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Clairsentience Psychometry

Updated on July 20, 2017

Would You Like To Know More About Someone?

Do you know a person that you want to know more about?

Do you ever wish that a photo could “speak to you”?

Well, first let’s talk about another question: how is it even possible for you to learn about someone using only a photo? There are two ways you can approach this. 1) You could play detective, look for clews, and ask for information from relatives. However, this can be a long process. It can take weeks, sometimes even months to locate every little detail you would like to know about someone who has past away. If you look at a documentary about someone on the television, how long would you say it took them to gather all the information into one place? Of course it is useful to have multiple sources, but for some of us time is the real problem. It’s extremely time consuming to try and gather everything. This is where the 2nd solution comes in.Clairsentience or clear feeling is the psychic power or talent ofsensing or "feeling" psychically or spiritually.” - as described on Learn About Clairsentience.

Clairsentience isn’t an easy skill to learn, for some it can take a little while to get the hang of, for others it takes years.

To describe it better, Clairsentience is very similar to intuition. Learning the skill strengthens your awareness inside yourself about the subject you are concentrating on. An extremely useful skill to have, and it changes the way we interact with the things around us.

There are a few people out in the world whom have this gift naturally since birth. For them, the power comes naturally, and it’s stronger than what it would otherwise be.

Instead of taking the time and learning the skill, some prefer to seek out these naturals with the intent of having them do the reading, since they can perform a much clearer, and deeper interpretation of the subject, or object.

There aren't many with this special gift, they are rare to come across, and that is why I'd like to introduce you - my readers - to someone who is a natural born. Most of the naturals sell their skills for a very high price, some even going up to $30 an hour! But fear not, the person I'd like to introduce now has set her price extremely low for her profession. Maybe you'd think that having such a low price as $5 would distort the quality of the reading, however it appears that is not the case with Sateen. She has a record of straight 5 star reviews! It's always wonderful to come across someone who works with quality and honesty in mind.

The gig description reads:

'Do you know a person that you want to know more about?

Do you ever wish that a photo could “speak to you”?

I will use my psychic ability to answer 2 questions and read any photo. If the photo shows a person, I will tell you details on their:

· past,

· present, and

· detailed predictions about their future.

I will also describe their intentions and unknown thoughts.

I'm a professional psychic. I’ve been doing readings for over 20 years. My accuracy is near 100%. My specialties are clairsentient readings and psychometry – reading the states of others from photos.

My clients pay $70 for a 30-minute reading. Now here on Fiverr, I am offering my service at a very low price.

I am very honest, and I do not “sugar-coat”. If you want to find the truth of a matter, you have come to the right place.

I predict that you will be very glad you came to me.

NOW: Press the green “Proceed to Order” button, and let’s uncover your photo’s secrets right now." '

If you're interested in knowing more about someone via a photo, she is definitely the person to go to. Her gig's entire page looks very professional, and may I just state that I love the fact that you can get such a quality reading for such a low price. I'd like to thank her for my last order by spreading the word about her work.

I personally rate the gig 5 stars, and would like to recommend her to you.

Click the link below to checkout her Fiverr gig.

5 stars for Clairsentience Psychometry


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