reading. Then I came to know that I had become clair audient. But even now I am scared to communicate to Angels because I don't know how to communicate and will it be right to communicate.

    • profile image

      Aeris 5 years ago

      Maddy, what you are exprriencing is normal. Look up Sleep paralysis. Like someone before me mentioned, it is am early stage of Astral projection. Don't be afraid

    • profile image

      SarahBFina 5 years ago

      Thanks. I've been hearing a woman's voice at night, Nobody else says they hear it. I've also heard my own voice in my head mumbling something about different things. Now I know I'm not insane.

    • profile image

      Dee 5 years ago

      Maddy, look into astral travel, sounds like you are in the beginning stages of it. Once you leave your body the noises will stop. Willian Buhman (i think) wrote a book on astral travel, Will explain everything for you. What your going through is ok.

    • profile image

      michelle 5 years ago

      MADDY, Ask the spirits to kindly leave you alone and visualize a protective barrier of white light around your entire body. They may very well leave if you ask them.

      DAWN, It was perfect timing for me to read this post tonight. I was just telling my husband that I didn't think I was experiencing Clairaudience because the messages were in my mind, in my voice, but of course, they were not my words. I just learned from you that I am experiencing subjective Clairaudience. Thanks!

    • profile image

      D. 5 years ago

      Maddy, if you can't tell your mother, tell someone else you trust.

    • profile image

      Maddy 5 years ago

      ok so if im going to sleep in dead silence right before i fall into a true deep sleep my body starts to feel all burning/tingly like when your foot falls asleep, then i start hearing voices they call my name or talk to each other its different every time. it really scares me cuz i CANT move no matter how much i try, i try and scream cuz sometimes there is a shadowy figure walking around but i cant! its like my whole body is on lock down..i read up online and all i came up with was clairaudience stuff. im 16 and it scares the crap out of me every time, i try SOO hard not to go to sleep but i haven't slept in almost two days :( its gotten to the point where i almost crashed my car cuz i couldn't focus,and im afraid if i tell anyone (i.e my mom) she'll lock me up in some asylum..

    • profile image

      jo 5 years ago

      I have always had some sort of clairaudience without even knowing. When I am all relaxed before sleep, I hear sentences bein said in my mind, its like tuning into a radio, when these voices start, it makes me even more tired which I've recently learned that claiaudience takes up a lot of energy. Its only wen I went to a clairvoyant I learned that what I have always experienced is infact clairaudience. I have decided that I want to use my gift and I am now on my journey to move develop it more. Since learning that I have this gift I have been very excited and can't wait to develop it further :) xxx

    • profile image

      CandyJ 5 years ago

      Wow!!!! I have had numerous clairsentience and some clairaudience experiences since I was 17y/o, I am 42 now. Only recently have the clairaudience experiences increased. I have read about this info in the past but never enough detail to help me understand. Thank you for the information.

    • profile image

      The Purrrr 6 years ago

      I was reading about clairaudience for the 1st time on the Daily Om. Immediately I knew that I have experienced this many times, not knowing what it was. But what I hear is nature speaking to me directly. In 1992, when I planted a seedling Red Maple tree in my front yard, I handled the roots tenderly & a feminine, soft-spoken voice, which I heard in my head, said to me "My name is Tess". This was not the 1st nor the last. Is it the same as being Clairaudience?

    • profile image

      Angie 6 years ago

      I hear voices occasionally but normally its a ringing in my left ear. Just need to learn how to tap in to it? Hear them when my ear ruins. When I say take a step back or slow down it goes away

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks very much Kc!

    • Kids Corner profile image

      Kids Corner 6 years ago from Midwest

      A great read - thoroughly enjoyed your insight and examples

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      It's a great site, kinda addictive lol! Thanks! x

    • troozer profile image

      troozer 6 years ago from Clacton on sea ESSEX

      Whoohoo Dawn, you have now got me on this site lol well said love it x

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 7 years ago from UK

      Thanks to you Stan for reading and commenting, really pleased you enjoyed it.

    • Stan Fletcher profile image

      Stan Fletcher 7 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this info. I had never heard of either term before reading.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 7 years ago from UK

      Your welcome, very glad you enjoyed it and got something from it Ivorwen, thanks

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      Thank you for sharing this information. I love learning more. In my experience, Clairaudience and Clairsentience often work together, especially when talking to a person.