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Coincidence - Pure Chance or The Hand of God? True Story...

Updated on September 23, 2011
Words can Heal
Words can Heal
An Agent of the Light
An Agent of the Light
The summit of my mountain?
The summit of my mountain?
In God's Hands?
In God's Hands?

I have been finding comfort, support, inspiration and hope in many places and from many people, often in surprising (yet perhaps unsurprising) ways.

A couple of months ago, I added a piece of my writing to the online version of an amazing artistic manuscript called "The Scroll" (or Collaborative Revelations Scroll) which was started in 2001 by Gabriel Senza, a survivor of childhood family incest and abuse, with the purpose of allowing victims of abuse to share their stories anonymously, and friends/families of victims to share their grief/ offer support etc...

The scroll grew and grew and still grows, and is put on display at conferences, exhibits, galleries and workshops around the US and other parts of the world. Gabriel Senza commented on my piece of writing and asked if I would like to have my entry hand written onto the physical scroll, saying she hoped I would because she believes my "sage words of truth and compassion will resonate for readers". I agreed and my story was written on the scroll which was next to be on display at the Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival.

A few years ago, a very special friend of mine, who was trying to help me deal with my abuse, introduced me to an idea of his which he calls "The Sarah Connor Effect" (hence my hub of the same name).

He believes that most people are guided by or drawn to either the Darkness or The Light or elements of both through out their lives, and that both Darkness & Light try to draw more people to them by selecting Agents or Warriors from among the people who are then used to do their bidding. This is just another aspect of the never ending battle between The Light of Creation and The Darkness of the Void, as is day/night, good/evil, love/hate, life/death etc...

He says the Light of Creation is much stronger than Darkness because whatever The Light creates is capable of creating more light, while whatever The Darkness destroys is gone forever. The Light therefore uses it's Agents to share the Light for the purpose of creating more light (enlightenment), while Darkness uses it's agents to stop Agents of the Light from carrying out their mission. Because Light is more powerful, the darkness often has to send many agents against just one agent of the Light... I'm sure you get the idea.

Anyway, he said he has always been able to recognize Agents of the Light by first recognizing their mission. He then told me that whenever we talked, afterward he would be preoccupied with the notion that I am an Agent of the Light, but that could not figure out what my mission would be or how the Light would use me.

Last week I saw him and he was very excited about a dream he had, in which I was standing on the top of a mountain that was surrounded by a sea of people, and I was holding a scroll that glowed with its own light (I had not told him about the Revelations Scroll) and a pen that also glowed and projected an image of a golden sword onto the clouds of darkness above. He said I was talking and though he could not hear my words, he could see words coming out of my mouth that also glowed with light and spread out across the world from my mountain....

At the time I did not know if he really did dream it or if was a very creative way to inspire me, but in the end I decided to take heart from both. I must say that the coincidence of the part about the scroll left me with goose bumps, but it was not till the day after that I was to be truly amazed. I opened an email to read my daily tarot reading, and was left with more than goosebumps when I read these words: "the World & Strength cards in your professional life show that you are being propelled to the summit of the mountain!!!!!!"

Needless to say, I found myself thinking of the fact that Christians believe that "coincidences" are the "showing of God's hand at work". Another friend of mine, upon hearing this story, repeated this belief to me and said "Take heart from them and you will see them everywhere." Her words continue to ring true...

A Universe of Infinite Possibilities
A Universe of Infinite Possibilities

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  • profile image

    Alicia 7 years ago

    Yes Mel These inspirational messages must propel us towards positive energy and when we begin to focus on the positive, we can achieve our goals.

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Yes when open our hearts and minds to God we start to know and see more of the angels of light.I call them "God-incidences", not coincidences.

    Great hub.

  • Kaie Arwen profile image

    Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

    "Take heart from them and you will see them everywhere."

    These would be the angels, the gifts, and the miracles.............. I look and I see!

    This was great!

    Thank you,