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Clearing up some pressure

Updated on June 10, 2010

We are going where?!


Life is the Mission Field

                    Yes, we are in Durham, Ontario—home to the New Tribes Mission Organization. Why are we here? That was my intense question. This I do know, as much as I know anything, it is not for nothing. There is, in God’s economy, always a reason for everything. It was at this point I “heard” this amazing statement:

Life is the mission field

It is not going to Papua New Guinea (PNG) or Bolivia or Haiti that makes what one does a mission. It is life. The entirety of it. How I live in obedience, submission and humility. Not “just” living for Jesus. For you see much in history has been done in the Name of Jesus which He never condoned or authorized. However, if I live in humble submission to Him—loving, honoring, respecting Jesus/God—my life will be very different—it will be seen and noticed—it is Jesus which makes every footstep I take a missionaries journey.

                    It is easier to “remember” I am on a mission when in a place like PNG or Bolivia—where I would stick out because of my skin coloring or nationality—I am already different. In PNG or South America I could not blend in—however, in Canada or the USA I can blend. It is too easy to forget that I am on the mission field—it’s all too familiar, the culture, the language, the lifestyle. Nevertheless, I should stick out naturally because of my heritage! I am Christian first. What a thought!

So…when I come to a missions training base like New Tribe Missions at Durham and asked the question—“Lord, are You sending us to the mission field?” His answer…

“I already have!”

That does not mean He is not sending us (maybe) to another country for a specific purpose—that is an entirely different question.

                    Consider Christianities greatest missionary…Paul of Tarsus. Paul was already on the road with Jesus—no matter where he was, or where he would yet go, it was missionary work for Paul. His life was about witnessing about Jesus. Paul didn’t wake up from the Macedonian dream and say…“ Okay! Now I am on a mission—I am a missionary going to Macedonia!” No, Paul was already on the journey. It was only a matter of direction—the “mission” was already happening—everyday, all the time, no matter where he was.

                    Remember when Paul was in Damascus, shortly after he had met Jesus. Acts 9:19-25. (My paraphrase) After Paul received his eyesight back, he spent several days with some disciples in Damascus and then began proclaiming Jesus! Just days after his conversion Paul began to preach—he was on the mission field! Instantly!

                  Paul started out for Damascus a killer—and ended up a missionary! How? By meeting Jesus. That simple. Have I met Jesus? Then I am a missionary. My home country—heaven, my mission field—earth! That simple. Paul’s only credentials were having met Jesus, having the Holy Spirit come live in him, being regenerated in new birth in the Lord! Wow, what a thought. Thank-You Lord. This does clear up some pressure.

Are you aware of New Tribes Mission

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The Journey
The Journey
Shimla India
Shimla India

Nothing is for nothing

So…my next question is; “Lord, what is Your direction for us? We have just come from 6 months in Nashville, TN, mostly amongst believers, and then 3 weeks in Sombra, Ontario, and now DurhamOntario. We are on a journey back to Alberta/Sask. So Lord—where is our destination?”


We must NOT miss the “journey”

focusing solely on


            Again, what a statement! Every moment I am somewhere—there is a reason—listen for it, look for it, wait for it—in other words—be alert, and on the watch—

Nothing is for Nothing!

Nothing is wasted. Even here at the training base for missionaries at New Tribe Missions we are on mission already! Every moment of every day!

            An ambassador is an ambassador 24/7. Even in his private life. As what he does there will reflect outwards into his public life. I am an ambassador/a missionary/a witness for Christ 24/7. In the middle of my small kitchen in the RV, no matter where it is parked, be it Bolivia or Pambrun, Saskatchewan or DurhamOntario!

            I have it all wrong when I think only those in foreign field are missionaries. We are all missionaries 24/7, 365 days a year. There is no retirement, there is no furlough or holiday. Once a “servant” always a servant. I don’t all of a sudden become an un-servant.

Here is a another thought provoking statement:

Even in heaven,

 I am still a servant and subject to

God and Jesus, my High King!

I DO NOT become an equal,

I DO NOT become independent!

Jesus IS my God and King, now and forever. He always was; He always will be. Not everyone has the same mission field, but, everyone has the same mission. Everyone IS Christ’s missionary.

All of life is worship

It’s the same with worship.

All of life is worship

Not just certain times and certain activities—everything I do in word or deed, all my thoughts and actions speak worship—AND—it will be see what I worship. Now that’s a thought! I will be a missionary indeed for what I sincerely worship. Oh my. That should make me sit up, take notice, take stock of what is seen and heard in and through my life. Is it Jesus—is that the worship people hear and see in me or is it something else? What do I cause people to consider and turn to for truth, for help, for healing—is it Jesus? With every word I speak, every breath I take, every step I embark on—Or—is it something else? Careful thought, honest thought needs to be given to this. Holy Spirit, what do I turn others to?—You or some man made option which is doomed to failure?

Next—Do “I” turn to the Holy Spirit or some man made option which is doomed to failure? I can not turn others to something I am not turned to myself! The best salesman are those that are selling what they 100% believe in! Since then it’s not about selling—but sharing a truth! And if I honestly think something I have will help someone and I care about them—I am going to share—to witness! Be a missionary!


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    • UlrikeGrace profile image

      UlrikeGrace 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Kristeen for dropping in...and yes, it's good to know that all is a mission matter where we are and who we are's about hearts NOT land location ...and only God knows and prepares the hearts .. for those who give the good news and those who receive it... Blessings to you

    • Kristeen profile image

      Christine 7 years ago from Michigan

      Right on Grace! One of our area churches has a sign posted for people to read as they leave the parking lot. It reads, "You are now entering the mission field". It's a great reminder of why we are here. To God be the Glory!

      God Bless

    • UlrikeGrace profile image

      UlrikeGrace 7 years ago from Canada

      @lmmartin...Lynda thank you so much for your blessed encouragement...yes, to to learn, to understand, to share, to what we are to be doing, in fact we do it whether we are aware or not...thanks for stopping in,blessings.

      @ rls4immanuel...I sure like what you said here, "All ambassadors are in the same position only different situations" easy to change this word ambassadors to missionaries! May you fully fulfill the role your Father has for you rls...blessings to you!

      @ heart4theword...every Christian on the earth has the role of missions! We are not going out to the formalized mission God has called us elsewhere but nevertheless we are in missions! as are you sweet thing! thank you for stopping in and having a read...blessings to you and yours...

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 7 years ago from hub

      You must be a person of great faith in God, to step out into the area of missions:) Many blessings to you, as you reach out to others in The Name of Our Lord:)

    • profile image

      rls4immanuel 7 years ago

      Amen!!! This article is very encouraging. You have spoken into the issue of stereotypical concepts of being a missionary. You have written truth here that all our brothers and sisters need to recognize and embrace. We are indeed all ambassadors of the King of Kings. All ambassadors are in the same position only different situations. Let us embrace God's calling on our lives for His glory and not be moved to compare the circumstances of our brothers and sisters walk with God.Good message Ulrike Grace.

    • lmmartin profile image

      lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      Good luck, best wishes and may you absorb much wisdom as you tread the path you've chosen, for this is what is most demanded of us in life -- to learn, to understand, to share, to grow. Lynda